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    OG Flyswatter?

    I'm not an expert or even knowledgeable at all about this stuff but I remember reading somewhere that real Flyswatter cassettes had no writing on them because they were done in such a rush, so the tape would be blank. I've also seen one (online) where the text looks a little different, I'm not sure which would be the real version (or if both are or if neither are). I'd be skeptical but also I don't really know anything!
  2. I believe Mark is interviewing Tom for his After School Radio show on Apple Music. Looks like Mark is interviewing Tom today.
  3. Do they have any scheduled dates left? The Canadian festivals they were scheduled to play have both been cancelled (Ottawa and London), blink hasn't confirmed for either that they'll play on the rescheduled 2022 dates.
  4. Fairly regularly. Dude Ranch and Untitled are pretty often (maybe once a month?). Their other albums are less frequent but I go through phases where I'll listen to Enema of the State or Take Off Your Pants and Jacket etc. on repeat for a week straight. I don't listen to California much at all, though.
  5. I forgot about this song but obviously they should be considered (/s):
  6. Has Anti-Flag not been mentioned yet? They may not count as pop-punk but they were big in a similar era as some of the other bands on the list.
  7. I've never heard this term before but I love it, very descriptive.
  8. Sugarcult has a lot of super great songs. Memory was their biggest hit, I think. Memory, Bouncing off the Walls, Stuck in America and Los Angeles are probably their most well-known songs. Mest's What's the Dillio is another super catchy, fun song that isn't all that great but is still my jam.
  9. I don't think many of these will count as pop-punk and they likely aren't the top bands of all time so maybe I've missed the whole point but for my personal preference: blink-182 Descendants Screeching Weasel Bearings Pkew Pkew Pkew Defiance, Ohio Yellowcard Sugarcult SWMRS Four Years Strong
  10. Yes, and I was just on the +44 wave the other week! Great album that still holds up for me.
  11. I've also been loving online sets that have come out of the pandemic. PUP did NPR's tiny desk home concert that I thought was great: https://www.npr.org/2021/01/21/958841570/pup-tiny-desk-home-concert
  12. Same. I don't think I'll dislike any of it but it's going to be exactly what I expect and those expectations are low.
  13. You may be interested in browsing the Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline Thread or this website: https://blink182timeline.wixsite.com/mysite , their Wikipedia page is also pretty useful. Kudos to @boxelder
  14. I watched Die Hard for the first time this weekend. It was a pretty generic action movie, entertaining but forgettable.
  15. @Diddy Faplord, I think this is the photo/post they're referring to.
  16. I have a copy, it's pretty forgettable but it is for children and I am not one nor do I have any to read it to. The illustrations are pretty cool, though. Here's a video of it being read, if you're interested: https://globalnews.ca/video/6787592/studio-story-time-the-lonely-astronaut-by-tom-delonge
  17. I used to love Taking Back Sunday (and Brand New). I got to see TBS live last year and they played with Atom Willard! It was a lot of fun. I also agree that AFI isn't in the same grouping but Sing the Sorrow was incredible. Haven't listened to it in a while so not sure how it holds up but it blew my mind back then.
  18. Tom was my favourite back in the day. The tattoos and piercings plus the goofy personality and voice. As I've matured, so have my tastes, though, so Mark would be my pick now. Scott over all of them, though. So mysterious.
  19. McFly song is alright, inoffensive enough. Probably won't give it a second listen, though.
  20. The thumbnail for that video reminded me of 8 Simple Rules (another tv show) and the teenage daughter in that show had blink posters in her room. I don't think any blink songs were used in the show, but their poster was in the background a bunch of times.
  21. In my experience, a lot of casual fans are buying tour tickets. Back in the day I went to concerts by myself (or with my dad in tow) because none of my friends were into them. But blink has a nostalgia edge to them now and a bunch of my friends and former classmates have been going to see them live (even though they haven't bought nor probably listened to any of newer albums and I wouldn't be surprised if many of them didn't know Tom wasn't going to show up). With that said, I don't think any of the casual fans I know would mind if a few 'deep cuts' were played...and I doubt they'd notice a difference or care at all. I've been a casual fan at shows for other bands before and have never cared if I didn't recognize a song or two. Usually it resulted in me going home and listening to them more.
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