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  1. Was going to watch it at the cinema but £16.90 in london wtf , no wonder i never go cinema, ill wait for it to be on showbox
  2. A draw would be a good result, not just for the league title race but also for united, if they beat Chelsea then they got huddersfield then cardiff should make the top 4 just..
  3. Look at that expensive bench lol mental, i can see goals but in citys favour! United will go all out first 20 mins then city will pick them off
  4. Who will take Sanchez on 500k a week? These players can run their contracts down and sit on the bench they dont care... I dont get how bad Sanchez can be that he isnt starting now when there is basically only rashford good enough! What a fall from grace
  5. Yeh my main gripe isnt that its the fact that they will release 5 songs before we get an album anyways lol
  6. Ricky gervias Jim Jefferies ( before sellout ) Bill burr James acaster Lee mack Frankie boyle
  7. Theon saved her and helped her escape, and stanis is dead no way brianne was saving him lol might see him as a white walker tho, im sure we will see alot of dead characters from before come back as them
  8. Liverpool fans would rather win the premier league than champions league, hands down, the amount of abuse if they bottle it again would be too much to take
  9. Yep someone big is going to be killed soon, winterfell will be overrun by walkers soon enough
  10. I wish i could binge watch them but id find out what happens before i watch it by some tosser, yeh good episode, needs to kick start next one
  11. where can you stream it live? I don't wana go near social media till I watched it lol
  12. We wont be seeing palpatine, apparently hes just a hollow tape msg on the death star ruin... And im thinking the rise of the Skywalker is rey... Thats what jj abrams was setting up but got shit on last film lol
  13. That goal against wolves tho! Wow
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