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  1. I like Bad Religion and Against Me! So I'm down with politics in my punk music. I just remember you quoting Anthem part 2 "corporate leaders/politicians" when people were saying they didn't want blink to be like Green Day and sing about politics. Since you despise Enema-Neighborhoods blink (but are ok/lukewarm from what I can tell with Cali) I just assumed you didn't like political bands or blink singing political songs. My bad, bro. For the record, I think Anthem 2 is barely political.
  2. It's clever. I admit. Just giving ya a bit of shit considering you're all about bands, or at least blink, not writing songs about politics.
  3. Hey since blink wasn't political except anthem part 2, we won't be referencing blink and politics!!!
  4. Trust me. I'm not crying myself to sleep over this band. Maybe the first breakup. But Mark has put the dagger in the heart a long time ago. Great discussion though. Glad you participated with your tremendous insight.
  5. I really wish they'd just made a new band with Skiba. This isn't blink.
  6. C'mon everyone. This is all smokes and mirrors. Including Simple Creatures. Mark and Travis are secretly recording the new blink album with Tom. It's the only explanation. You'll see. We're totally not getting another Cali or new AVA. It's all a joke. Oh, and Tom has Bigfoot footage.
  7. But then Mark and Travis won't make $$$. Hey, at least he's not tarnishing that brilliant, sacred +44 legacy.
  8. Maybe if Mark donated some of that sick new blink petty cash to TTS then he'd be closer to launching Tom off the planet and into orbit, far, far away.
  9. A polished turd is still just a piece of shit. I am curious, just because Feldy isn't ruling the entire album. But I was the dumb fuck who kept thinking with Cali, "It can't get any worse." Then DLX came out. Now was the best DLX song better than the worst Cali song? Sure. But it was still a wasted effort all around and kinda pointless overall and worse, very forgettable.
  10. It's a shapeshifting timeline with Tom based on the content of the press release for that day. I'll watch all 6 episodes though.
  11. Obviously that's why Feldy uses the nana's too
  12. And a guy from Italy came over to tell us Mark blocked him on social media for critiquing blink!
  13. Ugh. Simple Plan and Good Charlotte. Gross. Wtf was 14-year old me thinking? Trash. I can't believe I gave them my allowance. I was just trying to find the next blink, green day or sum 41. Wasn't a huge NFG fan. Didn't care for Trio either.
  14. Rickay was spot on. Wish he'd called Skiba. Would've been epic.
  15. I'm not buying shit from blink anymore. Didn't give a penny to DLX (well a couple YouTube listens to each song maybe) and will never go see them live again unless it's at a festival. I think years from now, only if Tom were to ever come back fulltime, everything from this era but Bored to Death and maybe KotW would be forgotten like it never happened. I can see it now. Mark would occasionally say stuff like, "Me and Travis are super proud of everything we accomplished with Matt and will never say never to working with him or John or any of the numerous cowriters in the future. But with Tom back, he brings a simple songwriting structure that is uniquely blink." We don't have a Bon Scott situation where Brian Johnson did an admirable job with the band. We literally have a name or brand being milked so some of Mark's new friends can get a nice payday and Travis can go get another Cadillac and Mark can go to Disney World with his college-aged son. Sorry, I'm in a cranky mood. Bad week.
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