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  1. It's weird that it appears to be all 3 of them doing it and it's more frequent than ever before though. Think I even saw an Alternative Press article hinting that they could be up to something. But to answer your question, I honestly don't think Matt gives a shit really. I mean I guess with Tom, it's likely to be a cleaver ploy to drum up more interest in what he's doing considering he's teasing a new AVA album in the coming weeks/months. But I suppose it's nice that they are in a place where there isn't as much anger vented towards each other and they've accepted it, even from Mark.
  2. I'd genuinely like to see Travis produce some songs, if not the whole next album with Darkwaves and a few other of 'his people' involved. Tickets to my Downfall was probably my fav and most listened to album of 2020. I've been listening to a few tracks from Trippie Redd on his 'rock album', and there's some interesting songs there. I'd absolutely love a blink/MGK collab on one song. Considering we were supposed to have an EP, with some songs already recorded/demoed from 'Nine', we're not really that much further along if it's at roughly 60%.
  3. Seein as this is a 'New Generation' thread, has anybody heard of the band Girlfriends? It's Travis Mills and Nick Gross (Current Goldfinger Drummer) who pretty much decided to form a band around 12 months ago. Some okay songs are fairly decent, 'Stay Awhile' is very Boys Don't Cry/Just Like Heaven, for all you Cure fans out there! Possibly on John Feldmann record label, or he's worked with them at least, he's on their 'California' video.
  4. Very likely to have been working on the collab with Mod Sun called 'Flames'. They've directed music video's for each over and Mod was all other the snippets of making 'Tickets to My Downfall', so MGK may have very well played guitar on that track. As a matter of fact, that looks like Mod Sun holding the camera in the image haha!
  5. Only just discovered Knuckle Puck during this album cycle and there are some enjoyable pop-punk songs off that record, mostly the singles though. I also genuinely don't understand the hate towards Neck Deep, never really been a fan apart from the odd song, but the new record they released this summer is solid. Punk, pop-punk whatever you want to call it, it's still out there and if you include MGK, that's 3 albums that have dropped this summer alone with some enjoyable songs. Tickets to my downfall is a very easy listening, enjoyable pop-punk album. Title Track, Kiss Kiss, My Ex's Best F
  6. On the whole, it's a fun very easy listening pop punk album. Believe he's selling tickets to watch a live stream performance of the album next week. Got to ask though, if Travis can produce this kind of quality, why isn't he all over blink's stuff? Mark appears to be a fan of tickets to my downfall going off his IG story so I'd love to see Mark feature on a future MGK song.
  7. Anybody think Mark is starting to miss Tom now, or he's at least accepted Tom leaving the band? Few little things over the past week where he's either mentioned or tagged Tom, including at the end of the untitled album launch where he says he's gonna call Tom just makes me think something's going on. Biggest think I took from watching was 'Up All Night' demo from the untitled session, it was from a song called 'Punk Kid'.
  8. Not sure if it's been posted elsewhere but a new interview with Travis... https://www.kerrang.com/the-news/travis-barker-on-upcoming-blink-182-single-quarantine-itll-be-like-all-our-fan-favourites/ 'Quarantine ' song is due for release soon... thinks it will become a fan's favourite blink are working on an EP, expects it to be released "By the end of summer", no clarity if this is anything spilt over from NINE Apparently there is an unleased Boxcar Racer song. Doesn't want to 'troll the fans' by releasing it and probably won't see the light of day. Oh, he still tal
  9. True, but stockholm syndrome and asthenia are both top tier blink songs. Like I said, there's a couple of cool ideas there and I enjoy the first 90 seconds or so... Hopefully see a full version of the song one day.
  10. No, it really doesn't. It's got a wolf howling in it FFS. Within the first 90 seconds, there's defo a skeleton of a good bunch of ideas there (apart from the random animal noise). I love Mark's verses and I don't even care if it's another recycled guitar riff, but after that it just turns into something worse than a generic modern day blink song after that. I'm hoping Matt's vocal's were just generic holding lyrics before they revisited the song but probably scrapped that idea, because Matt wallowing just kills the flow of the song. I'm not sure if the full version of the demo has b
  11. Since the announcement of the DED vinyl release, I've been listening to this EP a lot recently. I'd still take DED over all of California Deluxe, half of California and half of NINE. It's sad to think 'Pretty Little Girl' remains as last contribution Tom made to blink-182. Lyrically it's been his best song since the self-titled record. I've also forgotten how much I enjoyed 'Boxing Day'. It's a shame things ended the way they did with Tom leaving the band, because when he's motivated (even if it was a cash-grab) he could still create blink's magic.
  12. Wow has it been 5 years already!? Honestly, it kinda feels like Skiba couldn't be any further away from the band right now. I think it may have been the recent video on NME where he openly just says something along of the lines that he gets told where to show up and that's about it. In the beginning, the prospect of Mark and Matt collaborating and writing stuff together was something you could have only fantasized about. It's something that they've openly discussed for years (even on different projects such as writing books), so the way things have turned out is just a complete anomaly.
  13. Seriously don't understand all the love for 'The First Time', it's a garbage and a poor-mans Feeling This.
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