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  1. Same. I never expected or even wanted Blink to continue into their 40s but here we are! 🤣
  2. The festival in Ottawa has also been cancelled but blink is scheduled to return in July 2021.
  3. I much prefer it this way. Many of the acronyms don't immediately register for me as song titles and it takes me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what is being said.
  4. I've never thought that at all. I think there's a huge difference with singing about relationship troubles or feeling lonely versus incel anthems. Do you have any examples? I loved Filmage and hope blink has something similar one day.
  5. There's a whole bunch listed here too: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1485933/
  6. Anthem Part II was in the movie Stick It (awful movie but the main girl also wore a Bad Brains tshirt).
  7. For anyone who hasn't heard the full version:
  8. I surprisingly don't dislike this version anymore than I dislike the original. Bottom-tier for me.
  9. Same! I listened to it all when they first came out but it's largely forgettable and never really made it into my regular music rotation.
  10. I liked it enough to want to hear it again but I don't think it'll be a favourite for me. Also annoyed the guy talked over the ending. I did catch the lyric "a little bits enough" which I thought was a funny nod to WDNTW.
  11. Finally! That was a long 7 minutes.
  12. And, there's a collaboration EP in the works too - so it's not super unexpected. I didn't like that small clip at all. Too short to fully judge, though.
  13. I don't like the song much but cool video. Too bad you guys didn't make the cut.
  14. mahtmd

    Mark on Twitch

    These are great! Wasting Time was amazing too, I want the audio. Makes me want an acoustic blink album. Thanks to anyone who has caught these and posted them for people like me. Very much appreciated!
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