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  1. I think I'll always love blink - at least until there are no more original band members left in the band (maybe). If Tom wants to play with blink again, amazing. I'd still prefer no Matt but if they put out music I enjoy listening to, then I'm all for it. I don't really care who's fault it is or if anyone needs to apologize or admit to any mistakes, etc. That's all peripheral to the music itself, I guess.
  2. I haven't listened to or even thought of Moneen in (apparently) over a decade. That took me way back! The throwback reminded me of another Canadian band, the Flatliners.
  3. I enjoy post-hiatus blink but sometimes I wish they fully committed to the break-up. One of the reasons why blink has had such longevity (at least for me personally), though, is that their sound has distinct eras. Keeps it fresh, new - there's always a blink album that suits my mood. I guess I'm conflicted, ha.
  4. I guess I'm in the minority but I still listen to it! Hopefully they can maintain the hype for the album release.
  5. This bums me out. We've already been waiting three years, I'm happy to wait another six months, a year or more. I just want good music!
  6. Yessss. I always thought the "crappy punk rock" phrase was perfectly descriptive of blink and also why I love them. Tom has his faults but his voice, sound (good or bad) is so distinctly blink that any show without that really does just sound like a cover. It surprises me that anyone prefers Matt in blink.
  7. This won't help clarify what he meant. But didn't AvA play arena shows back in 2008ish? Is it common for bands to have to re-build up to arena-sized shows?
  8. Whether we agree with Tom or not, I think it's fair that he isn't currently playing with blink right now. He can do what he wants. A lot of us seem to agree that blink's heydays are behind them anyway (referring to pre-hiatus).
  9. I think that would be really cool too! Although, even though I've heard it 1000 times and I know it's coming, a Dammit encore still gets my heart racing and for whatever reason I still remember each time I've seen them do it live. There's something about that song! But, I took a browse through setlist.fm and found a show from 2001 as part of the Radio 104 Fest in Connecticut without Dammit. Not sure how accurate the setlist is nor if this is considered a full show but it's the first one I found! I'm sure a blink trivia expert will know more definitively if Dammit has ever not been played. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/blink182/2001/ctnowcom-meadows-music-theatre-hartford-ct-1bd0a120.html
  10. Yes please! Although I'd still love seeing today's Tom play the classics... But yeah, I think I'd be more inclined to hear some California (Deluxe) tracks live with Matt than too many Tom-era songs. Confession, I'd also be fine if they never played What's My Age Again live.
  11. Similar for me! I like AvA but they haven't been consistently in my rotation for years - probably not since I-Empire. But after Rebel Girl came out (which I don't love at all), I've been playing them while at work and it's been pretty good. Definitely enjoying some of the more recent work more than I used to which is nice. Makes me think I'd go see them live again...if they ever tour near me.
  12. That's exactly what I've done too: "love the music" "means a lot to me" "soundtrack of my life" etc. But I'm still left a little disappointed afterward. I guess I just hype it up too much in my head and expect us to hit it off and become best buds or something. In the 30 minute meet and greet were you not fighting for attention with everyone else? Or is it a lot more chill and even those of us with quieter, shier personalities aren't completely ignored/lost? I'm not sure why I'm suddenly thinking about all of this as I'm not attending a show nor a meet and greet (they aren't playing in my town).
  13. This may be an odd question but what do you say during meet and greets? I find myself saying the most generic comments which is really all we have time for when in a line of 100 other fans but it's all so contrived and awkward (not that it also isn't awesome). Maybe that's it's just me...
  14. Do we know when the additional tour dates are going to be released? I'm feeling left out!
  15. It's nostalgia. I know many casual blink fans (don't own any albums, only remember the singles from back-in-the-day, probably can't even name the members) who went to more recent shows just for a kick. Nostalgic sets sell right now. Luckily they won't be playing anywhere near me so I don't have to even contemplate wasting my money.
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