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  1. Thank you Chad. It’s nice to see my Michigan QB around these parts! Maybe you’ll get a chance to shine at the Super Bowl if Pattie goes down.
  2. They act like people won’t come to shows if they cut first date or something…that’s just not true.
  3. Yea, I’d rather see a band perform songs they like than force a cheesy song like that. Such a stupid concept
  4. Literally as same as it always was. Sorry to anybody hoping they’d nix First Date
  5. Just curious, why do you want these so bad? Lol not judging but damn I appreciate your relentlessness
  6. Yea I saw on YouTube Pen15 which is their cover of 10:15 Saturday night
  7. I have no clue, maybe 5 songs is all they had. I have no clue how many songs they ever recorded and I don’t care. Good luck tho
  8. Have you ever tried YouTube or a quick google search?
  9. But, but I thought MGK was the main guitarist and songwriter! 🤣
  10. Yea for sure, Kthrash played guitar in place of Skiba for that Halloween show a couple years ago, long before Tom was back…
  11. Therapy could probably help everyone. Also the Rubins played all the guitars on the last AVA album so what am I missing here?
  12. This actually raises a point, seems maybe Tom only got involved if he could have his own producers that write and perform all of his music these days lol
  13. Define “guitar producer.”
  14. Yea I honestly think he’ll be on a lot of the guitars lol
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