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  1. Noice! Does that have the bonus songs for TOYPAJ? My buddy got that album on vinyl and somehow it had them
  2. I thought you meant new pickup for the guitar lol. What is this?
  3. Fuck the stupid debate forum. Here is a video of “Does My a Breath Smell” w/ Travis. Happy Friday!
  4. Yea exactly. The song sounds like it was written by a 7th grader in 2000.
  5. 100%. He was never condescending to anyone, dude was always there to answer a question or provide help to people for things such as putting together the sticker Strat. I ribbed him sometimes for his undying love for Scott, but he knew that was all love. Anyone that hated on him was just jealous tbh
  6. Honestly though, is there a better example of a perfect gentleman other than Davey Jones that’s ever been on this board? Not only was he always posting for selfless causes, I don’t think I ever once saw him take the bait and snap back at anyone…or say anything mean to anyone, even if they made some stupid remark about him (which was rightfully few and far in between…we’re just trolls here after all). We should all aspire to be more like Davey Jones and I’m not joking at all. Dudes a straight up class act human.
  7. You really are out there in the trenches.
  8. The way this place has been lately, I don’t blame him. We lost Davey Jones and gained Oliver
  9. Hell yea, I love it! I will def dive deeper into their catalogue
  10. Oh lol. Guess we get boners for Tom with different pictures
  11. Lol same. If I had Tom’s money I woulda had that hair transplant 7 yesterdays ago
  12. Once those hair transplants grow in you’re gonna wanna fuck him again
  13. Dude he is so fucking weird! He shaves his head two weeks ago, then today posts this odd picture saying he’s sick of looking like a marine and that he’s growing his hair back out. All the while it’s obvious he had a hair transplant. Why not just address it full on or not post these weird pics and comments at all.
  14. Yup but keep expecting some great album lol, just appreciate the band for the fake rock show and get drunk enough so that it sounds half way decent. The new music is gonna be shite
  15. Yea the backing track thing really bums me out. I think it’s cool to see how bands tackle a song live vs studio. I don’t know why they changed their minds, if it was people chirping in their ear telling them everybody does it, or what.
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