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  1. I can listen to tracks by other artists but not in the way I listen to Blink. I love Blink. I like a handful of other artists songs. If I go on iTunes. The only full albums I own are blink, gaslight anthem Ludovico Einaudi and Frank Turner. I own one or two tracks from other artists, but not enough to call me a big fan of theirs. I don't see why you've attacked me for having an opinion and different taste.
  2. Is it such a bad thing? I hate the radio in the UK, it's full of shit like Drake and other nonsense. Therefore I stick to the stuff I like which is predominantly Blink. They're the only band I can listen to a full album and not get bored, don't understand why people are getting upset. I apologise if I've offended people... Life is about taste and opinions lol
  3. The guys a genius lol I'm teaching myself how to play piano and he's the benchmark
  4. Slightly, but in all seriousness I don't listen to a lot of music, the only other artist I listen to every now and then is Ludovico Einaudi lol I'm not a big fan of any other bands/ artists. Not enough to listen to full albums anyway. Blink are the only band I don't get bored of listening to. I used to love Green Day, but my god I can only listen to one or two tracks from their newer albums. Absolute garbage from American Idiot. Dookie/Nimrod will always be their best.
  5. I love Tom Delonge. That being said, I truly believe Blink are better off without him right now. He genuinely doesn't want it. He aggravates the shit out of me, but I will always love the guy. Blink have played a major part in my life and to be honest they're the only band I listen too. I have always preferred Mark as I prefer his voice and he's the guy that made me pick up and learn the bass guitar, which lay the foundations for me to learn other instruments. But if it was Mark being the dick i'd feel the same way about him as a do Tom. I want more Blink music. All the time. No more hiatus, if that means moving forward without Tom so be it.
  6. I wanna do s*** to your body, Justin F'in Bieber
  7. Blink are performing a few songs from California tonight on the late show. A few to me is 5?
  8. https://twitter.com/blink182/status/752567253736972288
  9. I love it too. The bridge is one of the most beautiful instrumental bridges. Mark's bass tone is incredible.
  10. This topic has made me listen to Cheshire Cat nonstop for 3 days now. Wasting Time and Cacophony are just real gems.
  11. Kings of the weekend has really grown on me. Still haven't fully taken to Los Angeles.
  12. I'm reading this and I'm not sure what was in my tea but this is a mental trip.
  13. What are the odds on him going to the show on 22nd July? Uploading a pic and being like - I'm still in the band... Orrrr he will probably release some more sh*t and take a dump on the band that made his life what it is.
  14. I apologise for bringing this thread back to attention
  15. I like Please Take Me Home. Is this unpopular?
  16. I feel that Brohemian Rhapsody lyrics could be pretty deep... depends on who it's intended for.
  17. Bucko

    Time Has Come

    Quite a few years ago I went through a phase of writing lyrics and recording acoustic demos through the mic on our old iMac ( I have no recording equipment). I wrote a song called Time Has Come, which is available to listen to on soundcloud. I was in a dark place at the time and really into Not Now, and that song really inspired the lyrics. By no means do I class myself as a musician / songwriter, the musical talents in the family lie with my brother. I can't read music and play everything by ear. Anyway the lyrics for the song are below. I'm watching the world, slip away from my fingers, cause I know, my time has come. and I will pray that you will stay, til I've breathed my breath away, cause I don't, want to go alone. So please stay by me, Don't watch me fade away, I've had my heartbeat taken away, I was the king for just one day, and please know you were my one and only queen. Now a year has almost passed, and you still blame yourself, for the way life has been unkind. you can never predict fate, So please quit with all the hate, and accept that I have gone. So please stay by me, Don't watch me fade away, I've had my heartbeat taken away, I was the king for just one day, and please know you were my one and only queen. Feedback appreciated.
  18. I've also recently started teaching myself piano, get a real enjoyment out of playing First Date on piano, yet it's one of my least favourite Blink songs!
  19. Well, this was interesting. Internet in 2002. Anyway I voted Yes...
  20. To be honest I don't really see what the outrage is, I love all of Blinks albums and I don't really care if things have been doctored. Feel protective of California at the moment because it seems people think it's the only album that has been doctored in any way, and the phrase "Over-Produced" is really starting to Grind My Gears.
  21. I find there are a lot of layered vocals on Untitled too, love the album though. Always is one of my all time favourites but there are so many vocals tracks on the chorus.
  22. I remember walking to Woolworths to buy the CD singles whenever they were released for like £1.99. Do they even make CD singles anymore? I have all from Dammit - Always. Loved the additional live tracks and demos you'd get!
  23. Waggy is one of the best songs ever written.
  24. Do those saying California is over-produced think the same about Self-titled / Untitled? Would be interested to know. I'm still really enjoying the album, obsessed with San Diego. "Sometimes I feel like I'm the oxygen between, the cigarette and gasoline" may just be my favourite lyric of all time.
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