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  1. I kind of feel the same way. I'm a fair bit younger than you, but I think that at least part of the reason why I was disappointed is because I'm not 13 anymore. When Action came out, I was a different person, a lot more excitable. Maybe I was expecting to feel the same way I did back then, but I'm not capable of that anymore. I'm really wondering if the problem is me, not the song. It's like the sensory information (the new song) isn't getting translated into emotion, like there's some kind of disconnect somewhere. I'm telling myself "this is awesome, it's a new blink-182 song!" but I just don't feel it. Weird. End of psychobabble. i dont think that having to wait this long for a song has helped... we have been in the dark without hearing pretty much anything, and being big blink fans you kind of want to convince yourself it's amazing and even when you like it you start doubting yourself as to whether it is actually as good or if you are being biased because you would be let down if otherwise... hard to explain what i mean, but i liked hearing it, but wasnt 100% sure. I had a funny webcam stream of the firt play, and it sounded like tom was heavily autotuned, but now hearing it in bettery quality, its not the case and i like it a lot more. I must have listened to it about 20 times at least now, and it's grown on me more than when i first hear it. we arent used to hearing blink, so take time to absorb it and appreciate it for what it is and not what you may have wanted it to be, or how you remember it being when you have waited so anxiously in the past for new material. just my thoughts....!
  2. 10 minutes after its been played, it will be EVERYWHERE
  3. yeah, i remember that... that was more of a tactical leak maybe... haha.
  4. i dont think anyone can stop stuff from leaking... it's down to the people they work with i guess..... dunno if you can put a price on that?
  5. im not gonna lie, im impressed it hasnt leaked. They've done well!
  6. i hope they play southampton again. met them all after the show there. and +44.
  7. oh, it starts in like... 14 minutes.
  8. streaming a show live tonight. check it out http://www.clashmusic.com/feature/beardyman-live-stream he's a beat boxer, with a pretty cool twist.
  9. just saw you join, cool. hopefully its not just the two of us
  10. Code to join this league: 893948-198362 i made one of these last season or the season before for us and we had a few people join. thought i would add a new topic so that people saw it. If i used the football discussion one it will get lost pretty soon.... http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ join up, if you can handle it!
  11. a great festival in wales me and a bunch of friends went to. anyone else go to it? awesome!
  12. what? theres only two episodes left. they better be 4 hours long each!
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