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  1. Yea my friend is actually here in Michigan but he grew up in the Bay Area...so he’s a huge Raiders fan and TB has hurt them badly lol
  2. I can see why you would think this
  3. Me neither. Don’t see why we should ever need to. Lol. But I was 50/50 whether you would have or not, just hadn’t seen you post in a while. Glad you’re alive and well.
  4. Fair enough, I’m sorry. I have been getting trashed on here today and probably deservedly so. Sometimes i come across like more of a dick than I think I’m trying to be when I talk shit about music on here
  5. Lol, surely I’m not the only one. I like to see the videos or whatever. I take back the votes I submitted for you! Haha jk
  6. Whatever you say. I don’t even have an actual Instagram account for myself. It’s an account I made to troll a friend who hates Tom Brady.
  7. I mean you’re not wrong. But it’s very easy to observe when I follow like 6 people on Instagram, 3 of them being blink members
  8. Lol well I just followed feldy, and noticed skiba followed him and not marK or Travis. It tells you right up front, pretty easy to notice. When did you become such a hater, just because I trashed that shit album by MgK?
  9. This may have been already discussed, but Travis and Mark don’t follow Feldy on Instagram? Did they at one point? Seems odd that they don’t
  10. Na, I’m more like the weird music in the background of your mother’s favorite porno
  11. Sounds about right. This is random, but whatever happened to Thongrider? I wonder what his hot take is on this album of the year for blink-182online.com is
  12. Lol, the perfect summation of all things wrong with MGK and this record
  13. That’s a fair assumption, but it’s false
  14. What? Lol 70% of AvA is dull elevator music
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