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  1. I will respect his talent but hated his personality and cheating ..
  2. Maradona played on pitches that would crumble and move and had players kick lumps out of him, messi and ronaldo play on carpets and have protection against minimal contact, you really cant compare.. Just have to accept he was an amazing player yet with massive flaws.. I rate him over pele anyways who played a bunch of farmers most his career at least Maradona played in different and challenging leagues...
  3. Just sack off pogba now surely? He adds nothing to the team get your moneys worth in January and get a real cb to partner maguire..
  4. Wasnt it like july mark said most the songs were finished? Thought we would have another single by now..
  5. I think toms your best bet when he starts promoting his new album, he was on shitloads of podcasts for radio shows during lockdown... plus your already pretty chummy with his tour manager 😆
  6. I feel like theres so much shit to watch its hard to find something worth my time, most of it is recycled crap, like i cant think of the last time i went to the cinema to watch a film i was looking forward to... Probably star wars and that was shit lol I find myself just flicking through youtube these days aimlessly watching even shitter stuff...
  7. The walking dead was fun when it was simple...group of everyday people working together to find an answer as to whats happening and if theres a cure... Then it just turned into shitshow of unrealistic fights and pointless deaths, i think i gave up the season after negan smashed the skulls in and i thought it was ending but nope its a carol and Darrell spin off after that!
  8. Lol man united fans losing it that they gave the number 7 shirt to cavani that was meant to be for sancho apparently.... Has this got to be the worst transfer deadline day ever? There was probably less than 15 transfers and 5 were united i think lol
  9. I dunno i was pretty stoned on edibles and dont think i laughed once and thats impossible surely lol... I prefered southpark when they made up great stories on their own, not recycling current pop culture every week into its own parady, it kinda got stale and predictable these days I did love randy and mickey mouse banging the shit out of a bat in wuhan tho lol
  10. When did he say the album wont be out till 2021? Last thing i heard in a podcast was album in November and singles in october following it? Jeez hes so bad lol didnt rebel girl come out nearly 2 years ago now?
  11. Well were into October and still no news on angels next album?? He said there would be a few singles before then too lol...
  12. @daveyjones Im probably wrong but i think that song by wheatus would be more up your street, fast tempo and probably my favourite wheatus song... A band that got completely screwed after their success by sony, that their next album basically didnt get any promotion and they are playing small venues here in the uk most years... They came to by university in 2006 ill always love them, seen them 5 times...
  13. Its a battle between west ham, west brom and fulham for bottom at this rate.. West ham had a good go today but damn, such an average squad!
  14. Im sorry but pogba is so shit in that position, wasnt a surprise when he got taken off it looked like united were going to rescue it! No creativity for the forwards.. I felt sorry for bruno he had to sit so deep at times and even the commentators said hes united best defender on the night and he should be bloody upfield! Even more pissed because i put £30 on draw at half time var didnt give that 42nd min foul as a peno lol
  15. I dont think i have played a proper football manager since early 2000s, loved championship manager, i played the mobile version of fm2017 but pretty basic... For free tho ill give it a go, does it take alot of effort tho? Cant be assed spending an hour training and doing my team beforr every game lol
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