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  1. Love the Social D reference, you just made my day lol.
  2. Lol the quality is so horrible
  3. And why did they even bother to re-record? Still trying to milk the same old cow, their only cow? Lol
  4. I never heard the song back then, only sometime recently I stumbled into this horrible song
  5. Yea I mean I guess I’ll take Mark’s word for it. Was just playing devil’s advocate
  6. But how if Matt doesn’t have any equipment to record? It’s not like Mark would come out and say no he’s not involved, he knows better than that
  7. I hear ya, I don’t consider NH to be top notch or anything like that. I was just saying in principal, the fact they’ve made music more frequently with Skiba than Tom in his last years with the band isn’t an accurate measure of them being better or better off without Tom. I’m sure it much easier to churn out more songs when you’re hiring so many other people to write them for you.
  8. Have you ever heard of quality not quantity?
  9. You make a compelling case. I’m not mad at Mark for continuing blink without Tom, I’d rather have that than nothing I guess. Not really for the new music, but to hear their classic work live with Mark and Travis. But at the end of the day, I just can’t get around the fact that it’s really just not blink without Mark and Tom. This isn’t a generic band where you can just replace members and it doesn’t matter. It can be said that most of blink’s DNA came from Tom
  10. Your answer is money. Which is probably right. Which is where the disingenuous part comes into play
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