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  1. I like to picture Oliver as one of those ridiculous looking "final bosses" in some guitar challenger video game
  2. I was just trying to point out how stupid it seems to be sitting at home with no fans acting like you're so much better than a successful musician. Yea. I can play drums better than a lot of famous drummers, but you know what? They're living the dream and I'm not. They get the last laugh no matter what.
  3. Who really cares anyways? We should do a poll...Which would you rather be? A) Multi-millionaire that made living out of playing and recording his own music. Composed relatively simple songs but the songs were loved, adored, and worshiped by millions. Inspired thousands of people to start picking up instruments themselves. A highly influential musician that can do whatever he now wants with his life whether he wants to pick up a guitar or not. b) A highly skilled guitar shredder that can tear up Bohemian Rhapsody and Steve Vai songs...but has never been successful at composing your own songs or gaining your own fans. Is an internet warrior that picks on and talks condescendingly to members of a blink-182 forum you are an admin for. Working a 9-5 job and spending all day arguing that you're better than Matt Skiba and the founding member of the band that is the reason behind your own internet website. Obviously miserable that you never reached your own dreams of being a successful musician. Who would you rather be?
  4. I think I joined in late. What is BR? Boxcar Racer? Bad Religion??? Something else?
  5. C'mon man! Fat Bottom Girls is the jam!
  6. Oliver will just tell you how wrong you played it anyways, even if you play it perfectly. I wouldn't waste your time.
  7. I feel like I could have been a better replacement for Milli in Milli Vanilli. I will prove all you cowards and losers wrong.
  8. Agree with this. Alot of solos in music can be sweet, but it can get mundane and boring as well. Tom's genius was coming up with simple but catchy riffs that sound really cool and are fun to play. Dumpweed and Dysentary Gary are two of my faves, that sound harder than they are too play. It sucks I wasn't able to watch Oli's performance, but I gotta give it up to him for putting himself out in the open and having the balls to do it.
  9. Has anyone said anything about the shows since the night Wayne walked off? Has blink said anything about it? Or they're all just pretending it never happened while continuing this miserable tour?
  10. Nice man! Sorry I missed it! Was up north on a family golf trip, gf was my guest so I had to tend to those responsibitlies or else I would have been watching. Just getting my phone back into service, I’ll def check out the replay!
  11. So true. Blink sounded like shit compared to the 2001 tour
  12. Yea that’s what I hear it’s all about the mixtapes. Ill have to give them a chance
  13. Yea he’s a Fucking tool. Mad there aren’t more people there, so go ahead and diss the people that did show up to see you and call them wack. What a piece of shit
  14. Did blink address this in their set? Or has anyone in the blink camp said anything online yet about it?
  15. I agree with you 100% I’m just saying that’s how I felt at the time when Wayne was in his prime. I have a more realist view on it now. That’s why I actually agree when you say we didn’t deserve lil Wayne...even tho I think he blows. A lot of people including some of my best friends see the genius in him...I’ve just never understood it myself
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