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  1. I’m so used to watch stuff with subs it almost feels weird not to have them on honestly find english stuff a bit hard to follow without them, takes me a bit of time to adjust the brain and I fall out whenever someone’s mumbling. Prefer to have subs on when I watch stuff in my first langugage as well tho. Only bad thing I can think of is that it ruins the timing here and there because you can read things before they’ve been said
  2. I really like LID. Fighting the gravity on the other hand. Pretty sure it’s my most skipped song ever.
  3. Hurray, that’s so good to hear
  4. It’s not an interesting story really. I was an avid green day fan at the time and within the fanbase it was very common to shit on blink. I used to think that blink was an obnoxious and annoying bunch. Ended up giving NH a go because my then-crush was hyping the album on twitter. I expected to hate it and looked forward to bash it together with my green day friends but ended up loving every track immediately and it’s one of the weirdest musical experiences I ever had
  5. I love this record I was in high school when it came out. Still have such vivid memories from when I listened to it for the first time because I went from hating blink to loving them in a day, lol. Can’t believe it’s been ten years
  6. I don’t think it’s the worst album out there but I don’t think I’ll listen to it much. There are all right songs on it but they get annoying very fast. Many of them have such a weird flow
  7. Playing Skyward sword atm and I mostly enjoy it but those Silent realm sessions really stresses me the fuck out. Hate them.
  8. They released a music vid for Pollyanna last week Video had me a bit emotional tbh. Can’t wait to go to shows again Sometimes I forget how much I love these dudes. I’ve seen some recent live videos as well and they still sound and look fantastic
  9. I’m not digging it on the first few listens. Will give it another shot later
  10. I find so much comfort in this atm such a beautiful, peaceful piece
  11. I did pick up Lonesome dove, mostly just to see what the fuss was about. Didn’t really expect to enjoy it as it’s not a genre that usually interests me, but I’m genuinely surprised by how engaging and entertaining it is. Still have a couple of hundred pages left but reading it has been a pure joy so far. Amazing storytelling
  12. Sounds a bit like a dating site
  13. I lowkey wanna pick up that book as well now after reading all the posts about it
  14. I’m looking so much forward to it!!
  15. I liked it too. Repetitive yes, but all the slashing was also kind of satisfying imo. Didn’t get bored of it until the end, although the story got a bit too fanfic-y for my taste at times
  16. that’s horrible to hear. Fuck
  17. yeah I get your point, but I think it’s just kind of how she is. At least she often appear a bit over-excited and all over the place in interviews and such as well, dunno if she can help it haha
  18. I also think it has aged very well but I’ve loved it from the start sooo
  19. Girl in red!! She has such catchy tunes
  20. Stoked. Red has never been my fav but I’m ready to give it a new chance
  21. Yeah the botw2 trailer was niiice, so much going on in just the little minute. Game is gonna be fab
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