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  1. The show was freakin great. Might be my favorite show I’ve ever seen. The crowd was awesome and they played a ton of great songs!
  2. They just dropped a surprise show tonight in Columbus with Trophy Eyes. Tickets are only $25. I’m goin! Haven’t been to a show in years.
  3. If Sum 41 hasn’t just announced a surprise show tonight that I’m goin to I’d be here watching this
  4. Looks like they're warming up and loosening up with the show, when was the last time they played anyways? The first couple shows of a tour will probably always be a little stiff.
  5. I made this a couple weeks ago, probably not everyone's taste here, but these are definitely my favorite albums.
  6. I have no recording equipment but I’ll definitely be looking forward to hearing this from all you guys.
  7. Agreed on everything recommended. Especially Clairvoyant and the whole Proper Dose album.
  8. I only watch people play through games that I don't have the time for. La Mulana for example, it's a super intricate metroidvania with tons of puzzles that require a lot of attention to details. Unfortunately I work a very busy and tiring job and also have a wife and kid so I don't have enough free time to dedicate to the game of that magnitude. I watched a play though of it by someone who edits out a lot of the times they're banging their head against the wall on the puzzles and he's pretty funny as well. It's nice to relax with instead of a tv show sometimes when I unwind at night. I still play plenty of games, just ones that I am either familiar with or don't take a significant amount of time to enjoy fully. Now twitch? I don't really get that either. I'll check out some stuff occasionally, but it's just so boring unedited.
  9. Despite how much bitching everyone does here we all love the band still. We complain because we care. I mean how many times have the people who hate California listened to it so they can give detailed explanations as to why they hate it. They don't completely hate it or they just wouldn't have listened to it in the first place.
  10. I feel like this song was a big fuck you to anyone telling them they aren’t punk. Or just telling them exactly how they should sound at least so they kinda release a “fuck you we do what we want” thing that caters to the “true punk” crowd just to mess with them.
  11. Yeah it’s alright. There’s actually a typo in the song listing but it’s nice to have to fill out the cd/album collection.
  12. I found it on Atticus: Dragging the Lake Vol 3. There were a bunch of great songs on that comp but i fell in love with Not Now immediately. Really cemented my love for them at the time.
  13. I didn’t like the very first listen but everyone after that it keeps growing on me. Coming from someone completely unimpressed with the whole California era so far I’m very intrigued.
  14. I've been listening to the newest Whitechapel album, it's pretty good. Also Beartooth's newest is pretty decent.
  15. I like supporting smaller artists by being a billboard for them. Larger ones, nah, but the smaller ones need the money from the merch sales and word of mouth more then they used to need it.
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