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  1. Please do a bit more research before you go on and on about the same thing to me its getting boring now, bristol city havnt been in league 2 since 1989 ffs We have spent half our time since then in league 1. Man united have spent fuck all on their stadium in years has that given you less of an advantage?
  2. Fair enough, the city of bristol in general are so far behind when it comes to sports anyways. The city have held us back for years, them all drink 9 percent cider probably doesnt help lol
  3. He might not of wanted to say anything bad at the time to ruin his royalties but he could say whatever he wants now lol From whats been said he wasnt to into the direction of the band anyways so probably wasnt as angry at being kicked out
  4. Flown through the leagues? We have been promoted twice in 20 years! Lol Chairmans put money into clubs all the time, steve tried hard to get us out of league one back in the 2000s and he put money in, he realised this doesnt work so created a system where we are sustainable. If steve lansdown is a sugar daddy then most of the championship must have sugar daddy's because they spend a hell of alot more than us!. I never said the pyramid was fine at all i said the big 6 were the main problem. This all started when i said i was a bristol city supporter so i know about the money structure not being fair. You then decided to attack my club and said our chairman is a sugar daddy and im a hypocrite for saying its not fair lol Were a mid table championship team that sells our best players every year to fund ourselves. Whats your average wage bill compared to us? Ours is 12 best in the championship... so that means 12 other clubs have an advantage over us so bore off with the same bullshit lol
  5. You said bristol city have an advantage over every team because we have a sugar daddy and gave no evidence of this lol all you showed was him writing off debts which is clever on his part for his own tax ffs Not exactly crushed is it? An actual chairman of a club not in the top 6 has come out and said these clubs every year push through proposals to suit them financially, theres clauses in the tv money to suit them financially whats not to get really, your club is pushing to leave the premier league to gain more money and fuck over the rest of the league lol and your here saying oh we should listen to what they got to say first lol
  6. Hes a businessman first and foremost, his family are also bristol city supporters, his son his currently the chairman. He didnt fund all these projects out of his own pocket but he spent a few and why not its a sound investment, he makes shitloads from the new stadium. Hes never funded transfers and players and staff out his own pocket what are you even on about lol He runs the club so its sustainable by itself, we are miles behind the big teams when it comes to the playing staff! We havnt been close to the premier league since 08/09 play off final. I think when it comes to advantage over other teams you have no room to talk being a united fan
  7. You seem to think you know alot about championship clubs yet seem very naive when it comes to your own club.
  8. See as a norwich fan would you say bristol city have a sugar daddy owner lol 😆 i dont think i have ever seen us beat you ever haha! 😅
  9. No thats all complete bollocks! Lol bristol city were run dreadfully, nearly went out of business in the 80s, we went from the top flight in 82 having to ask 8 players to terminate their contracts else we were going to fold! Then got relegated back to back to the old 4th division and have been spending most out time yo yoing between league 1 and championship ever since. Our chairman hasnt used his wealth to give us a an advantage at all, hes helped us with stability but our budget is the 12 best in the championship! We play within our means, we have to sell before we can buy!
  10. The pyramid isnt the problem, its the big 6, every year they want to take more and more money from the game for themselves and have the most power! I really good interview to watch is the palace chairman on skysports monday night footy i think its on youtube now. The amount of bullshit the other 14 premier leagues club have to go through! He even says that even as soon as next year the top 6 had produced a deal with the champions league where %30 of the revenue goes to teams based on their bloody history! So basically even if the top 6 dont qualify they will still be paid lol!
  11. Your joking right? 🙃 I dont know whats more crazy the fact you say bristol city have a sugar daddy or the fact you attempted to dig some dirt up on bristol city to make a dig at a championship team!. Steve lansdown is one of the best chairman's in the football league, hes made bristol sport which links our rugby and basketball teams together with the football. Hes written off alot of our debt too yes, i really dont see how thats bad will you enlighten me? I really dont see why i have to be here telling you bristol city history in a debate about the top 6 being greedy but you called me a hypocrite 🙄 If we have a sugar daddy why exactly havnt we bought up the leagues best players and been promoted to the premier league? Why do we constantly sell our best players for profit? Why are we one of the best run clubs that have never been in the premier league? Since landown became chairmain in 2003ish we have been in league 1 the same amount of time as the championship! Yet you said we have a sugar daddy that walked us through the leagues 😆 The greed from the premier league trickles down into the championship and lower! The teams that get relegated were getting shitloads of parachute payments that made it even harder for teams like bristol city that have never gotten those payments to compete with ex premier teams! The teams that try to quick fix their way to promotion and dont get promoted are hit with even more debt and are barely afloat. I really dont get what your trying to dig up tbh
  12. Im a bristol city fan, so i have been used to the lower leagues, we always had a dream of one day getting promoted to the premier league, with this tho that dream is basically dead, the only good thing to come from this maybe is the fact they might make the leagues and money more fairer if those 6 fuxk off
  13. They havnt even got 15 clubs yet for this let alone trying to invite 5 more guests lol. @Roux you said wait for their proposal, they havnt got one lol, they made sure they got the core 12 clubs to sign a contract so its binding and thats about as far as they got to. Uefa and fifa are the worst and corrupt fuckers but at least there was a pyramid system in place where teams like wolves, west ham and nearly sheff united last season had a chance to qualify for europe and could beat the top 6 teams every week! Look at leeds this year, could quite easily finish above Liverpool arsenal and spurs!! What this new super league does is basically kill off any competition, you also tried to say to dan it wasnt a closed shop because technically 5 teams could qualify for it! How exactly is 5 teams out of all the leagues in Europe fair or even that much? So basically the 5 best leagues in europe? The winners of each of those leagues get a chance? Do we scrap the champions league? Europa league? Then what happens to the top 6? Is it fair they get an extra 350 million more than the rest the league? Do we kick them out? Its a bloody mess! The only reason real madrid and Barcelona are doing this is because they are both 1 billion in debt! If they cant run there club the right way why should they be entitled to break away? And ruin the english game!
  14. With champions league football would your owners strengthen enough to cope with the extra football? Or just pocket the cash and say to moyes well you did it last year Even europa league would be a pain in the ass
  15. I find it disrespectful that you would gender any of them tbh how do you know what they are? And sis woman hater is more appropriate 🙄
  16. Hmmm the fact i spoke about 2 men and didnt say i hated skyler kind of shits all over what you said lol
  17. Whatever walt did i always seemed to root for him 😆 Its the son i couldnt stand! Even tho the kid had his ovbious reasons for being a dick lol With skyler, i never really felt she loved walt, she always thought she could do better, walt basically wasted his life being with her and being a family man and teacher.. Thats why when he becomes successful he loves it because hes done nothing with his life and now hes important. Its been so long so i cant remember much but didnt she cheat on him with someone? Hank basically bullys him and embarrassed him in front of his kid making out walts not man enough too which in turn makes walt want to outsmart him right under his nose
  18. The first time i cried in years watching that documentary, still makes me angry thinking about it!
  19. If he is smart enough he wont go back to united, he wont get into that team! But again west ham probably wont have as good a season as this one next year especially if your in europe.. Mourinho will probably bag him if hes still at spurs.
  20. Looks like watford and norwich have automatic sown up, brentford were flying high before like swansea and watford looked dreadful! They shouldn't of got rid of ollie Watkins but i understand why they did. Swansea were over achieving tbh, i see Bournemouth winning the playoffs, i hope they dont tho id love brentford or Barnsley to go up!
  21. Sterling was one of our best players in the qualifers, hes better than sancho or rashford imo...
  22. Na.. Theres so many bands that i never knew of that i only found due to a quality music video. The better the video the more views on youtube, you can probably make more money on youtube than spotify! Just look at a band like ok go, the music isnt ground breaking but they make cool videos influenced by science and if they didnt have those music videos i wouldnt of got into any of their music.
  23. Still cant believe alkaline trio didnt get to the final! Even more surprising new found glory losing! If its a battle for pop punk new found glory should smash mcs!
  24. Tbh i havnt really followed since splinter, i thought that was a underrated album but it was never going to follow the album before lol Cruising california on days go by? That was catchy and funny at the same time.
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