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  1. MGK didn’t steal my girlfriend but he still sucks
  2. This made me chuckle, fair play. You’re alright for a walking vagina.
  3. It’s the punk rock MBA guy who’s channel is mostly waffle, not sure why people watch his stuff anymore tbh.
  4. Wondered who’d share it first - not expecting anything from it but the comments are full of people assuming it’s blink (by design I’m sure) and it’s like… yeah no.
  5. I fucking love Tool and A Perfect Circle, fucking ace bands
  6. I fucking love Just About Done, Tom is hysterical in it.
  7. I love the super long intro personally, probably one of my fave blink intros. Strings is mine as well, most people don’t rate it but I adore it. The solo is fucking awesome!
  8. I don’t think @FAPLORD knows that @twentytwentyis basically the biggest BSB fan in Sweden.
  9. Mid 30s?! Had you pegged for much younger.
  10. If Jan crabs you it usually means you’re right.
  11. All blink pre neighborhoods is solid gold IMO so I see no issue with adding it to the awesome pile.
  12. Cheshire Cat is fire and anyone dismissing it is not worth talking to.
  13. Come on, you know that’s not true.
  14. Honestly? I think Mark would have started a different project and Travis would’ve done even more of what he’s doing now. Tom would keep Tomming. Blink would still be done.
  15. Can I just hate him because he sounds like he’s drunk out of his mind when he sings and his music is incredibly wank? No higher reason, I just think he sucks.
  16. A different opinion to yours isn’t “bait”.
  17. Solo was fucking dreadful as were most of the new films. The only things I’ve liked were Rogue One and the first season of Mando (haven’t had a chance to watch the rest) my issue with SW and Marvel combined is just the “amount” of it that gets pushed instead of new content. It’s part of a larger issue of remakes and reimaginings instead of original story telling.
  18. I am so sick to death of Marvel and Star Wars, fucking identical shallow movies that all look the same and tell the same fucking stories. Thats more Marvel than Star Wars but that one can get in the bin too.
  19. I don’t think Will Ferrell has ever been funny.
  20. I think the second zombieland did well even though people don’t tend to talk about it.
  21. The correct answer is Clerks 2
  22. Season 2 was the weakest, 3 and 4 are really good. I’d recommend maybe watching a recap of season 1 and 2 and going from there.
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