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    I don't think Mark's depressive state in that period had to do with Tom or whatever. Mark is not the first who feels depressed when coming back home after a tour. Is that feeling of reaching a goal and then thinking... "ok, now... WHAT?"
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    Translation: It's ok for Tom to butcher songs because he hates those songs, gets bored, couldn't care less about blink, and is only touring for the money. But if Matt does while trying his best, in a role he is incredibly grateful for, it's the end of the world.
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    Yeah, and that's the main reason why I like it. I think I said it once: Neighborhoods it's an accurate picture of a band trying not to sink and trying to save themselves from their own egos and past luggage. It sounds as disjointed as the band was at that point. It's a pure reflection of the whole situation, and you gotta love it for what it is.
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    I miss Tom ?. About to be as depressed as Mark after a tour.
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    He should have just hired Skiba and kept using the AVA name. That’s what all the cool bands do these days.
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    Can’t wait for these well thought out points to be dismissed with a simple ‘fan fiction’ picture. Classic.
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    Yeah, Travis always said that Tom only cared when it came to touring and that he'd hype up a new album to himself & Mark whenever they were together in person. But as soon as the tour would finish, Tom was never to be heard again until the next tour. I like to think Mark isn't phoning it in for the Skiba era, but is just actually very insecure of his own songs. There's a reason why there were barely any Mark songs since TOYPAJ before California. He had most input on songs like Stockholm Syndrome, Go, Here's Your Letter, Heart's All Gone, Kaleidoscope, MH and Fighting the Gravity. Let's not forget the In Transit song he did with Pete Wentz either. That's 8 songs from 2003-2016. Obviously you can count the +44 album as well, which is 12 songs. So altogether, 20 songs from Mark in a 13 year period. Compare that to Tom, who took charge on the smiley face album & Neighborhoods. He also had 5 AVA albums released in that time period too and his solo demos album. That's over 60-70 songs. Mark is stuck and Feldman encouraged him with the forced first thought = best thought method. He's got writer's block. Even right now he still has it IMO, but because he got encouraged by Feldman with that shitty method, he's basically forcing down anything he comes up with. Even then, he still needs the help of songwriting teams. He's not the same guy he was in 1997-2001 when he could come up with so many great songs in a quick manner. Nowadays he's better when he overthinks stuff, but it means way way less quantity. Also means more quality IMO. I think that's another reason blink has suffered as a result. They sacrificed quality for quantity. I definitely don't think he's phoning it in, I just think he needs a lot of help. Tom used to be that guy for him but Tom could never commit. I probably rate the Neighborhoods songs a bit more than California, but the best of Neighborhoods against the best of California is a very equal level of quality IMO. Well, maybe like 2-3 Neighborhoods songs outshines the very best of California. But California has so much more shit added in and that's where Neighborhoods becomes the better album for me. So I too probably would prefer a band that barely works together. But man I remember being so frustrated during the 2009-2014 period. As I said, I would've rather have had +44 reform than any of these two versions of blink.
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    excellant, about time someone drops that phoney phok
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    It is a false equivalency from the start. Tom started the fucking band, he wrote a lot of the fucking songs, and despite going totally nuts, he still commanded a unique stage presence and still knew how to have fun. So there is definitely leeway for Tom to be Tom. Matt on the other hand has created ZERO type of presence for himself in Blink. There is nothing there. Its just one big fat zero. He reminds me of the bass player in BoxCar Racer or the 2nd guitarist in Greenday. Who? The trouble is, they took a guy like that and put him out front for everyone to see just how bad of a fit he is in the role. Its not all his fault. They don't allow him the artistic freedom. But it is what it is.
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    Ill take Tom destroying songs over Skiba standing still and singing off a teleprompter anyday
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    kinda explains why Neighborhoods is such a mess as well, as they didn't write together. Tom is creative and hyper when he's writing, I imagine it ignites enthusiasm into Mark, but Mark tempers Tom's over eager approach by adding a second level of thought to it. without the more restrained thoughtfulness from Mark, all of Toms ideas are let loose as is and not refined. but without Tom's spark, mark has had to get it from other places but no longer has the confidence or direction to temper them or guide them, which means Mark's output is also not refined. they're writing suffers without each other.
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    My issue is that the past with Tom sucked because he didn't care and it felt phoned in and took forever, but this time around it feels like Mark doesn't care about it at all and is phoning it in by getting other people to do the work for him, and I don't get remotely excited or interested in announcements because I know it's going to be shit now. They've done so much cringe stuff since they've gone onto the California phase, the Whats My Age Again video with fucking vine girls, the vegas residency, the music in general, that video with lil Wayne, a slew of over priced ridiculous merch and shows and packages, I'm half expecting them to come out with a fucking energy drink at this rate. I have no interest in any of it because none of it feels like blink and even when blink did cringe things the music was still good enough to stick by it (I'm looking at you weird Doritos augmented reality experiment). I'd always rather mark travis and tom were back together and Tom actually gave a fuck. and I never thought I'd prefer the days when Tom was half assed about blink, but goddamn do I prefer that to now. the only thing that would make me reluctant is that Mark was much unhappier then, and whilst I think he's a knob lately I still want him to be happy.
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    Tombots: “Matt skiba has no right singing Tom songs. He only butchers them, only Tom should sing them!” Tom Delonge:
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    It's depression, you don't need a valid reason. It just happens sometimes. I've been struggling with severe depression for years and there's no good or "valid" reason for it.
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    Oh my tits. This is a sexy header.
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    Nope, just asked my producer friend who fucked Travis' wife onetime and he said this is definitely not a valid reason to get depressed. Sorry Hoppusbots.
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    I would be depressed too if I just came off a hugely successful comeback album, record breaking tour, being adored by old and new fans all day everyday for two years...and then suddenly had nothing to do but sit in a living room and scroll through Twitter 90x a day.
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    GUYS! It's time to add another profession to the list!! Super producers, record execs, industry insiders, tour managers and now....psychiatrists!! Congratulations!
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    Glad to know you are the ultimate authority on what is a valid reason to get depression
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    gf breaks up with you, you go out with new girl, at first its great, new friends, new experiences, but then you start missing them and realize you wrote a craptastic album. happened to mark.
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    Board conversation. There's something.
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    First Date is probably one of their most dated songs, it was cringe even before the break up in 2005. They should of just dropped it, I would assume that Tom wanted too but Mark did't which is why he went silly most times they played it.
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    That's a good point @Nosferatu, the only thing I don't agree with it's the comparison between Tom and Mark in quantity, just because what you explained later: quantity is not equal to quality. Tom may have written 60-70 songs in the same period that Mark wrote whatever he wrote, but the majority of those songs are pretty much forgettable, so... well... in the end you may be getting the same amount of 'good' songs as Mark. I guess that when they both split up, we were able to notice how much they needed each other to improve their songwritting. I'm more and more convinced that one of blink's 'secrets' was the balance of forces between Mark and Tom in terms of creativity and songwritting. Both of them clashing made them put their respectives very bests for the benefit of the songs, and once you take off that element (tension, balance, whatever), the songwritting turns fragile and inconsistent. So that's why I think this new era doesn't work. Because not only takes off an important element -well ,he took off himself out of the picture, to be honest-, but incorporated a yes-to-all man who can't or don't want to make a deeper input on the songwritting, and another guy who told how blink should sound instead of letting them being whatever they have to be and sounding as they may sound. Can you imagine if we didn't get Untitled or Neighborhoods/DED because some guy decided that those albumes were not blink sounding? That would've been nuts.
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    lmao to be fair I loved it when Tom did shit like this
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    I’d also be okay with this ?
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    I ripped into Neighborhoods when it came out because it has obvious flaws. Those flaws are still there. The only change is that California was a lot worse, so the goal posts had to move.
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    I have so far avoided seeing Love and I'm continuously glad for that.
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    I was so far off the Tom train by that point that I forgot that movie even existed at all
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    It's impressive how terrible that movie is after how much time and energy they put into it.
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    A lot of retired people actually get depression because they don't have the schedule they used to have and feel useless and not needed. Of course there are also different reasons to get a depression because its a very complex disease. But having nothing to do is one of the main reasons for people to break
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    Yep..It has to be pretty jarring to travel the country day in and day out, constantly on schedule, playing in front of crowds..then suddenly you're sitting in your living room with nothing to do and no plans
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    I think he got depressed because he looked out in the crowd one day and noticed they were bringing in too many Ghent clones and not enough Olivers.
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    Unique stage presence? According to you at the end he just put a hat on and pretended you weren’t there.
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    Of all people, why are you the one okay with Tom fucking up a song on purpose that thousands of people paid money to watch him play? I would expect you to come on here and write a thesis-length post about how Tom ripped off your ticket price and you deserve a refund.
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    This is my start of summer song, love Mike Dirnt's bass on this!
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    You need to understand context here. Tom hated playing that shit over and over as a grown adult, he admitted as much. So he is fucking it up on purpose. That's not the same as Matt; at all. Try again.
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    Isn't Disaster just fucking awful? I despise that song. aw man, I love that bass. one of my fave Mark pics is the one where he holds it up to his face.
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    nah, i mean, it was so long ago, and i look nothing like i did then. but i was the only person in the arena with a pre-182 shirt on. so there was a flash of recognition, of just the shirt, during dammit if i recall. like, he did a 'what's up' nod while he was singing. and this particular tour date was nowhere near southern california. so that was probably what his surprise was.
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    TBS is one of my favorite bands and one of the bands I've seen live the most times, but I'm in the weird minority of fans who actually preferred Fred over John, so for me it was a little weird when John came back. But I also love John so I'm okay with it! There are still certain songs that I think John can't sing as well as Fred did live, like A Decade Under the Influence. John's voice doesn't work quite as well on certain songs but I don't mind overall. And while Adam sings most of the songs nowadays, years ago there was more of an even split between vocalists. That changed after Fred left and they had one album with only Adam, before John came back.
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    When Fred replaced John Nolan in Taking Back Sunday it wasn’t weird when Fred played John songs. And then when John came back and Fred left it wasn’t weird when John played Fred songs. If Tom comes back, Matt songs are fair game. They’re blink-182 songs.
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    I'm not the die hard blink fan I once was, I can take big breaks and don't need constant blink news and activity to satisfy me. I'd much rather have blink it in its real form for all it's flaws and Tom's shit than this new age watered down version where a lot of shit they are doing seems so forced.
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    Of course, and there's plenty of people who get depressed when feeling the void of doing nothing. Yeah, we're talking depression here, so you stating that 'doing absolutely nothing' is not a valid reason to get depression is just not fair, nor accurate by any means.
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    Mark certainly got it right on neighborhoods with “Hold on, the worst is yet to come”
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    I think we’re allowed to have an impressions of how things went. Unlike a certain cretin here, I don’t pretend I know everything. Just a hunch.
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    If Mike dirnt isn’t mark then Tom can be billie joe. It’s that simple. Unless you live in a deluded reality where you believe Tom DeLonge sang lead vocals on 100% of blink-182 songs.
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    Sounds like Alan Rickman is doing quite the opposite...
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    It isn't close at all. It's better, by miles even.
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