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  1. Cool demo, but the final is miles better and more interesting to me
  2. i think he needs to stop doing speeches before Tunnels, his vocals at the start are always really brutal lol
  3. rebel girl had a little extra synth added to the verses i think. or maybe i just never noticed it
  4. a big chunk of the album didn't really work for me tbh. some of the songs feel oddly rushed? and even the ones i really like, like euphoria, sound a bit off here and there. kinda like the vocal melodies don't all fit the instrumentals kiss and tell is still a bop tho no more guns sucks that is all
  5. Intro to time bomb kinda sounds like a corey feldman song lol
  6. Wait tom directed the music video, pretty cool. I was kinda expecting his movie to be a mess, but might actually have promise
  7. the chorus and pre-chorus kicks so much ass. holy shit
  8. there's not exactly much music to talk about : (
  9. I honestly don't think the membership thing is a problem, just bc you can get it for $20 annually, and musicians don't really make money from their music anymore. Kinda think it's a non issue. The higher levels are overpriced, but eh most band stuff is (merch etc.) To The Stars is the actual scam people should be mad about, imo
  10. his first few twitch streams were awesome, haven't watched in a while though kinda disappointing there hasn't been any news or updates for a few months
  11. I really can't feel bad for him. It was a pretty crazy idea
  12. The lyrics are number 1 for me. I really can't stand them, aside from maybe like 3-4 songs across Cali and Nine. A close runner up is Feldmann's production and creative input I really like them live sound-wise, aside from the occasional fumble with backing tracks. Matt's voice is almost always killer
  13. Illenium is great, though obviously not every blink fan would be into that genre. I think he killed it, the chorus is amazing. Defs seems like it was based on some AvA scraps
  14. All of MCR is 10/10 for me, especially black parade and kill joys Brand New I really missed the boat on, and it's kinda hard to listen now after....everything that happened lol
  15. So it was called "California Screaming" at one point
  16. neighborhoods has lots of good songs, a lot of it just feels forced (the snake charmer chorus, this is home) or unfinished (kaleidoscope) if they spent another few months polishing it up it could've been up there with untitled imo also i agree with the FTG love - it's an awesome song
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