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  1. Why are you so mad? All I did was point how ludicrous and factually incorrect it was to suggest any playback issues had 0% to do with the band. Geezus
  2. If they weren’t lame and decided to go with backing tracks in the first place, they wouldn’t have that problem to begin with. Starts with them. Try to hold them at least some what accountable for their actions, ok? It’s that simple. ridiculous to call me a cunt for pointing out the obvious that any issues with their back tracks have “0 to do with them” is a completely false and obtuse statement. Sure...it’s not 100% their fault...but 0 is simply untrue as well. Sorry not sorry
  3. How does them having a wack ass backing track have “0 to do with them”?? Please explain. It seems it has 100% everything to do with them. That’s not something mark, Matt, and Travis didn’t authorize. How can you be so blind? I bet you voted for trump with Oliver
  4. I already was anticipating this L lol. Meltdown averted. Now I want Man Overboard to win in spite of everything. time to play some beer pong and buy some condoms because I’m GOING AWAY TO COLLEGE
  5. Well then you should be voting off WMAA as that would have been the leading single
  6. Man overboard. Will be highly negligible and ignorant for this board to vote off ATST before a song that wasn’t even on enema. The defining song of enema none the less!!! That’s ass fucking backwards. It’s so weird too how a lot of people who stuck up for First Date are trying to crucify ATST. Y’all are lost lol
  7. Stop it. This is embarrassing. I can’t back this band anymore. I know a lot of you will make excuses and won’t care, but this isn’t rock n roll. They’re no better than Milli Vanilli and Ashlee Simpson at this point
  8. Are you talking about the “why this song is great” video ?
  9. It is a great song. Just would be stupid and fake news if it beats out ATST as being a “better” or “more important” song from Enema of the State. Despite what you may feel about each individual song, Everyone knows this can’t be a more important or “better” song than ATST if only discussing enema
  10. But man overboard wasn’t on enema. It would be a crying shame if that outlasts ATST, just doesn’t make sense
  11. Gotta go with Man Overboard at this point. Can’t fathom eliminating any of these other songs before a song that wasn’t actually on the album
  12. yea I remember it took a bunch of listens before I ever figured out it was Skiba on the second verse. And that’s coming from someone who listened to Marks voice ALOT for the last 17 years leading up to that song.
  13. You’re right. Would be the #1 song with a 2 minute extended intro and another 2 minute extended outro. Throw some flanger on that bad boy and we would have had ourselves a masterpiece!
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