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  1. Does anyone really love Down? I've never heard any fanfare around it like Violence, Stockholm, Always, etc. I like it, but even though it was a late single it's always just felt like a filler track to me.
  2. Thongrider agreeing with me on anything.... Fuck I must be wrong
  3. What's that have to do with anything? I've seen tons of videos, they are way better yes? Those particular songs are boring live to me. (IMO)
  4. I've seen them 7 times since the first reunion tour big guy, 4 times with Tom
  5. If it was up to me I'd cut everything off Untitled except Feeling This and I Miss You and everything off Neighborhoods. Older songs and brand new songs would be cool. I've been considering Violence, Always, Down, and UAN as huge setlist snoozers for awhile now. I like them on the albums but they just don't bring anything to the table in the live set. (IMO)
  6. I really hope they tour again next summer and hit some different spots playing a shit ton of their new songs. A proper new album release tour hasn't happened with this band since Untitled. They did Neighborhoods and California, but they only played like 4 songs off of them IIRC. Hoping this album is deserving of a tour where they play 8+ and get off the Greatest Hits train
  7. I spent 7 years enjoying something on a message devoted to it and was told almost daily how much it sucks. You can do it buddy
  8. I heard casey is really excited for the 20th dude help him out
  9. My wife loved OMT but I don't think she even got through MTYK. She's a normie/poser blink fan for reference
  10. One More Time is basically HISALP with Tom. Then add the storyline, reunion factor, video, and general emotions with this band over the last 20 years
  11. Hopefully the whole thing leaks early, I'm ready to go! Would prefer not to get anymore songs before it's all out honestly.
  12. KROQ played it pretty much hourly all day yesterday
  13. I can't decide which song I like more. They are both even better on Day 2. MTYK is the heaviest song they've ever written and OMT is the slowest and simplest. It's weird listening to them back to back. And they make me an emo boy in different ways as well
  14. The thing is about people who like to shit on things is that they enjoy it. Projecting their misery onto others is their source of fulfillment. They don't want to be contained because there's no one to wet blanket. I tried a separate thread during the previous era. But with that all said, compared to the last 7 years, it's like rainbows and unicorns in here. I'm pretty sure some of the people shedding literal tears of joy would be actively shitting on the exact same music if Tom wasn't on it. Band has a super unique dynamic being so rooted in personality and nostalgia. Signed- GateKeeper Ghent
  15. It’s really a shame you weren’t there to let the professional audio engineers know that you cant even hear the guitar. Can’t believe they missed that 😢
  16. Only heard of like three, so it's probably notable that they're on it at all! Twitter mentions I think?
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