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  1. Twitter ruined it for me, wasnt even anything i follow either! Twitter has a new thing of recommending stuff and happened to be better call saul spoilers!
  2. Donny van de beek and de jong in the centre would be a massive improvement
  3. Pickford Trent stones tomori(it will be maguire) chilwell Mount rice bellingham Sterling kane foden
  4. Mark, travis and matt have all said at one point that the album was basically done... Wouldnt surprise me tho if they just scrapped it all and want to start fresh as im guessing all that material would of been stale with what has happened to mark
  5. Heard the new avril lavigne single with mark hoppus on it, i was like this is familiar 🤔 looked up the album and yep there it is .. produced by john feldman lol Has that guy got no originality ffs
  6. Any united fan at this moment in time would take 11 valencia's in the starting lineup than any of the players they have now.. That was the Ferguson dna which is completely lost in this modern era.
  7. Toms a joke, im guessing they cancelled because they didnt plan the tour properly, they didnt even sell out Birmingham! Where as alkaline trio planned their venues properly and did smaller more realistic venues... Im sure england went to like zero restriction last week looks like im going to watch trio and bowling for soup instead ..
  8. Its frustrating and brilliant at the same time!
  9. Hows Mourinho doing? Saw the 6 -1 did he rest a few players? He so wants that Newcastle job i think lol
  10. Basically heard them all already lol ill wait till spotify... If it was blink id be right up on the leak! That's how uninterested in ava i have become 😆 Been meaning to get ava tickets for uk but bought alkaline trio instead much better upgrade
  11. If blink released an album like this they would be destroyed lol
  12. The live version sounded so promising, it sounds so shit the mix after the intro on this and doesnt really pick up..
  13. With juventus having just 1 point from 4 games and inter losing lukaku! Roma must have a big chance for champions league spots this year and even dare i say it the title! When is spinazola back?
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