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  1. Yeah, she is awesome. She’s done a bunch of Menzingers covers, they’re all great.
  2. To each their own. Im going to do my best to pretend he never released it.
  3. No, it’s definitely a dumpster fire that two homeless people are trying to extinguish by pissing on it Every album of his has has had at least three or four standout tracks. This has none, it’s irredeemably shit.
  4. Which song lyrics are decent so I can give them another go. Because I’m about twelve seconds from never listening to this bullshit ever again, and forgetting it ever happened.
  5. I really hope it’ll grow on me, but the lyrics to every song are so uninspired and unsophisticated. They’re like if a primary school teacher told a third grade student to study a famous figure and write a poem about it.
  6. So yeah, I’m still trying to process this one. Ive been a Frank Turner fan for about a decade, and aside from Sister Rosetta, I can’t find a single redeeming feature of this album. It’s lyrically unsophisticated, clumsy, generic, contrived and all round terrible. It sounds like all his worst moments as a compilation album.
  7. It’s a very different brand of nostalgia, you can hardly say one ripped off the other. Gaslight (up until American Slang anyway) dealt in the old Americana kind of folklore, a time and a place that never really was. The Menzingers are more straight forward storytellers, the universality of what they’re writing is so relatable, irrespective of whether you’ve lived it or not. Take Lookers, Casey and Anna as exhibits A, B and C.
  8. Nailed it. Except for the loving Gaslight more bit haha. The Menzingers are probably my favourite band at the moment.
  9. What are you even talking about? They hardly ripped off Gaslight, and Gaslight doesn’t deal in nostalgic storytelling anything like Menzingers do, except for maybe a few songs on The 59 Sound.
  10. Travis’ general style is to overplay in a very tasteful way. This is restrained to the point that it’s almost conventional. I’ve played drums casually for about 15 years, and I honestly wouldn’t know it’s him. This is nothing against the drums or the or the song in general, I just found it surprising.
  11. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with them, I’m saying it sounds nothing like his style.
  12. This is the first blink song in memory where there honestly could be any drummer in the world playing it. Its not not too bad, but there’s a few things that irk me. In the first verse, the repeated “from another world” lines just reek of lazy writing. Mark’s repeated lines could be changed up a bit in the second half as well. But honestly, it’s the drums that surprised me. If I’d listened to this track sans vocals, Travis would not be among my first thirty guesses. They’re not bad, but they have none of his style.
  13. I’m not Canadian, but I do like the Hip. Not enough to be in any way an authority though.
  14. Menzingers have always been the kings of nostalgic storytelling, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Its a rare thing to find a band that can make you feel nostalgic for a situation you’ve never lived.
  15. It’s been a while now since the Queen movie, and I can confidently say they’re a shit band with music that’s way overplayed and overrated.
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