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  1. Yea I mean, this is just silly to force people taking them down here. Mark was well aware people would spread the pictures by posting them, he didn’t post them for them to remain in secret smh. And they’re everywhere else already, but we’re gonna ban them here? Seems pointless but whatever
  2. Well they’ve been posted everywhere already. I sent them to a friend and he already saw them on Instagram and Reddit. So you have honorable intentions but it seems quite silly to force people to take down the pictures here when they’re plastered everywhere else. Mark knows what happens when you release a photo anywhere into the internet, so I doubt he gives two farts in the wind about it. Here’s a screenshot from just one Reddit thread where they’ve been posted:
  3. Is that red guitar a Squire? Really can’t confirm by zooming in on the headstock. Also, this is the guitar his friend found a gave to him right?
  4. I doubt it. Pretty sure he knows he is putting them out into the world if he shares on discord. Seems like @Thibaut182 is trying to be a self righteous Nazi.
  5. Yea it looks good, I’m not debating that. As long as he hides the huge scar on the back of his head lol.
  6. Ha! I wish man! I could use one as well but I gave up and started shaving my head a few years ago. I was referring to MGK lol
  7. He either needs to get a hair transplant like your boy, or let it go and shave it down. It really is cringeworthy.
  8. You can’t really agree to disagree on something that is a measurable fact. I didn’t realize people cared about music videos either, because I don’t watch them. But numbers don’t lie. It’s okay to change your opinion and admit you were wrong when faced with new data you weren’t aware about.
  9. These numbers make me sick. I guess I’m out of touch, but people like Lil Nas X are so irrelevant in my world
  10. Only music video I’ve watched in the last several years is WAP, and I turned the volume off.
  11. I didn’t say anyone has to think they’re bad. Where did I say that?
  12. That’s awesome, I did not know that was written about him. Should have assumed though, stupid me!
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