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  1. So the same station that fucked up before? I hope you’re trolling
  2. It’s definitely not true at all. Anyone that does think it’s true may benefit from checking out some more authentic and talented bands/artists.
  3. Sure bud. You know what else can bring out a good performance? Talent and someone who actually knows how to sing. Not everyone does this shit, speak for your own mediocre punk bands that you listen to. I wonder how bands ever got by before 1997 when auto tune/pitch correction was invented!
  4. Oh, so you can’t answer my question? I asked you to define everyone, but here you are dodging and deflecting.
  5. That’s so lame though to require pitch correction. I think it’s even more lame for the fans that are like “oH hE sOuNdS sO gOoD” despite knowing he’s using pitch correction. As if someone should be heralded for using fucking auto tune.
  6. Yea, I would never say he sounded great. But he definitely played good and sang alright before, but like you’ve said became horrible. The quality in their sound from TOYPAJ Tour and Pop Disaster Tour on the same songs is extremely noticeable.
  7. Yup, exactly. That would have been his most recent tour right after the TOYPAJ Tour. I think he just stopped caring for whatever reason, which is fucking lame
  8. 100% agreed. The TOYPAJ Tour is without question, in my opinion, their best sounding tour and the last time they sounded really good. They had a run of sounding great from the 4th quarter of 1998 as Travis was finding his groove with their songs and they were writing Enema, through that TOYPAJ Tour. So this included these pre-Enema shows, The Loserkids Tour, The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show, and The TOYPAJ Tour. After that, they started sounding like shit on The Pop Disaster Tour with Green Day. The pre-Enema shows I’m talking about in the 4th quarter of 1998 are like this show in Montreal on 9/26/98. What a magical show! Travis fresh in the band and big things were brewing! They played gems like Apple Shampoo and Enthused in this show with Travis, and an early rendition of Dumpweed that is way different than how it ended up. Check this show out. You can also search for the songs individually on YouTube, like “dammit Montreal” to find them: Dammit was their biggest song at the time This show is magical, I love watching it lol. Just wondering if they had any idea just how huge they were about to become…they were definitely finding their stride here with Travis…and Tom’s tone with his Les Paul w/ Invader was A-1. Some speculate this guitar was used to record a lot of Enema.
  9. https://www.usmagazine.com/stylish/news/travis-barkers-new-cbd-skincare-line-faces-backlash-from-fans/amp/
  10. I love the fans who can admit this. I can’t help but cringe and roll my eyes when the fans say “hE sOuNdS sO gOoD lIvE nOw WoW” lol
  11. There’s no way they only ever sold 50k records. You said it yourself you saw that was only for the first album? Lol then obviously that number isn’t accurate…
  12. I will agree that it’s much harder to keep a woman happy and stay than it is to initially get one. Story of my life lol. But i don’t think it’s fair to say that about two people’s relationship you don’t know anything about.
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