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  1. No I've gotten 2 of those. The first time was for a song that Travis guested on and it was like a sad attempt at nu-metal screamers or some shit. Drumming was fine though. Then I got a new album update this week but didn't care enough to check it out. Now I wish I screenshot it. I also got an update for my buddy's band a day before they uploaded their music to YouTube. Crazy-ass phone.
  2. Not to rehash a dead argument but Skiba is making direct money off Tom's songs. Skiba might be singing them at this moment in time but Tom put in the real work by recording them, then singing them somewhat good for a decade or so (well amazing by blink's standards) and then playing them terribly for another half decade. I think he's due some chunk change from Skiba's current lackluster effort, which is rivaling Tom's old disinterest. But that's just me. I also wish Scott got some cash from Dude Ranch and Buddha and Cheshire Cat songs. Maybe that's why Mark never plays them live except Dammit and Carousel.
  3. Yeah it's pretty hysterical. Mark must've agreed to it.
  4. I hope Tom is getting some $$$ with the way Mark is running his old band's legacy into the ground. He deserves to make a little something off blink's death gasps! Matt wouldn't be getting paid if he wasn't singing Tom's songs.
  5. It's funny Mark mentioned all his songs get interpreted about Tom. I got a theory Rebel Girl is about Mark.
  6. Wow I can't believe Mark gave the "Ghent Response" with Untitled being unpopular until years later. Personally speaking, Feeling This cemented blink as my favorite band ever. I enjoyed blink before then. But fell in love with their music with Untitled. That allowed me to rediscover their earlier pre-Enema music. Before I only remembered blink as the naked band who mocked N'Sync. Anyways Feeling This shits all over BIOMY. C'mon. BIOMY is little league and Feeling This is the show. Mark has lost his goddamn mind.
  7. Dammit, why couldn't Travis be friends with Joey Bada$$ or Earl Sweatshirt???
  8. Love it. Rappers are the true punks of our generation.
  9. I mean honestly, if I go to this blink show it'll be because Lil Wayne is opening.
  10. I'd only be able to recognize the song Armageddon. Mediocre song but I find it kinda annoying. Both times I've seen Matt (once with Alk3 at a fest, once with blink) he's been.... just kinda there onstage. And I still have a headache from all the shouting he did on the 2 California releases. But I get I never gave him a fair shot, but he never enticed me enough to check Alk3 out. So naturally I wasn't excited about Skiba being deemed worthy to carry on blink...but I said fuck it, Tom's crazy now, so I gave him a chance. Turns out I like a few songs but overall felt it was a lazy effort, just disgraceful enough that it should've been a side project. With all that said... I don't blame Matt for any of this shit. This is on Mark. And Feldy. And I guess Travis is an accomplice. But I think Matt hasn't had too much say. I think if they'd gotten rid of the writers and worked together, especially after getting familiar after the first album, they might have something fresh that reinvents blink. Then Tom can continue AVA wherever he wants and go chasing UFOs and it'd all be fine. But if this album makes no waves, or worse, crashes and burns, it'll be the Tom, Mark and Travis show in the future.
  11. Agreed. Yeah we gotta enjoy this last hurrah bickering amongst ourselves. After this release we'll get maybe an AVA ep, a Simple Creatures release or 2 and maybe DLX Endless Summer then Tom will be back and we can bitch how Neighborhoods and DED was better than anything they come up with.
  12. This means we're halfway back to a third breakup where Tom gets kicked out and/or quits again!
  13. Generational Divide - the song about blink's current fandom.
  14. Eh I like Untitled when it dropped though my hockey teammate threw his cd in the trash...I don't see how this song can be compared to Feeling This though...
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