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  1. After all these years this still gives me the chills
  2. No they haven’t said anything about it, which is really strange. There are rumors that say it has something to do with Parker, as he and Kelen have unfollowed each other on IG or sth but who knows. It sucks. Yeah the thought really bums me out as well. They announced that a new record was in the making back in Feb but it has been quiet since and now we have the situation with Kelen so, doesn’t look too bright 😭
  3. I just really wonder how it’ll affect the new (possible) TSSF music now that they’ve kicked out their bassist. Parker seems much more passionate about No Pressure too. Not getting my hopes up for any new TSSF stuff atm as things are looking now. Hope I’m wrong though. I think NPs previous EP was alright but none of the songs really move me in any way. Have listened through the new stuff twice and it’s the same, doesn’t excite me.
  4. Seeing them in a week 😭 Christ this band is the love of my life.
  5. Not gonna lie, I find it pretty dull. I wish I liked it tho
  6. So apparently they’ve kicked out their bassist and haven’t said a word about it? Sad af.
  7. The chorus actually reminded me a bit of Playing the Victim by TSSF. Thats what I liked the most about it
  8. New neck deep single is a nice one!
  9. I’ve tried to give California a new chance several times but the songs are so annoying I give up midway everytime
  10. I just can’t stand P!atd. They won’t get my vote no matter who they’re up against
  11. I just can’t get over how perfect and calming this album is
  12. That whole album Peripheral Vision by Turnover is just so damn nice. Been replaying it nonstop the whole weekend. Can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before.
  13. I’ve had a real Knuckle Puck phase lately. They’re really hit or miss for me but the hits really hits lol. Copacetic is such a good album.
  14. Ariana Grande songs in general. Her voice just doesn’t click with me and the songs are so annoying
  15. I checked them out a bit and you’re right. Didn’t find anything else of interest. Too bad but the song was nice anyway
  16. Wow this is niiice. I’ve never heard of them before.
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