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  1. Honestly, I'm just glad I don't spend every waking hour on this dead forum and respond to everything negatively. But I guess I can understand because lack of real life. Anyways, have a good one man!
  2. Dumb joke doesn't equate opinion, just that you don't understand sarcasm.
  3. Yeah, song is alright. I enjoyed it but this album sounds like a natural progression and similarly to California and Deluxe.
  4. Sorry meant "DuDe ThIs SoNg HaS aVa ViBeS." That better?
  5. I agree but that album was fueled by emotion from the aftermath of the first break up. +44 is proof that Mark has what it takes but I think Mark cares too much what fans think that it’s getting to him, whereas +44 he just wrote based from emotion.
  6. I wouldn’t be surprised in Mark having self doubt about his song writing abilities is mainly because of the blink community. No matter what he/they do, a lot of people are going to dislike what they come out with. Whether he’s personally proud of this upcoming album, I think it’ll be a make or break album on whether or not he has the will to continue the blink legacy. I believe a lot of people who heavily dislike major, if not all of their music post Tom probably either grew out of blink or Tom was the reason why they loved blink.
  7. They’re capable of writing lyrics that are so much better and out of this world. They’ve shown it. I’m not sure why they keep writing about their youth. I’d love to hear lyrics about the difficulties of being in a marriage, a father, friends, family. Today’s pop punk bands have elevated the lyrics game from ADTR to The Wonder Years. Matt writing Is This Thing Cursed and Mark with WYHSB, man can they write some deep lyrics. I’d be fine with the overproduced and poppier sound if they continued to evolve their lyrics.
  8. Both Rebel Girl and Blame It On My Youth are underperforming. They have cringe lyrics from “my little Cinderella” to “I was raised on Ridilin(?)”. There’s good parts in each song but not enough to make me replay the shit out of it. Like @Champ182 said, I’ve kind of grown to realize this is the new blink and I’ll always be excited to hear new releases but they’ve lost touch on what hooked us.
  9. My thoughts... pros: I like the guitar sound, very The Cure-esque, just like Simple Creatures. Catchy chorus, Matt just sings well, Travis and the hip hop beats. Definitely different. cons: cringe lyrics, a bit overproduced but I think that’s what this album will be going for. One of my main issues from California, while I still enjoyed very much, is that they don’t let the instruments breathe, like they don’t have to sing over everything. Let the instruments carry themselves over to the next chorus/ verse. Overall, I can definitely say it’s a grower and I’ll probably hum it and hear throughout the rest of the day/week, but nothing great. Bored To Death was an instant top 15 for me on the first listen, and this one isn’t. My biggest worry is Mark overthinking what Blink-182 is and losing touch with what made blink special. I expect more from the boys next time around.
  10. What's your take on Mark? What did any of the blink/AvA members think of you when you met them? Do you know Famous Burro? Can you provide a tutorial on how to shave your eyebrows like Tom?
  11. Dudes has anyone imagine the life Marks kid is living? Legit been moving and living all over the world, must be tough for him to make/keep friends.
  12. Is no one gonna bring up that they played Carousel??
  13. Hey guys long time no post, Anyways, my girlfriend and I went to musink this past weekend. We had a blast. We bought Merch but unfortunately lost it in the pit. I’m trying to rebuy everything we bought. I found everything but I cannot find the women’s blink shirt we bought on the online store or anywhere else. I don’t remember the color except I believe the sleeves had a white stripe and it said “crappy punk rock.” If anyone can locate it, it would be of amazing help!
  14. I love California and CalDeluxe. Yes, I see it's faults but I love them. Hoping for something more experimental and more mature lyrical content the next go-around.
  15. PLease me too!!!! I haven't heard shit or read reviews! Need the DLX now!!
  16. What? No. Stockholm Syndrome is their hardest song yet.
  17. True. The entire blink Reddit sub forum is like zoo ran by apes.
  18. Haven't post in a while...whatsup y'all! Blink sub Reddit doesn't cut it for me.
  19. Was at the 2nd SD show, went to the 1st Irvine show, going to tonight's LA show. I'm still just as excited as I was the first time.
  20. Make up or not, they didn't deserve the recognition they got.
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