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  1. I’m not stopping you! I’m just saying I don’t care about it either way!
  2. That sounds obtuse, Fap. I’m not interested in any of this, my dude. I was just making a dumb joke about Wasting Time. Same rules always apply for me … if I like what I hear then I am happy, if I don’t then I never revisit it again. What goes into its creation is none of my concern.
  3. Jeff Forrest an engineer during the recording process.
  4. “And in my town you can’t drive naked”. Wasting Time technically had credits to a friend who came up with that line.
  5. Blink’s had cowriters since Cheshire Cat. I don’t see the big deal.
  6. him and another guy … Dan Book? Are listed on Wikipedia as songwriters.
  7. Lol! They’re wrong because we are old and we are always right. Fucking children.
  8. Some of us are not allowed to travel to Canada.
  9. I haven’t read any of it. I’m guessing it’s better that way.
  10. I think he’s trying to say he thinks there will be a similarity in the arrangement between this and No, It Isn’t. It starts out clean and the end goes into full band.
  11. Hey, I’ve been putting effort into our relationship for months now!
  12. I just took it as unfinished lyrics. I always enjoy Tom’s acoustic work and this is no different. I would have liked to hear a finished version. You’re right though, those vocals are trash.
  13. I like it too, I liked that parade song too
  14. Yep. DR is fuzzy, Enema is plasticky, Untitled is quiet, Neighborhoods is all over the place, DED guitars are shit … TOYPAJ hits just right.
  15. It’s all digital now, bud. There isn’t anything recording on analog these days. It’s all computer.
  16. If it’s good then it’s good. I don’t care much outside of that and no one should tell you what you can and can’t like. Gatekeepers suck.
  17. I haven’t listened to the show in years at this point. I got tired of the comedians and health dickheads. Anything decent recently?
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