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  1. Trying to watch parasite because it looks really good, but cant find any links with subtitles, anyone able to pm me a good link?
  2. This film can not be viewed on a shitty camera! Watched it in 4dx and its its beautifully done, the plot is questionable but the movie is all out action and is what people will expect from star wars, the last 30 mins of it, let it down for me, the first hour i was like, yes! Jj you have saved it from the last jedi hangover,
  3. I just watched it and yeh the last jedi totally screwed over this film
  4. I had alot of eye rolling and meh during the last 30 mins ...let me know how you lot feel..
  5. A nice little surprise, and a cool song, not the best but getting toypj vipes
  6. I was like wtf at the mating ritual lol
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