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  1. Blink just put a instagram story to save new music, next week 🙂
  2. The teams on its last legs but he still gets them to win in europe! With smalling and dybala both injured i fear they will get pumped by leverkusen tho! Seeing Mourinho get the crowd going at the end was prime Mourinho! Loved it! Just imagine if he gets back to back European trophies with roma and no1 in the media will talk about it 🤣
  3. Does no1 here rate the first time? Feel like that is the closest to blink on that album.. I tried to like nine but it had zero staying power for me, had some good moments but theres not really any standout songs and feels disjointed.
  4. The media and fans are such a funny bunch, last week united were hunting for a quadruple and ten haag is the next coming of christ because he won a league cup ( Mourinho did the double) one shock 7 nil loss and they are dogshit again... Last i looked 7 goals still only gave Liverpool 3 points, united will probably win next game and Liverpool will lose. Is a great season tho 👌
  5. Seems like he got her to drop the charges.. "key witness" drops out.. Cant sack him but their is video evidence, hard to see him play any football at united again.
  6. Doesnt look like he had a hair transplant
  7. The guy from darkness, at first i thought he was shitting on the song but i watched more of his videos and thats just the way he is 🤣 not a bad break down tbh.
  8. Na ...🤣 if your going to make it sound like untitled you just go the feeling this fast route that sounds shocking
  9. This does feel like the real reunion tbh, the last one was a running theme of tom messing the band and the fans about, he seems alot more enthusiastic this time around. Didnt help that during that time he released a double love album the same time he was meant to be recorded neighbourhoods.
  10. I doubt mark uses that discord much tbh, it was a fun thing he did during covid and lockdown, played games with fans and had a little community, stuff he says is probably over-enforced by the mods. I can imagine there are alot of cringy fans on that thing that ruin it for the rest of them, i joined ages ago but im too old to understand that shit lol, i just search up marks comments when i can.
  11. Why would any band want a doc out they didnt like? Id be pissed if someone leaked my shit
  12. Great doc, they definitely looked completely depressed tho and tired, the way they described the tour and the bus, i was like shit no wonder they split up, looked gruelling! But they could of easily just had a rest after that tour, toms actions were definitely not justified! Especially as he didnt rest anyways, he went straight into angels and nicked the blink material 😤 I feel for mark, i forget how big blink was during their peak and tom just throwing that shit away to be the main man is a hard pill to swallow, I dont think mark really got over that, anything after untitled just doesn't hit the same or have the quality that blink once had..
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