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  1. Funny how all the screw ups happened in the shortest season where they had 2 years to produce it.
  2. Yeah, I like the theory that he was also Bran the Builder who built the wall generations ago. Like when he manipulated time with Hodor, but instead knowing to build the wall because of the Night King. The ending played it too safe. It had some good scenes, but I was expecting more deaths and twists. Also why did they bother mentioning the Prince of Dorne a few episodes ago only to never have him do anything in the storyline? The creators made some pretty baffling, inexplicably dumb decisions over the last couple of seasons. Time to wrap up the books George RR Martin, so we get the ending the series deserves.
  3. They’re already filming the prequel spin off and Winds of Winter should be nearing completion soon too though. HBO is also airing a documentary on the making of the show which should be cool to see.
  4. Seems like a mid-life crisis. His was probably delayed because of all the wealth and fame from a young age. He’s probably just coming down to reality now lol.
  5. But a determined Tom makes great music, DED is the last time we saw it. His chemistry with Travis is an under appreciated aspect of the band. You can really hear it in songs like Stockholm Syndrome and Reckless Abandon as well as BCR. He’s difficult to work with, but I hope this has served as a humbling experience and he’s a changed man.
  6. Hmm on first glance I’d say Tom is getting higher royalties if he’s listed and might have a say in decisions of the band. Wonder if/when Skiba gets listed. My Blink prediction is that Mark runs the band into the ground trying to go too poppy and declining each release, band loses its soul. Tom comes back but they’re all too old at that point to ever come close to their prime, but at least it’s the same lineup. If Tom can do an album every 4 years or so then it’s worth it IMO. Don’t really care what happens to Skiba if he stays or not, both options seem like a win.
  7. This is pretty lazy trolling lol. The dude has never said anything racist on here and is obviously referring to the jarring contrast of genres, seems like a cash grab tbh. Plus he’s Canadian so by default he should be considered less racist.
  8. Bandersnatch was dumb, I didn't even get half-way through it before realizing it was a colossal waste of time. Excited for the new season, though. I liked the last one.
  9. Christ, some of the fans in here are dumb and have such a narrow perspective. ”Why is Mark ruining the legacy of the band and not starting a new band, costing him millions of dollars? Why doesn’t he care about the vast minority of die hard fans that don’t think this is still genuinely Blink 182?” You’re being fucking dumb.
  10. It’s starting to look like it’s because they don’t have source material to rely on and the quality of the writing has taken a hit as a result.
  11. Kinda dumb to call it a North American tour when there’s only 1 Canadian city, and Lil Wayne isn’t even performing there.
  12. Everything about the show is good except the writing. This season they really shit the bed.
  13. Some songs have two guitars, but you’re right, it’s never for a prolonged period of time. It would make for some interesting new songs though.Green Day did it and it worked ok.
  14. Looks like he's still living it up in his parents' basement.
  15. Also this: TOM DELONGE REVEALS DESIRE TO REJOIN BLINK-182 “IN THE FUTURE” While he's busy with Angels & Airwaves and To The Stars, Tom DeLonge mentions that he has hopeful plans to join blink-182 again. https://www.altpress.com/news/tom-delonge-blink-182-return-possibility/?fbclid=IwAR37x3CnW_6wGQ1Om_e37pNEFoznu_fm4r1BUwse_Ic_rwjk67TiEle2feQ Well, looks like we're half-way to getting a reunion again. If he takes it more seriously and devotes the right amount of time to it, and Mark isn't a little bitch about it, then this could have some huge potential.
  16. I think it's more likely that Mark is realizing that Tom has/had a mental illness/drug problem and was unstable as a result, and that he's actually a good guy that just had his moments. Given the recent change in public perception regarding mental illness, it makes sense that he's taken a different approach to his relationship with Tom lately. Other factors could include trying to mitigate fan perception (all the people hating on Blink because Tom is gone) and because it benefits the image of the band (still on good terms with Tom). But I think this is all secondary to Mark legitimately feeling bad for Tom and realizing that his decisions weren't truly indicative of his real personality. And of course, without Tom there would have been no Blink and likely no music career for Mark, so I'm sure he's eternally grateful for that as well.
  17. Lol you’re so angry all the time, calm down. I like the production of this song more and gave reasons. I don’t have to know about the intricacies of production to have a preference with reasoning behind it.
  18. Oh fuck off. I’ve heard it clearly on my Google Home, headphones, and car speakers. It was one of the first things I noticed listening to this song. As for the musically inclined part, you’re talking out of your ass since you don’t even know me. You should go join Speedo cause you’re trash.
  19. You’re an idiot if you can’t hear the guitar in the verses.
  20. The band’s “legacy” for 99% of people that have heard of them is All the Small Things.
  21. Maybe, but it could provide a better stream of income if he becomes more washed up and poorly manages his finances.
  22. All this boils down to is “make less money Mark.” Easier to say from the sidelines as a fan than someone that is giving up millions of dollars. Some of you guys have fan tunnel vision.
  23. I’ve just been watching highlights mostly, I’m more interested in the NHL playoffs since the World Championship isn’t truly a best-vs-best event. I saw Pettersson has been making ridiculous plays and is being double shifted on both PP units since Sweden has no #2 centre.
  24. It’s not amazing but it’s not bad. At least it’s a change from California. The drums are good, the verses are good, the chorus is catchy, the guitar riff in the verses are good, the production is better than Feldmann, etc. There’s enough positives for me to enjoy the song for what it is. The expectation of any “vintage Blink” is ridiculous. That ship sailed a long time ago, and now we can only take what we get and temper our expectations.
  25. It’s a fun exercise to imagine Tom playing in another prominent punk-pop-punk band. I think the guy could easily rejuvenate his career if he found the right fit.
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