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  1. well thats another song from the demo tape we have, so there's a clip of apple shampoo, enthused, josie and a new hope?
  2. yeah, i wonder if other things like this exist with different songs?
  3. yeah, when i heard that at first i thought it was just shitty quality josie, but the actual guitar is different and marks voice is different. Toms voice is drastically different aswell.
  4. Is there gonna be a song election final round like top 3 form each blink album get put into an election to determine the best song? Also Cat Like Thief.
  5. Damn how did this thread go from the DR demo tapes to a blink 182 bong, not saying I wouldn't buy one.
  6. Yeah, it kinda ruined the song for me because right after "Some good things must end." In my mind I always think Chesh Bootlegs .tk
  7. Hey so I was looking at some forum in here and someone posted a link to this playlist of old blink bootlegs, and in the Redlands 1998 concert the apple shampoo sound almost the same to chesh's apple shampoo. I decided to try playing them both at the same time and they basically sound the same (Minus the audience in the demo) so that's pretty cool.
  8. Gonna have to go for Peggy Sue, love the others too much.
  9. Cacophony, after that the voting gets more difficult.
  10. Well, thank you for making me listen to the full Cheshire Cat for the first time, usually listen to buddha. Im gonna have to go with depends. Its a good song but not good enough.
  11. Will the Cheshire Cat include buddha only songs? like 21 days and transvestitie?
  12. That's true, it doesn't really show the true rankings, maybe a vote similar to this where we didn't show the votes on some kind of poll sites so people don't know numbers would be better?
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