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  1. Wasting time. 21 days is a classic.
  2. First time my favorite 2 songs clinched the finals. Whew. Not sure if it's still going but I vote Girl Next Door. 21 Days is a top tier song for me from early-blink.
  3. "Your best friend is not your girlfriend." Always found that line odd coming from a married man. But yeah I really doubt he was cheating for 15 years.
  4. And another set of fictional and non-fiction books just to confuse us.
  5. Looks like it's a lost cause but Overload.
  6. Oh man, can't tell if this is a subtle burn or just him referencing Tom again. Mark sure has been bringing Tom up a bunch lately. Hm.
  7. I'm quoting this just in case you're right. I could see something like this happening. This has an eerie, Oliver-esque prediction to it. Once blink hits a new post-Dude Ranch low in sales, the only thing left to do is bring Tom back to boost sales. Maybe he can quit a third time when they're in their 60's... As for the music, I think Tom, Mark and Travis would need a clean slate with a solid producer. I'd hope they'd learn something after fumbling Neighborhoods so bad. Worst case scenario: Mark can bring up to 6 songwriters for his songs if he wants and Tom can bring Ilan's brother.
  8. I honestly think people are making a bigger deal about this than it needs to be. I just don't get why. Tom quit twice so he's expelled from blink forever? What he's saying is harmless. I don't think he's going back to blink, Mark and Travis don't think it, the interviewer doesn't think it, Tom might be the only one who believes it. But it doesn't matter. Tom's not back in the band. Matt is. Tom will say shit like he always does. I'm still waiting on that full-album acoustic WDNTW (not really, but for the sake of argument). Doesn't mean it'll happen. I just don't get why the Skibots get so threatened and pissed at Tom everytime he mentions one day going back. Maybe if you got into blink with Cali and DLX and Nine and hate Tom's voice and hate all the old albums, I could see it. Maybe. I guess Tom could be passive-agressive like Mark and say, "I'll never say never but right now we're doing X, Y and Z and everyone is really happy doing their own thing."
  9. I honestly don't see what the big deal is. He seemed pretty in the moment and chill with the answer. We already knew all this and the HoF would be a nice non- threatening reunion for Tom and the guys without necessarily upending Skiba if there's stuff in the works with him.
  10. This dude is having an Oliver-style meltdown over here. Over the classification of a song.
  11. Brendan Kelly and Tightwire, I believe.
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