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  1. All the Small Things was sung (poorly) on the show That’s My Jam (Jimmy Fallon’s new celebrity game show) yesterday.
  2. I love Tom's singing in Dude Ranch, it's a fav for me.
  3. It sounded to me that the 'reunion' would be a show or two rather than new music. I think playing a show together is more realistic. But, I won't get my hopes up for anything because Tom says a lot of things and it seemed like a typical 'never say never' response.
  4. @Marik - Neal's explanation from earlier in the thread ^^
  5. There's a video on reddit of Tom dedicating Rite of Spring to Mark from the Philadelphia show on Tuesday. I wouldn't say it was an overtly emotional shoutout but it was sweet.
  6. Black Flag on shuffle. I was listening to Damaged and when it ended Spotify started shuffling the rest of their songs.
  7. mahtmd

    OG Flyswatter?

    I'm not an expert or even knowledgeable at all about this stuff but I remember reading somewhere that real Flyswatter cassettes had no writing on them because they were done in such a rush, so the tape would be blank. I've also seen one (online) where the text looks a little different, I'm not sure which would be the real version (or if both are or if neither are). I'd be skeptical but also I don't really know anything!
  8. I believe Mark is interviewing Tom for his After School Radio show on Apple Music. Looks like Mark is interviewing Tom today.
  9. Do they have any scheduled dates left? The Canadian festivals they were scheduled to play have both been cancelled (Ottawa and London), blink hasn't confirmed for either that they'll play on the rescheduled 2022 dates.
  10. Fairly regularly. Dude Ranch and Untitled are pretty often (maybe once a month?). Their other albums are less frequent but I go through phases where I'll listen to Enema of the State or Take Off Your Pants and Jacket etc. on repeat for a week straight. I don't listen to California much at all, though.
  11. I forgot about this song but obviously they should be considered (/s):
  12. Has Anti-Flag not been mentioned yet? They may not count as pop-punk but they were big in a similar era as some of the other bands on the list.
  13. I've never heard this term before but I love it, very descriptive.
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