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  1. Yeh i know they have like 1 billion in debt, just seems crazy getting rid of best defender especially as ramos as f off
  2. If varane is so good why is he going united for 40 mill? Why isnt man city poaching?
  3. Doesnt it carry on from last season?
  4. Your top? Never reaching you now lol im on 140!
  5. Bale tho fuck me! 😳 what a miss two games in a row
  6. It best to use your wildcard now? As you get unlimited next round anyways?
  7. All i wanted was the friends cast chatting, when random celebrities came on or random fans talking i was like oh fuxk off i dont give a shit, go back to the cast! Really took me out of it tbh Like why the fuck i care about david beckhams and mindy kallings favourite episodes or bieber strutting on the cat walk fuck off 😆
  8. I watched the conjuring 3, the other 2 were alot more scary,they Normally do the this was a true story spill, this one was less realistic tho which totally took me out the whole film, it was about this family being cursed and possessed by a witch.. hardly any actual scary scenes and was kinda just over the top tbh .. 6/10
  9. Was mark always the one you got on with the most in the band? He seems like the most genuine and the discord is quality! Couldnt imagine tom creating a discord without charging a subscription fee lol
  10. Im surprised josie is just in the lead but both definitely deserve to be in the final! Teenage me will always have a hard on for first date tho as thats the first album i bought.. didnt see josie video until i bought urethra chronicles 😔
  11. That made me laugh more than it was supposed to 😆 not the video btw
  12. Its a bit meh, chorus on the last part sounds more like the demo and goes well the rest of the song just builds to nothing.. One of those songs ill just forget after a few listens..
  13. Preview sounds underwelming i hope the full song is better
  14. They got sent a tape recorder with tom saying some cryptic co-ordinates with the riff of the new song at the end... Basically saying the new song is next week for members first, then some dates for secret shows i think 🤔
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