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  1. Lol at the Rush being underrated conversation. I still think Rush are underrated when it comes to millennials. I still encounter a fair amount of people that have never heard of them, or don't like them. I live in the 3rd largest city in Canada and Rush are Canadian, so to me, that's pretty surprising.
  2. “Take anothe Xanax, cheat on your girlfriend I have no idea what being youth feels like but I’ll try to write about it anyways woah woah”
  3. Woah woah woah, let’s pump the brakes a bit here. It’s not like the band immediately agreed to do the Fyre festival with what appeared to be 0 due diligence into the matter other than the fact that they were going to get paid.
  4. I miss the days when an album would get leaked asap, even months before releases. Someone posted the Q/A Mark did on the last page where he mentioned it.
  5. I thought it was on par with season 1.
  6. I read I Am Ozzy - Ozzy Osbourne's book. It's a pretty hilarious story. How he became famous and all the wacky shit he did along the way is really entertaining to read. It's also a good tale on addiction and struggling with substance abuse. Not very preachy at all, just his honest take on how to battle addiction without making him sound like he's a saint or will ever be fully clean.
  7. Yeah I watched it a while ago, it's my gf's favourite documentary. It's just funny how the dad never learns. He keeps prioritizing his work over his family even when his business is going to shits. Basically ignores the kids the entire film.
  8. Sounds like we should get a single in the next month or two? With an 'early summer release' I'm expecting the album to drop sometime in June.
  9. Didn’t Mark also produce +44 as well?
  10. Butch Vig, Ted Hutt, or Brendan O’Brien would be great for a more rock or punk sound.
  11. I'll give it a fair shot before judging, but the band is trending in a really poor way right now. It's like a sports team that just missed the playoffs and all their players look past their prime and all signs point towards disappointment. That's where Blink is at now. They could bust out one or two more average albums, but every year the odds look worse. Too bad they can't rebuild.
  12. Oh well there’s always the Menzingers
  13. This is the last stand for the band for me. If this album is any worse than California, I’m donezo. No time to listen to uninspired, generic, disingenuous, trash music. Too many better bands out there.
  14. Ok so shows from the 70s or 80s that 99% of us didn’t watch until the 90s-2000s that are still good today?
  15. Yeah, I'd consider anything 20-25 years old as being 'old' as that's enough time for a generation to pass. Pretty much any 90s cartoon was gold. Simpsons being the obvious one, but Nickelodeon stuff like Rocko's Modern Life was great too. Batman was well.
  16. Watched Free Solo, amazing visuals and that guy is autistic as fuck. Also checked out Leaving Neverland. Nothing was overly shocking, but it was crazy to see how MJ was able to manipulate the families into gaining their trust. That one Australian mom was a total cunt for letting it happen.
  17. SMB3 is the only one I never ended up beating. It's not so much the entire game that's difficult, but primarily the last world that is challenging.
  18. Don't think so. I only played the one on Mario All Stars and then eventually beat it when it was re-released on Gameboy Advanced.
  19. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. 9/10, absolutely loved this movie. The comedy works so well and almost all of the jokes are in good taste. I was laughing so much during the first 15-20 mins or so. The animation is also super unique and cool. Might be one of the best super hero movies I've seen.
  20. Lol wut. Compared to pretty much every other Mario game, it's difficult (especially without the warp flutes). I personally think it's the most difficult Mario game I've played, although I haven't played Sunshine or Odyssey. The next closest in difficulty would be Super Mario Bros. 2 or Super Mario Land on Gameboy, but I was able to beat both of those and not beat Mario 3.
  21. I've never actually beaten it either. I've made it about 2/3 through the last world with all the battle ships, but even then that was with warp flutes. Have you seen this?
  22. That's true. Some of them I heard were pretty garbage though, like Iron Fist and some of Luke Cage. I was a Punisher fan and tried to give it a go but lost interest half way through.
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