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  1. All y'all calling us out for liking the song better not watch any Roman Polanski films, Bryan Singer films, Kevin Spacey movies including Se7en, listen to any 2Pac records, Brand New records, Lost Prophets. We can go on. Skiba supports Asia Argento clearly but we listened to Nine. I get it. I do. I don't watch Polanski, Singer, Spacey films anymore. I do listen to Tupac. But a lot of people who aren't sexual deviants worked on those movies and songs too. Just like this song. I enjoyed it for what it is. Probably won't listen to it again. The rapper sounds like a scumbag but has no chance to right his ship which is also tragic in a way. I think condemning others about art is horse-shit though. Unless you enjoy California or DLX.
  2. My 2 cents regarding their hair. Mark and Tom should shave their heads bald and tattoo it like Travis.
  3. Trying to get a new job and it completely skipped my mind to check in and vote. I probably would've fucked up and voted Heres Your Letter or some shit.
  4. All of This. I take 1 day off from this place and Go goes??? Whaaaaaaat the fuck, people.
  5. All of This since you fuckers voted off ILWY.
  6. So Black Rain was one of my most listened to spotify songs. First new blink song to make it in years. Well done, blink.
  7. Even if She Falls. GotDF is my favorite so yeah...
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