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  1. Interesting time to have a multiple choice option Unfortunately never saw them in their prime, or reunion, took it for granted. But caught the California tour at the very start and thought it was cool to see Travis live but all were a bit bummed they didn't play any California even though it's not their best stuff, the covers were boring.
  2. No wonder he likes her:
  3. What??? Cher doesn't look young at all.
  4. I want to believe, but he seems really bitchy in interviews for some time now.
  5. I will agree I like him better on GD and Darkside than California, but you can tell he's sleepwalking through it all, doesn't really care
  6. -Please stop using cowriters = invites co-writing teams -Please be better live = invites Lil Wayne -Please just be genuine = writes Blame It On My Youth -Please less mimicking other bands = (see above) -Please experiement = Cuts a 3 minute song, into 45 seconds -Please Mark only song = writes HAppY dAYz -Please less Feldy = Feldy lends unused goldfinger song Darkside -Please be creative = NINE -Please let Skiba shine =
  7. or there's always Ghent's take. BLINK hasn't changed. YOU'VE changed. YOU'VE CHANGED!!! Blink received that criticism because they were one of the biggest bands on earth. They were under microscope. They aren't anymore, people are hating because they're being phony as fuck with no good music to back it up.
  8. Jeez could Mark be any more desperate to justify his current music and keep his head buried in the sand? He seems upset.
  9. See: -Dislike bar -Comment section These songs are old man.
  10. No, they are getting old and jaded. I'm still young and I hate this shit. I dread this shit. I'm only here for emotional support.
  11. Finally, something to look forward to. A Milli and WMAA are so damn old though, they are 15 years late on this.
  12. Great: Strange Love, One Little Lie, Adrenaline Good: How to Live, Lucy, Okay to Bad: NVM, Drug, Ether, Special, The Wolf, Thanks I Hate It, Need Me
  13. Nshesaid

    Matrix 4!

    3>2 2 was utter trash, when they turned Neo into a rubber doll and beat up 100 Smith's creating bowling sound effects. Do I need to mention the flying? 3 was at least in the vein of the boring parts of the first one. Glad he went blind. First one is a classic though.
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