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  1. Great guy, boring and repetitive band.
  2. Can’t wait for this, there are no two better punk songwriters than Graffin and Gurewitz. Bad Religion have refined their sound considerably since the early days (when it comes to remaining in the punk genre anyway), and I think Brooks Wackerman was a big part of that, so I’m interested to see what the new guy brings to the table. There’s very few bands where you can listen to ten random seconds of music and know it can be no one else. Im also so fucking happy that the god awful “Kids are Alt-Right” isn’t on the album.
  3. Yeah. Nah. I’ll take mine any day if it means I don’t have to listen to an overrated shit band like Queen.
  4. Drake had three number ones last year, Queen never had three number ones in a year. Therefore Drake is more talented than Queen. Logic is a bitch when it’s used against you.
  5. Yeah, that’s a bit outdated. Since 06 they don’t have much to offer. My music taste is perfectly suited to what I want to listen to.
  6. No, it’s genuinely fucking awful. Queen as a band are the most overplayed and overrated rubbish of all time.
  7. Bohemian Rhapsody is the most overrated song of all time, and Queen are a fucking shit band.
  8. Just listening to this album again today. Is It Gonna Be The Year is a catchy as fuck song, I’ve had it on repeat for a lot of the afternoon.
  9. It’s not really Jimmy Fallon, just that Joe Godino their drummer is a dead-ringer for Fallon haha.
  10. One of my favourite Greg broken voice bits is the part in Rivalries where he screams “hey man I’m on your side”. Incidentally, does anyone else ever look at band photos and wonder how they got Jimmy Fallon playing drums for them?
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