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  1. Ended up ordering it, funny thing I didn't notice til I got my copy but everywhere it's printed with the track listing is says "Pretty Little Girls" Not mad just funny.
  2. Hahaha it’s all good I did too!
  3. Ive been listening to love pt 2 a lot this week, forgot how much I love the second half of it
  4. Wait hold on a second. Are you guys telling me that wasn’t satan himself?
  5. Last year was the last year for the tour. I didn’t expect them to do this but it makes sense to turn it into a two day fest instead of slogging it all over the country every year still.
  6. On a Sunday is amazing. Table for Glasses too. I can’t get into to much else they’ve done but that album is great.
  7. Funny thing, I hate Fat Mike too, but I enjoyed that song immensely. Weird.
  8. For once I can agree with you completely. Honorable mention for The Weatherman
  9. To chime in on the word filter topic, if there was a way to keep it in the sub forum it originated from, that would make sense, but it being board wide just makes it confusing to people who don't check the entire site.
  10. I got so bored with the last two seasons. Show fell off hard.
  11. LMAO It's true though, be careful guys
  12. Isn't Netflix technically in huge debt? I think a lot of large companies operate that way somehow. Idk
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