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  1. I love the video of Stryker because that was exactly my level of excitement too. But, just as others have said, it wasn't the same reaction with Bored to Death. Sometimes I wonder if part of that disappointment has to do with age and general jadedness that comes with growing up. Blink stopped being my everything by the time Neighborhoods came out and although I still consider myself heavily invested in the band, I'm not as 'immersed' (to steal boxelder's word) as I was ten years ago. I've also learnt a lot more about music and have higher expectations for what I choose to listen to. I know there are objective reasons why one single/album is better than the other, though.
  2. I'd fall into this category especially after it was released that it would be Enema of the State (marketing worked on me!) but it would be too expensive and too much time off work for me to make it work. I was content with my decision at first but now I'm starting to regret it because the shows have looked like a whole lot of fun.
  3. And "Tom Delonge left the band to search for aliens a few years back" because it made me laugh but it's also true which is just as hilarious.
  4. That was arranged prior to the Lil Wayne incident from last night.
  5. This is the most exciting tour, there's so much drama! Have any of them said anything yet??
  6. mahtmd

    Band Name Blues

    Brain on Fire. I'm very literal.
  7. Pkew Pkew Pkew from Toronto, ON. Recently got into them and would recommend if you're looking for something fun and fast.
  8. I seem to prefer BIOMY live! It's my least favourite of the three new songs but I don't dislike it as much in the live videos that have surfaced. I do agree that they need to practice more, though.
  9. Same! It's just a fun song at shows, I go nuts every time. And, much prefer it to First Date. Do you have any pictures/videos from the soundcheck or show? All the videos and photos that have been popping up have been getting me more and more hyped and kind of regretting not trying to get to a show myself.
  10. I really liked that little review! Thanks for sharing! I still listen to and enjoy Happy Days - and still prefer it to Blame it on my Youth. Not all their songs are going to be top tier and my expectations of such are much lower post-California but Happy Days is a decent song for me and keeps me eagerly awaiting more music.
  11. Ticket prices are a major deterrent for me especially because I'd need to travel quite far to see them (which has added costs).
  12. This is from the MTV diary. I'm not great with facial recognition but it doesn't look like Ilan to me...
  13. I definitely prefer this live version of BIOMY! And GD also sounded great. (I'm past expecting perfect vocals from these guys so that tends to not bother me with live performances) The footage from last night's show is making me want to make my way to a show. The price and distance (they aren't playing my town) are still deterrents, though...
  14. My thoughts exactly. I really like it. It's fast, more aggressive. Hopefully there are a few songs on the album with this sound.
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