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  1. I'm willing to bet they'll play 21 Days, or Malboro Man
  2. Mark has a soft spot for shitty bands who remain relevent with pre teens. Fall out Boy, My Chemical Bromance, All Time Low.......etc
  3. Could this bit be a reference to them going back on tour after the reunion?
  4. Carousel because it's my absolute favourite song ever written but Dumpweed is a close second followed by Pathetic.
  5. Yup. This song fuckin' ROCKS and agree with what everyone's saying about the lyrics. You'd have to have the mental capacity of a juice box to not love this song.
  6. I'm an old school pop punk fan and cum buckets if i put even one finger on my copy of Dude Ranch. But, I quickly found myself loving this record. It's like going to a buffet but instead of food its all the different "colours" of the Blink spectrum. I almost wanna say that it's +/- on par with untitled but this record (imo!) lacks the consistency and flow of the last one. but oh well, i've only had it a day and i think i'll like it more and more as time goes on. 1- GOTDF: Awesome. now THIS is how you kick off a new record. Mark's layered harmonies in the verses made me get a boner that lasted well over 4 hours but my dr.'s office was closed so i just let it go. My only complaint is that the bridge sounds a lil bit..."unfinished" almost like they meant to record another guitar or synth track like the intro to... 2- Natives: GOTDF made me hard and this song was like a friggin' musical fluffer. This is one of the songs that sounds like it coulda been on the tail end of the last record. Straightforward pop punk gold with catchy lyrics and melodies. I only wish Tom would sing over Mark's "go, go" part an octave higher to give the chorus more punch. 3- UAN: I really like this song too. it's like mixing BCR and Blink w/a lil bit of new school Blink progressiveness. 4- AM: I LOVE THIS SONG. This song gives me chills everytime i hear it. this albums answer to "I miss you". 5- SC: I'm not too crazy about the intro. It doesn't grab you by the balls like Obvious or Enthused, the drums should be "busier" and have a steadier beat. But when the guitar riff kicks in then this song begins to really take flight. Listen closely and you'll hear Tom bend the strings, an EXTREMELY rare occurrence in a Blink song. The "ahhh ahhh" part is great and kinda gave me AM-esque chills when i first heard it. The outro's pretty sweet. its really out there and takes the song to a different place. 6/7: holy shit that interlude is SICK!! it sets up the rest of the song perfectly. when the guitar kicks in @ the end its like a punch in the gut, you almost don't expect it but it's awesome. and rest of HAG is a friggin' masterpiece. dude ranch, +44 and bad religion all rolled into one. 8- Wishing Well- WOW!! I remember the opening riff from that modlife video and im really happy in ended up being used for a Blink song. This, imo is another one of the "throwback"-ish tunes and wouldnt sound outta place on Untitled. I'm really digging the chorus and the "da da's" are catchy. 9- kaleidoscope- another highlight. The verses and chorus don't really go well together, they almost sound like 2 different songs but then i went back and listened to it again and i'm starting to "get" what they did. I love the drop D bit in the bridge but I was REALLY HOPING for a heavy octave lead part like they do in the pre chorus or the bridge in Love is Dangerous 10/12/13- I'm not sure about these ones yet, i think they'll grow on me in due time. This is Home is probably the best out of these "growers" but it's just a bit too "skinny" (for lack of better word). It needs more guitars, more "meat". Love is Dangerous is IMO the most AVA sounding track. It's not a BAD song but it sounds a bit rushed and a bit "filler"-ish. The bridge though is really cool. The guitars just need to be louder and more distorted like they are in ATST. Fighting the Gravity is a pretty weird song. it'd be better if it was shorter, it doesn't have enough substance to last the better part of 4 mins. 11- MH 04 18 2011- i love this song! a straightforward pop punk number that echoes the classic Blink sound the most (on this record). i love the chorus. I just wish Tom had contributed more...uh by "more" i of course mean ANYTHING to the song lol. 14- Even if She Falls- another friggin' awesome standout track and the perfect companion to songs like Natives, MH and Wishing Well.
  7. Wtf, you haven't listened to it yet?! God dammit dude, I was really looking forward to hearing your review.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4dIFJrc1cc#ws thats the werewolves video (les paul jr into big muff into orange AD50) tone cheshire cat was toms super high output strat into some super high gain amp It was an Ampeg VH...something.
  9. ditch work and go home! ugh!! don't say that dude!! lol i almost reached for my car keys hahaha..and it sucks that this computor has no speakers.
  11. I'm with you on this, mate. I feel like ending with a 3:00 song (on the Deluxe edition) is a bit anti-climactic. I thought I'm Lost Without You was a perfect album closer.
  12. I ain't going anywhere!! Why would you wanna leave? i dk there wont be much to talk about anymore. its gonna be kind of sad when the album drops. ill miss wondering what another blink record wouldve sounded like if they had gotten back together. Nah man, think of all the discussions we're gonna have about all the new songs; all the back n forth banter and various opinions about song-writing, production, auto-tuning, etc. "This song sounds too much like AvA", "That Descendents-esque song is awesome, though I wish Tom had contributed more guitar work", "Travis's drumming in Hearts All Gone is awesome however Mark's voice is mixed a lil too loud", etc...I dunno, it'll still be fun to read n post here even though I'm much more of a reader.
  13. I ain't going anywhere!! Why would you wanna leave?
  14. It's not a rumor, it's true Wal-Mart only sells Clean CD's. Aww shit.
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