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  1. Its a battle between west ham, west brom and fulham for bottom at this rate.. West ham had a good go today but damn, such an average squad!
  2. Im sorry but pogba is so shit in that position, wasnt a surprise when he got taken off it looked like united were going to rescue it! No creativity for the forwards.. I felt sorry for bruno he had to sit so deep at times and even the commentators said hes united best defender on the night and he should be bloody upfield! Even more pissed because i put £30 on draw at half time var didnt give that 42nd min foul as a peno lol
  3. I dont think i have played a proper football manager since early 2000s, loved championship manager, i played the mobile version of fm2017 but pretty basic... For free tho ill give it a go, does it take alot of effort tho? Cant be assed spending an hour training and doing my team beforr every game lol
  4. If you think they are tired now just wait till we played this ridiculous season 🙄 no winter break, no pre season basically and euros next summer followed by the nations league if we get there, then world cup the year after, no way kanes not gonna be crocked or retired by the time that world cup comes along lol
  5. I was so excited for england only about a year ago, now it seems like southgate has taken us as far as he can, we need to replace him and actually win shit, those last 2 games i was bored as fuxk, at least last year we were smashing teams with our front 3 even tho our defence was shit, like wtf do we need 2 hold midfielders ffs
  6. You can say whys it matter but at the end of the day we live in shitty pc 2020 where whatever you do is scrutinised.. They both knew what they were doing would screw them but they did it anyway, just come across as two horny 17 year olds ( asking is your mate coming for my mate haha), where as they are not, ones 20 and got a misses and baby ffs did he really think these girls wouldnt have all this shit on Instagram within 2 seconds of meeting them lol. In other news tho, with them 2 out surely we will see if southgate likes grealish? If he doesnt start now surely hes never going to.
  7. Tbh it seems like these girls have been paid off by the papers before they even met greenwood and foden... recorded their conversation and took pictures in the guys hotel room, and by the pictures it doesnt particularly seem like they even did any thing none of them on the bed all in chairs separately... Definitely feels like our own press trying to screw over our players again, plus these 2 guys dont seem to have a brain cell between them jeez..
  8. Plus foden, rice and prowse was never going to be a scary midfield 3.. Worst game i ever seen tho
  9. Just bombards you with porn and pop ups lol my gf wasnt best pleased haha
  10. Theres 3 episodes so far and they will put another 3 up next monday, yeh that scene is fake as fuck lol funny tho.
  11. Anyone watching the spurs documentary in amazon? Only 3 episodes up atm but i binged them all this morning! Such a great show and Mourinho is class as always, said he got alot of nice msgs from people at man United when he got the spurs job too.
  12. Im pretty new to discord but is there anyway just to see marks responses and not have to scroll through years worth of fans talking shit?
  13. Lol what a pointless stat, your another rose tinted ronaldo fan. Messi won the league 7 times since ronaldo joined la liga and ronaldo won it twice... I can throw pointless stats around too. Real madrid won the champions league yeh but mainly because they fucked up the league half the time so had nothing much to concentrate, consistency over a season is better than turning up in the later stages of the champions league when your dumped out of everything else..
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