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  1. The whole documentary is mess, trying to be edgy and dramatic, the film maker seems like a right douche. I just watched the joe Rogan podcast and yeh the film maker comes across like a right tom delonge!... But when i actually hear bob talk, and some of the points that have come up in the government recently, hes quite interesting. He heard, one of the crafts came from an archeological dig, which doesnt mean its alien life, it could of just been a more intelligent ancient civilisation which i quite liked the idea of. Not saying i believe him but there is alot in our history that we cant really explain when it comes to structures we have found.
  2. Watched the netflix documentary on that guy and it was an hour and a half wasted of my life, so boring and dramatic with no real information on the matter. Ill give the rogan podcast a go , but i dont particularly believe this guy one bit.
  3. Alexis Sanchez doing it for Chile like usual, ia there a way back for him at united? Surely a run of games this year and some confidence back and hes like a new player, theres no chance anyones paying his wages ..
  4. Oh really fair enough, bit odd to release the other YouTube video tho
  5. So we have a youtube video of g.d so im guessing the music video is blame it on my youth? Or a new song to shock us?! Na i doubt it...
  6. Blame it on my youth sounds great live, a great song for mark to sing without straining his voice, and matts vocals great as usual
  7. Fuck me Jesse lingard comes off as a right bellend on that snap chat video!
  8. Someone get onto mark hoppus till he confirms this, he likes to answer questions recently
  9. Shit yeh just saw that at the end, still i cant beleive they would do that, the blink fan base is already on there backs to tease us with a new song at it be 49 seconds would be a joke however good it may be
  10. And it was a guy called zeke that said it was 49 seconds long...?
  11. I read it all and na its not 49 seconds long, they put that john feldman clip on that he wanted to delete and the ending of the video sounds a bit like the beginning of this song
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