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  1. dd182

    2019 Tour Thread

    Yeah. We all thought they were gonna rescheduled and just donate to charity. Guess not.
  2. dd182

    2019 Tour Thread

    El Paso officially got cancelled. Bummer. My friends and I were waiting for a new date. Tour's almost over these last cities are just way to far to drive.
  3. Crazy. This is our first time in Seattle but the plan is to visit Vancouver for a day.
  4. I'm flying from Texas to Seattle just for the show. Any bars or places you recommend for before/after the show?
  5. Does anyone here know where I can find t-shirts from the reunion tour? The ones with the date and a different picture for each stop from the tour.
  6. Videos from soundcheck yesterday: To me it seems like Mark doesn't really like for people to be there for the soundcheck or maybe he was just tired. They started soundcheck about an hour and 30 mns later than scheduled and to be honest they only played like two songs. Not worth the money IMO. Matt interacted with the crowd and passed out guitar picks but Mark was quiet all the time. Who knows...
  7. SUPER SERIOUS QUESTION: I'm seeing blink on July 26th. I've met Travis and Tom before and I want to meet Mark and Matt. Do you guys know if Mark and Matt fly? I'd think they do but I'm not completely sure. I live 2 mns away (driving) from the airport so I might get a chance to catch them at the airport? Thanks. The time I met Travis (page 2).
  8. Is Brohemian Rapshody considered a joke song cause of the lyrics or the length of the song?
  9. Ryan Sinn http://web.archive.org/web/20070502111449fw_/http://www.cultofthedead.com/#
  10. I rarely post here but really quick: Im in San Diego right now. I made a quick stop at James Coffee ask for David and the people there told me he's currently touring with his "first band" and I quote "not Angels and Airwaves". I guess he did miss touring.
  11. Did anyone got VIP tickets? For some reason it will only let me pick the cheapest and most expensive package! It wont let me pick the Feeling This package!
  12. Ahhhhh... I'm confused now lol
  13. Read somewhere (either Live Nation or Ticketmaster facebook) that the presale code was "FRONTROW". This sucks because my wife pre-order the new album just to get the code and this fuckers are giving out the code for free already! lol
  14. No problem. Sorry some of these cam upside down.
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