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  1. I very much enjoy chocolate almond/cashew milk.
  2. Yea, Tom knew it was dying because he was deliberately killing it lol. And to hell with Mark for wanting to be able to continue a band/business that he helped start from the ground up as an equal partner. What a douche!
  3. I truly believe he will be on this album. I called it out a couple months ago. I know there will be doubters and when the day comes I’ll dig through the archives but until then let’s wait and see. But I’m betting on it!
  4. Tech N9ne has nothing to do with ICP. Some juggalos like tech, some juggalos also like Lynard skynard. Who the fuck cares? You’re being obtuse like The Warden in Shawshank Redemption lol
  5. The fact he had toured with ICP back in the day changes nothing about him and the talent. Ice Cube has done shows with ICP does that make him any less of a legend?
  6. You think you’re so smug huh. Tech N9ne is more talented than 90% of the bands you listen to buddy
  7. Nice! I haven’t had it yet. I’ll have to try and get my hands on some this afternoon.
  8. How is Lil Wayne not a titan of the rap game? He’s cemented as one of raps biggest legends. I hate Lil Wayne, I’m a huge Tech N9ne fan but I’ve never been able to stand Lil Wayne and always said he was grossly overrated. However, that doesn’t change the fact of how he’s perceived to the general public. He’s sold way more records than blink has, and a lot more radio success. Your argument is invalid.
  9. All songs on the radio are paid to be there. I’m sorry to break this to some of you. They aren’t there because they’re good songs. 99% of the worst songs ever written and recorded were all radio smashes.
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