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  1. It feels like he hated every moment of ava, felt embarrassed for his mate that auditioned twice and didnt even get to jam or play his guitar lol Tom just comes across like a difficult pretentious asshole tbh! He completely hates matt lol im guessing because tom picked him over his mate, the cheer leader comment was funny, shows that tom and ilan do all the work and let no1 else in! Anyone who sticks up for tom on the whole blink situation should understand hes a pain in the ass and will just ghost you if you dont agree with him. I only heard the ava part is the bcr part an
  2. If you seriously think he funded the whole stadium and wages of players then more fool you lol 😆 and nope 2003 to now isnt 10 years were in 2021 right now... Plus why are you still arguing everyone knows the premier league is miles ahead financially than the championship why do you think they call the play off final worth 170 million lol Looks like your united have fucked up anyways..
  3. Lol wow 👏 your so clueless about the lower leagues its funny, division 2 in 2003 is now called league one mate 😉 And 1 bn in football in 20 years is nothing ffs
  4. Wow Chelsea are looking to leave the super league! That was quick
  5. Please do a bit more research before you go on and on about the same thing to me its getting boring now, bristol city havnt been in league 2 since 1989 ffs We have spent half our time since then in league 1. Man united have spent fuck all on their stadium in years has that given you less of an advantage?
  6. Fair enough, the city of bristol in general are so far behind when it comes to sports anyways. The city have held us back for years, them all drink 9 percent cider probably doesnt help lol
  7. He might not of wanted to say anything bad at the time to ruin his royalties but he could say whatever he wants now lol From whats been said he wasnt to into the direction of the band anyways so probably wasnt as angry at being kicked out
  8. Flown through the leagues? We have been promoted twice in 20 years! Lol Chairmans put money into clubs all the time, steve tried hard to get us out of league one back in the 2000s and he put money in, he realised this doesnt work so created a system where we are sustainable. If steve lansdown is a sugar daddy then most of the championship must have sugar daddy's because they spend a hell of alot more than us!. I never said the pyramid was fine at all i said the big 6 were the main problem. This all started when i said i was a bristol city supporter so i know about t
  9. You said bristol city have an advantage over every team because we have a sugar daddy and gave no evidence of this lol all you showed was him writing off debts which is clever on his part for his own tax ffs Not exactly crushed is it? An actual chairman of a club not in the top 6 has come out and said these clubs every year push through proposals to suit them financially, theres clauses in the tv money to suit them financially whats not to get really, your club is pushing to leave the premier league to gain more money and fuck over the rest of the league lol and your here saying oh w
  10. Hes a businessman first and foremost, his family are also bristol city supporters, his son his currently the chairman. He didnt fund all these projects out of his own pocket but he spent a few and why not its a sound investment, he makes shitloads from the new stadium. Hes never funded transfers and players and staff out his own pocket what are you even on about lol He runs the club so its sustainable by itself, we are miles behind the big teams when it comes to the playing staff! We havnt been close to the premier league since 08/09 play off final. I think when it comes
  11. You seem to think you know alot about championship clubs yet seem very naive when it comes to your own club.
  12. See as a norwich fan would you say bristol city have a sugar daddy owner lol 😆 i dont think i have ever seen us beat you ever haha! 😅
  13. No thats all complete bollocks! Lol bristol city were run dreadfully, nearly went out of business in the 80s, we went from the top flight in 82 having to ask 8 players to terminate their contracts else we were going to fold! Then got relegated back to back to the old 4th division and have been spending most out time yo yoing between league 1 and championship ever since. Our chairman hasnt used his wealth to give us a an advantage at all, hes helped us with stability but our budget is the 12 best in the championship! We play within our means, we have to sell before we can buy!
  14. The pyramid isnt the problem, its the big 6, every year they want to take more and more money from the game for themselves and have the most power! I really good interview to watch is the palace chairman on skysports monday night footy i think its on youtube now. The amount of bullshit the other 14 premier leagues club have to go through! He even says that even as soon as next year the top 6 had produced a deal with the champions league where %30 of the revenue goes to teams based on their bloody history! So basically even if the top 6 dont qualify they will still be paid lol!
  15. Your joking right? 🙃 I dont know whats more crazy the fact you say bristol city have a sugar daddy or the fact you attempted to dig some dirt up on bristol city to make a dig at a championship team!. Steve lansdown is one of the best chairman's in the football league, hes made bristol sport which links our rugby and basketball teams together with the football. Hes written off alot of our debt too yes, i really dont see how thats bad will you enlighten me? I really dont see why i have to be here telling you bristol city history in a debate about the top 6 being greedy but y
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