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  1. It was probably on the easier side but there were some that stumped me for a while so it had a nice balance to it. I liked the mix of songs, it made it a more challenging because I couldn't easily run through the song titles of the album. I used to spend a lot of time on sporcle and this was one of the better blink puzzles I've done. Kudos!
  2. I did it! That was a lot of fun. Please make more
  3. Going Away to College. This was a very hard decision and I'll likely change my mind in an hour.
  4. Adam's Song. I like it but I always skip it.
  5. I only have a top 2: First Time and Pin the Grenade. I do like NINE but I find myself more apathetic toward individual songs especially if I try to list favourites. New AVA music is alright but I rarely find myself thinking about or listening to the songs. I'm just not into Simple Creatures nor blink's collaborations.
  6. Feeling This. These top songs are all top songs.
  7. Feeling This. All are top songs, though.
  8. I loved the cheetah video with the earlier lyrics so much that I had the audio on my ipod. Those cheetah videos are such gems.
  9. My exact thoughts. (although Tom's 'where are you' still gives me chills) I Miss You.
  10. So I did and I'm standing by Here's Your Letter. I agree that it's probably some of Mark's best verses. It's catchy, melodic, great lyrics, everything I want a Mark song to be. I even like it's placement in the album. It's great. Not my all time favourite song but should definitely stay in this competition longer, there are weaker songs to get rid of.
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