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  1. LA Noire, Duke Nukem. so far enjoying both. Playing L4D2 when i'm killing time.
  2. finished heavy rain and loved it. just picked up red dead redemption and AC brotherhood. bit late picking up these games, but i really like them so far, especially red dead. will defo start the new pokemon when i get chance.
  3. got heavy rain yesterday, and i'm loving it.
  4. loving super meat boy and i just finished amnesia. brilliant game.
  5. seeing them tomorrow. does anyone know who's supporting?
  6. it is in the tab books, but I've never seen Tom playing it like that. it just makes it more awkward.
  7. not a fan of them, but there could be worse opening bands i suppose.
  8. looks good, but i'm skeptic about the graphics. also how long will the battery last playing this? will have to rob my girlfriends iphone to try it
  9. We don't have a video of him recording Down as far as I know, we just have a video of him writing it. The author of the tab book is very specific about which guitar parts in which songs are in different tunings, which makes me guess that he had some studio notes telling him what tuning the different parts are in. Otherwise he wouldn't have have bothered transcribing Down in 1.5 down, he would have just done it in standard tuning like all of us. That's my analysis anyways. i have the tab book, it's so fucking wrong. you're better off using the internet, or working it out for yourself.
  10. Hard to believe that was 7 years ago, this album means so much to me I was really shocked qhen I realised last year that enema was 100 years old. But... the next year, TOYPAJ will be 10 years old too. Is..... creepy. 1909 was a good year.
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