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  1. Are you just trying to insult us 80's kids or did you really not know?
  2. I still like Black Rain and Pin the Grenade. No Heart is good too. But i rarely listen to it that much.
  3. Hard to ignore when half of my notifications on the site are your crabs. This place is dead. Thoughts on this list of underrated deep cuts? https://www.altpress.com/features/underrated-blink-182-songs/
  4. And Jar Jar getting ready to hit the Crabs button.
  5. Lmao I always wondered that! That moment has been dissected so much since the first breakup it's good to have an answer.
  6. What are you talkung about? The fact that Mark didn't laugh at every single Tom joke is irrefutable proof he'll never let Tom back in the blink ever again.
  7. At least Tom made the attempt to be funny. Mark gave up once he got that Twitter account.
  8. Omg i forgot all about the Bombpops!
  9. Sweet, so a little Tom Delonge then since that's what we want?
  10. Green Room is the fucking shit!!!! Love it.
  11. Until we have evidence i won't fully trust the quote but i do think it somewhat shows it's pretty much Mark's call if and when Tom comes back. But i do hope it's true because at least it means Mark is nostalgic and can remember some good times with Tom.
  12. I'll always wonder what that second +44 record would've sounded like. I even remember Mark posting the official contract saying they were signed to record it... and then Travis got in a plane crash and Tom wanted blink on modlife so we got Neighborhoods instead. Which is fine too. I know i don't like Mark much these days with the way he's handled the past 5 years of blink, but i do sincerely love +44 and think it's maybe the highlight of Mark's career if you don't include the original blink run from 92-05.
  13. It's consistency with AVA, i do love the Dream Walker album and always wondered if blink had done a rock opera what it wouldn've been... this is the closest we'll get and the story is a punk Inception or whatever and confusing but the songs are good. But Heaven is still my favorite AVA song.
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