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  1. I find it nearly unlistenable in parts.
  2. Oh, fuck off. Race has nothing to do with it, you fucking merkin.
  3. ITT Ghent acts like a moron... Even if Lil Wayne was an absolute titan of the rap genre (which he fucking isn’t), do you really believe that he fits with the blink tour in any way? Even if you call him an “opening act”, the poster clearly implies he is a co-headliner. Its like Puff Daddy opening for Springsteen. I don’t care who you are, it’s a grossly mismatched combination. Especially when you add another pop punk band in to the opening act equation. It stands out like a wart on a cock.
  4. Musically, it’s a fucking train wreck, and lyrically it’s not much better.
  5. It’s a bit sad when YouTube covers sound more like blink than blink does...
  6. Is it the worst song they’ve released? No. Is it a a great song? Also no. Maybe this Lil Wayne fucking lunacy tour is starting to make a little sense now.
  7. It’d have to be a pretty exceptional song not to get stale after having it on repeat for a fucking hour. Hahahahaha.
  8. It’s a lot slower overall than I was expecting, given the first three tracks released. It’ll probably grow on me, but it’s a little bland. I haven’t dug too deep into the lyrics as yet though. Lose Your Head, The Paranoid Style and Chaos From Within are the highlights for me.
  9. I really like the track, a little overproduced and synth-ey, but it works for me. Hopefully they tour Aus on the album cycle.
  10. There’s a few duds, but it’s pretty solid. He should be way bigger than he is though, his lyrics are terrific. Songs like The Great Depression, Time Will Tell, Autism Vaccine Blues, The Flinch, Sabateurs and Fireflies have some incredible lines in them.
  11. I can see why they’re B sides from the rest of the album.
  12. I’ve been looking as well, no luck. Hopefully they show up on YouTube or Spotify soon.
  13. The Loved Ones were great. Jane still regularly features in my playlists. I only got into him when Bury Me In Philly Came Out, but he’s got some incredible tunes, and his voice is amazing.
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