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  1. Well I never said that... I just said the fact the album won't be out means his chance at returning to blink is a long-shot at best.
  2. Dude, Tom's new Ava album, where 3 songs are already released, won't even be done by the end of the year.
  3. My copy of MTTS got jacked when my car got stolen. I like to think the criminals in the chop shop found the cd, put it on and are now huge blink fans 10 years later....
  4. Yeah I know... just wanted to see if Mark has fully given in or still likes working with bandmates. Maybe the cowriters are there more than Matt these days? Actually that's a good question too: at what point did blink embrace using outside musicians and how did that decision come about?
  5. Ask him when Simple Creatures is doing another EP. I forgot that band existed for a second but it was a refreshing break from Mark's norm.
  6. I would like to know if Mark is more open to recording songs separately given the pandemic going forward or if he still believes the band needs to be in the same room for it to truly be a functioning band.
  7. Um.... yes, please. But knowing Tom, the time will never be right.
  8. I guess the $$$ Tom made from the selling his portion of the blink catalogue wasn't enough to keep the company afloat.
  9. That instagram post today Tom made tagging Mark was pretty funny though.
  10. I sing this chorus to my cat when he plays with the strings on my hoodie. So in theory, Strings might be the blink song i sing the most these days!!!
  11. I mean they're both subpar but I really hate Blvd.
  12. Well a portion of the American population was livid about the response to 9/11. So this and System of Down and to an extent Sum 41's Chuck became rallying cries in the music scene. At least in my small midwest community in Michigan. That said, I'll never understand how Blvd of Broken Dreams, the worst song on the album, blew up as big as it did.
  13. Totally agree there. Homecoming was underrated.
  14. I pop in as much as I can but even I'm thinking of checking out the other forums on the site. It's just hard to care about blink these days. There's so many other amazing bands that need our support. And, yknow, the pandemic. It's put a lot of shit into perspective and worrying about a bunch of rich, feuding 50-year olds in a 90's band seems petty these days. I enjoyed Nine for what it is but i'm definitely not even remotely excited for the next blink record or EP or quarantine song or guest vocal or whatever the hell Mark and Travis are doing with the band these days. Will I check it out
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