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  1. Lio di caprio Brad pitt Jim Carey Mark hamil Seth Rogen
  2. I loved the first season, i watched 2 episodes of season 2 and it bored me to death! I wanted it to pick up from what happened at the end of the 1st season but they fast forward to after what happened and went back to the past, trying to repeat the format of the 1st season, it was boring as fuxk.
  3. I live in Cheshire, everyone calls it chesher..
  4. Curb your enthusiasm new series.. Better call soul new series...
  5. Whats the odds on this will be the last angels and airwaves album with this lineup....
  6. How did lycanthrope not get top 3! Baby come on
  7. Reading festival announce different bands at certain times, they could quite easily be anounced in a few months time. I hope not tho because reading sucks! The lineups have been shocking for years now, it used to be a great blend of rock and punk, now i think i must be old because i barely recognise any of the bands (artists!)
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