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  1. Honestly blink sold out when they made an actual album like Cheshire Cat. They were never the same again, certainly not punk. Buddha is where it's at.
  2. What do you mean? I really only have time to surf the blink section these days.
  3. I always thought +44 worked because Mark was pissed off, hurt, confused and sad all in one. This time I think Tom leaving was more of a shrug like, "Really, dude? Again?" I mean No It Isn't is a fucking masterpiece compared to San Diego. To me that's all the proof I need, 2 songs on the same subject with vastly different results.
  4. But Tom is the only one who uses blink as a promotional tactic....
  5. Too bad they didn't see MCR with Green Day years earlier during the American Idiot run. Gerard said something along the lines of, "If you're a girl and some old rock star wants you to flash them... tell them to fuck off." So, y'know, I highly doubt he'd approve.
  6. Will those going for Lil Wayne get a refund? Not sure how that works. This does suck though. Hope the blink camp doesn't stay away from rappers now. Thought it was a cool choice to tour with Lil Wayne, even if I couldn't see the tour in Chicago. But I think it might be best for blink to take a little breather after this tour. Guess I don't know why blink is doing what they're doing. When Skiba joined it was time to wash the bad aftertaste Tom left, and they had Matt sing on almost every song to get his foot in the door, so to speak, and I was thinking, ok, blink will honor their legacy but incorporate Matt and his songs into the blink brand right away. Then they play their greatest hits setlist and like only 3-4 songs off Cali. So then I'm thinking, maybe they hope a bunch of people don't realize Matt isn't Tom and they'll kinda just keep Matt as a glorified fill-in. But then less than a year later they release the Deluxe and it's like, ok, Matt now has 20+ songs in the book with his name on it, NOW they'll slowly phase out Tom-only songs other than First Date and ATST. But then they never play those DLX or deep cuts of Cali live!!! So now I'm thinking, ok, blink clearly wants to just rake in the $$$ and live off the legacy they built through shows, fine. But don't feel the need to release 100 mediocre songs just so your decision go with Matt feels justified. If they release 1 amazing album with him, that'd do more than quantity. Then Mark gets a fun side project going, they phase out Feldy and I'm thinking, ok, cool, this might be +44 2.0 mixed with blink. Or a polished turd of a record that has too many cooks in the kitchen. Either way they're showing they can change things up. There was a tiny bit of hope buried in my ranting posts. Getting Lil Wayne on tour was a cool way of showing they were open to new ideas too and expanding their crowd. I think they've just been going nonstop with no break, they're too close to the situation and it might be ok to take some time off to regroup, do a couple side projects, see why things are going seemingly array lately (where's the album news? Lil Wayne maybe quitting), let Alkaline Trio actually tour for more than like 6 weeks at a time, and then come back with a fresh approach after a year off.
  7. Also this...? Maybe I'm late on the news. http://www.brooklynvegan.com/lil-wayne-says-he-might-be-quitting-co-headlining-tour-with-blink-182/
  8. Mark replied to Tom's instagram post about the Padres sweeping the Dodgers by saying Padres are still 16 games back. Tom replied that the Dodgers are sex addicts.
  9. All they had to do for Dumpweed is do something like "I want a girl I can't train" or some shit. Though I'm always quick to point out to people the rest of the song is all about how shitty and hopeless the narrator is so it's hard for me to get too hung up on the one lyric...but I have wondered if I ever have a daughter or niece and this song pops up how I'll explain it.
  10. I think Happy Days is a harmless little song, even if slightly unmemorable, and I'm hoping they go this direction with less Skiba singing and less woah-oh's and nanana's.
  11. Yeah I listened to a few of Kay's songs which were good and some of the parts recorded for the battle of the bands blink cover thing the board was trying to do awhile back, but would also be curious to hear the music the board members here make.
  12. It's his job. He either plays it correctly or doesn't. That's my point. I don't care if it's more or less difficult playing with or without the full band, if it's more or less difficult playing in front of an audience, or what. He really should be doing a better job 4+ years in. There's no excuses anymore. The dude is a chump.
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