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  1. Hopefully foden is that player...when pep actually plays him! Hudson idoi is looking good in the under 21s tho.
  2. Arnold .....maguire.....stones...... chilwell Winks Henderson Barkley Sterling kane rashford Nice balanced team
  3. Rice, keane and rose shouldnt be anywhere near the england team at this moment in time. Like you said rice might be alot more advanced than winks in 3 years time...but hes not now. How Alexander Arnold hasnt played these last couple of games i dont know! Trippier is 3rd choice for me walker and arnold should be the picks, just a shame we cant have both playing on either side.
  4. Barkley is a breath of fresh air after that shit from rice and Henderson on the weekend
  5. I bought a xbox 360 and pro evo 5 and 6, got some mates over and played till 4am ...easily the best football games ever made, i cant even play fifa anymore the games broken, and ea are money grabbing bastards..
  6. I cant see anything online apart from some tour dates, im guessing it depends on how well justins solo stuff was received...
  7. prankerd14

    Nine Criticisms.

    Yeh i know, i dont mind criticisms but this guy just bores the shit out of me...he must of said that same line about a million times since the album came out, or its about the live shows, Give constructive criticism, dont be an asshole constantly, it gets boring after the hundredth time...
  8. prankerd14

    Nine Criticisms.

    Zzzzzz your like a broken record
  9. I know theres aload of youngster's, its an artificial pitch and its an away game... But geez man united have been outplayed in that first half by a 3rd rate dutch team! Az have a game plan and shape...where as man United look clueless tactically. Fred is the worst player i have seen, everytime i see him i think fuxk me he couldnt even get into the Bolton team! Theres alot of players playing today which should be staking their claim to be starters in the first team but the quality is shocking... I used to love watching man United play but now they are so boring that i hope they get smashed in the 2nd half! Plus the fucked up my corner bet! Az 7 corners in 20 mins and man united no corners in the whole half lol
  10. Yeh they will probably have such a small set at a festival too have we had any news of a new album yet? Are they back for good or just a quick tour cus there skint lol
  11. Playing in the uk at the slamdunk festival to all you uk fans... Hopefully they play some more dates i cant be assed with the crap lineup there..
  12. Why is the chorus so quiet compared to the rest of the song? Or is it just that preview?
  13. People slagged off mark and matt on the spotify sessions but wow toms voice has really gone! Its like he doesnt wana strain it anymore or scared to. Those 3 are great tho and i love toms banter, you can tell mark misses having a laugh with tom, makes ya sad thats my only gripe with skiba is the non banter. i really hope toms puts out a great album, because if its shit i doubt he will tour and make music much again for another few years
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