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  1. Ngl I also have trouble separating the artist from the art here. I just get a bad feeling when I listen to it. Don't really see the point in trying to change that either to be honest; there is a lot of other music to listen to.
  2. They are actually quite rad! You should check out Roses, All We Know and Closer just to give them a chance. Good tunes.
  3. Nothing mind blowing, but sweet and soothing. Enjoyed it.
  4. This was all right imo. Would've been better if they dropped the Skiba noise in the background though.
  5. She's so fab. Really like her voice in that.
  6. Madele


    Never been super into biographies but I just started on a huge one about Napoleon and it's the most exciting thing ever. What a dude.
  7. Tricky one! I think I'll go with Wishing well, although all of the remaining are faves of mine.
  8. Aw, shame Native's out. When I Was Young.
  9. I'll go with When I was young as well. Never been fan of it.
  10. I did never really enjoy that show but I also watched the whole thing. The show is smart as hell, very complex, the acting is great and the story is interesting. Still I always felt uncomfortable when I watched it and it got exhausting + it felt like it would never end. Could have been some seasons shorter if you ask me.
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