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  1. Right? Sure it'd be nice to have MORE new songs but I want a decent record I can throw on at my 2nd job and zone in on... with Rebel Girl and Kiss and Tell on the record, I don't see how that can ruin the quality of the collection of songs overall, but only enhance it, even if they did come out a year or 2 ago... Would we rather get 10 songs that are worse than those two songs? Hell no... Dream Walker is still the only AVA release I still listen to with occasional anticipation/joy... the rest of the albums are more or less played when I really need something kinda long to kill time a
  2. I'm a filmmaker. I'd never claim to have made a good music video. But they're usually fun as hell to make if the band is cooperative. That said, I have no dog in this fight regarding whether music videos are important or not. I'll still watch em for my favorite bands and artists (if i know about them)... but probably not nearly as important as they were in the TRL days... though one might argue the kids these days watching on their phones probably outweighs the kids in the 00's watching TRL at a specific time on a specific channel each day.
  3. I dunno. I had a fun time in 2009 even though the group hug was clearly staged.
  4. Sadly i don't listen to blink too much these days. I'll throw on Untitled at work every once in a blue moon when i need to kill 45 minutes and i can't think of anything else to listen to. But randomly I listened to AVA's playlist on spotify after going down a rabbit hole because they randomly popped up... then after listening to AVA, a +44 song came on and I listened to that record in the car. That was early March. But haven't listened to anything since and probably won't for awhile...
  5. The quicker Tom goes broke the quicker he'll beg Travis and Mark for some of that tour $$$
  6. Or... Tom's no longer living the solo bachelor life and he and Marie decided it's time to be moving closer to Marie's work and family... just throwing out thoughts. He might be broke...
  7. I still like NH decently enough. Fuck it. I'll die on this hill, I guess. Middle of the pack for blink records, still better than most of what we got the past 5 or 6 years. Nine was a decent album though.
  8. Ray from Teenage Bottlerocket liked my riotfest post once. That's about as cool as I've gotten.
  9. Dude they were sooo good in that show. I remember really digging them. The lead singer started climbing the side of the stage up to the balcony haha
  10. Did the Matches open for +44 at one point? I swear if it's the band i'm thinking of, they were amazing in Detroit circa Nov 2006...
  11. Yeah how do you go from Deryk from Sum 41 to the guy from Nickelback?
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