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  1. I’m my opinion there was no reason to expect to have something signed when it’s called a “Meet and Greet” I mean, you met them and greeted them right? That’s all one could expect from something called that.
  2. Just saw Scary Stories with the wife. It was pretty good. Some legitimately freaky moments in there. The ending left it wide open for a sequel; should be interesting.
  3. For some reason this whole discussion is reminding me of When Oliver ripped off that guy with the big blink bunny.
  4. There really isn’t a weak track. Maybe you could consider the interlude weak, but it’s still such a pretty tune.
  5. Jeez why am I agreeing with you so much today. I have the same feeling about them. It's odd cause any hardcore fan of them loves all those colored albums, but I always found them really bland.
  6. Does anyone find this funny? It’s too try hard of a troll.
  7. darkarrow


    They’ll never too Homesick and I think they know that and don’t take it too hard. I didn’t like Bad Vibrations much but everything else they put out in the past was great. I’m hoping this album turns out a bit better then this song did.
  8. You do realize those kids probably didn’t have a clue who blink was right? They’re all getting paid to do that I doubt they care about blink in the slightest.
  9. I just saw Sum 41 at a music hall near me not long ago and there were a few people with them out at first, but for 90% of the show the phones were away. They put on a great show.
  10. Death Stranding looks pretty cool.
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