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  1. Mark and Mike were best friends. They used to sleep next to eachother in the van on the poopoopeepee tour
  2. Mark and Mike were best friends. They used to sleep next to eachother in the van on the poopoopeepee tour
  3. The only screeching weasel song I ever listened to was I wanna be a homosexual lol. Listened to that back in like 98 when I first discovered blink. Loved that song tho haha
  4. I was just teasing by the way in case anyone didn’t get that. English lads go hard, respect.
  5. Everyone in England is wrong. Buncha wanks
  6. You’re right. I never really cared for this song thus I barely ever listen to it. Forgot Tom was the sole singer of the chorus.
  7. Tom lead I miss you? That’s news to me. Coulda swore they both shared and sang in that song
  8. Speedo is Gabe Hawkins #1 fan
  9. Ahh ok. Then this guy is super lame. I was only part way through listening to it when I typed my first messages saying it didn’t sound like a Tom rip-off, then I heard him say yead instead of head lol. So I take that back
  10. How do you find this shit? And I don’t think it sounds like a Tom ripoff. Lame, yes.
  11. Lol true. It’s easy to speculate and talk shit about most things. Trying to diagnose someone you don’t know in real life when you’re not a doctor just seems irresponsible, and your conclusion isn’t going to have any truthful bearing so seems pointless to speculate.
  12. It’s not a touchy subject, just seems irresponsible. It’s easier to speculate on events in their life, but you’re not a doctor, and you’ve never spoken to him. So I don’t see you fit for diagnosing him with a mental illness is all. Not mad at ya. and I asked because I’d like to hear you elaborate since you already put it out there.
  13. That’s just ridiculous. Once again, seems like you have no idea what you’re talking about. How would you like strangers searching up things about you on the internet and posting that you have a mental illness? what type of mental illness do you guys even think he has? He is unique and a go getter, I see no reason to believe he has any mental illness. So stupid
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