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  1. I listened to Hey I’m Sorry on repeat on my way to work today. That one and Black Rain are still fun to listen to every once in awhile. Nine > Cali in my book but I’d have to re-listen to both again to compare. I no longer care how blink works on songs. Just keep Feldman at bay please like they did on Nine.
  2. I’m just here for the Funko Pops now. Carry on.
  3. Not at all. He just buys Marilyn Manson paintings.
  4. Well he’s now probably the richest member of Alkaline Trio so that’s nice.
  5. Can you imagine Mark posting: We’re extremely pleased to announce Tom’s arrival to the Funko Pop line. This has been in the works for a long time, had to keep it secret for obvious reasons, but the day is here on blink’s 30th anniversary and we couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate than releasing these 3 collectibles to our loyal fans.
  6. Don’t feel bad for Skiba. He got his money. I think there was probably some moment in time, probably recording, where he realized he wasn’t going to get any creative control. The fact Mark wouldn’t let him sing his own songs speaks volumes. I think he is just happy to have a piece of the pie.
  7. Skiba. Is. Out. I hope so, at least. We’ll always have Black Rain. But really, I see the only move to bring back excitement to casual blink fans and to have that California-style of goodwill is to bring back Tom. Not saying it’d be great for the band’s internal mechanisms, but that would generate similar news/interest as when Skiba was first announced 7 years ago.
  8. I don't really buy blink shirts anymore. But man, this is tempting.
  9. Hahaha oh fuck i'll report how the AVA Chicago Oct show is this year. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint the kid too much after growing up on MTTS.
  10. No problem sir. Carry on. Just trying to lighten the mood. I was merely implying if Tom owes you money for DED, you'd (jokingly) have a chance in court cuz of Yellawolf, but that is Travis's fault more than Tom's. I work 2 jobs and get 4-6 hours of sleep, so every moment feels like 4am for me. Sorry about the bad joke.
  11. I'm assuming you only liked that +44 reject song from DED that Mark wrote in some hotel? I'm really confused by this post. Tom owes you money for buying DED on iTunes? I think you got a chance in court, only because Travis got his buddy Yellawolf on a song.
  12. That sucks man. That must mean you missed out on Dogs Eating Dogs. Great EP.
  13. Thanks man. Operation in August and they'll know more then I'm guessing but appreciate the good vibes. Lost my father-in-law in January to cancer so it's a 1-2 punch right now. 2021 has been a shit year so far. I'll try to donate to Mark's charity or am down for the book idea too. Whatever we decide!
  14. Nooooo Mark!!!! Fuck I hope he's doing ok. I hate that he said he's scared. My mom just told me today at my day job she has cancer in her liver. I got off the phone and saw a text from my buddy about Mark. My mom and Mark share the same birthday. Wtf...
  15. Sigh... not gonna bite... but nice try.
  16. Ugh, i still like Heaven and that video on youtube someone made
  17. Amen. Still love this album, warts and all!
  18. I mean, don't they still have Matt in the band or is he still AWOL? Sorry everyone, been busy moving. I'm out of the blink loop.
  19. I'm not one to talk as I didn't do enough blink homework on the site's timeline, but a couple weeks ago my somewhat famous buddy Kevin was killed on his bicycle (he was the kid drummer from School of Rock) and even though his band credited me under a photo of him on their facebook and insta, that still didn't stop the media (specifically People Weekly and some lower music scene sites) from stealing the photo and giving me no credit. I don't give a fuck in the grand scheme. And Kevin once told me that was one of the favorite photos ever taken of him, so i'm happy it's out there for his sake, but this stealing shit is commonplace now and there's nothing we can do about it unfortunately. But fuck Italia or whatever his name is.
  20. I work at a grocery store for my 2nd job and so don't talk to me about Christmas song loops... Also, I do occasionally listen to I Won't Be Home and Boxing Day throughout the year if it pops up or if we're going through B-sides on a long drive. Can't say the same for the new Xmas song. But that's just me.
  21. We all know Golden Showers in the Golden State off Odds and Ends is the best song ever written since Untitled... Ok now that the joke is over, I'd have to think about the answer for a while but Golden Showers did have some interesting throwback guitar in there.
  22. Actually, yes, you're right, forgot about the new Christmas song. So I guess that is worse than Parking Lot and Quarantine as I actually remembered those.
  23. Parking lot is pretty fucking awful. I dunno what's worse, that or Quarantine.
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