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  1. Kaleidoscope, this is getting tough.
  2. This is cool, but there is a bunch of dude ranch songs played before it came out.
  3. Not sure, all he has is that apple shampoo clip.
  4. That is a perfect description of chesh.
  5. Not sure, but he has come on this forum before he is @iwatalemon and somtimes goes by 'blink182bootlegs'.
  6. Hey, this doesnt relate to the DR demos but I know a guy who claims to have blinkumentary clips but, he says he doesn't wanna release them because he doesnt want to get sued.
  7. well thats another song from the demo tape we have, so there's a clip of apple shampoo, enthused, josie and a new hope?
  8. yeah, i wonder if other things like this exist with different songs?
  9. yeah, when i heard that at first i thought it was just shitty quality josie, but the actual guitar is different and marks voice is different. Toms voice is drastically different aswell.
  10. Is there gonna be a song election final round like top 3 form each blink album get put into an election to determine the best song? Also Cat Like Thief.
  11. Damn how did this thread go from the DR demo tapes to a blink 182 bong, not saying I wouldn't buy one.
  12. Yeah, it kinda ruined the song for me because right after "Some good things must end." In my mind I always think Chesh Bootlegs .tk
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