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  1. Basically heard them all already lol ill wait till spotify... If it was blink id be right up on the leak! That's how uninterested in ava i have become 😆 Been meaning to get ava tickets for uk but bought alkaline trio instead much better upgrade
  2. If blink released an album like this they would be destroyed lol
  3. The live version sounded so promising, it sounds so shit the mix after the intro on this and doesnt really pick up..
  4. With juventus having just 1 point from 4 games and inter losing lukaku! Roma must have a big chance for champions league spots this year and even dare i say it the title! When is spinazola back?
  5. Fingers crossed hes beat this shit!
  6. I think timebomb and the automatic are the only songs im looking forward to on this album..
  7. Is it? Sorry just saw surname
  8. Your right about it being an illan song, he said on insta he made it while scoring unidentified and said here ya go tom a new ava song your welcome
  9. Have we got like 3 songs left to hear on this album? Hes released most of it and 2 were from 2 years ago! He really should of made this a 12-14 song album.
  10. Wow im so glad! I was going to see them in vegas but the pandemic hit! Birmingham and Manchester for me!
  11. Whos going to swap bruno out for ronaldo in the fantasy then 😆
  12. What a specimen! Cant believe hes 36 and counting!
  13. The podcast at the top of this page ..
  14. Tom had basically used up all his creativity on angels and airwaves first 2 albums at that point.. Neighbourhoods was ok but i felt there was alot of filler from tom at that point.
  15. Tom always comes accross like such a dick whenever mark tells that story, i genuinely believe tom thought he was bigger than the band at that point and wanted all the creative control himself.. He says these guys are his brothers then dumps them by his manager twice 😆... He basically robbed us a killer album after untitled..
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