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  1. Well, thank you for making me listen to the full Cheshire Cat for the first time, usually listen to buddha. Im gonna have to go with depends. Its a good song but not good enough.
  2. Will the Cheshire Cat include buddha only songs? like 21 days and transvestitie?
  3. That's true, it doesn't really show the true rankings, maybe a vote similar to this where we didn't show the votes on some kind of poll sites so people don't know numbers would be better?
  4. Its interesting to see different peoples opinions on this poll and us basically voting out 2 great songs (Voyeur and Untitled) to save Apple Shampoo. Overall a lot of fun. If i was to make a top 5 list it would probably be 1. Apple Shampoo 2.Untitled 3. Zulu 4. Pathetic 5. Dick Lips Never did i expect most of these to place where they did!
  5. Me neither, i would've rather not heard any of the apple shampoo demo then a small clip. Although i have compared it to some 1996 shows and it sounds basically the same (aside from audience)
  6. Yeah, I posted about this somewhere a while ago (cant remember where, maybe reddit?) and someone told me that the DR demos are at his parents house.
  7. Anybody know who owns the dude ranch demos other than Chesh (maybe) and Rob Perelman?
  8. Damn, only pathetic would've made my top 5 in dude ranch, I'm gonna vote dammit.
  9. Everyone loves dammit but in my opinion it has always been overrated. Dammit
  10. Emo, i dont want to vote it, but i like all the other songs too much.
  11. Damn, first we loose apple shampoo then lemmings?!?!? Easy vote for emo here.
  12. Hmmm, I feel physical pain to do this but I am going to have to vote untitled as a pose to emo just to save apple shampoo. I love untitled so much but apple shampoo needs to stay. My vote is for untitled.
  13. you talking about me? i just found this form while looking for the dude ranch demo tapes after i heard the apple shampoo demo clip.
  14. I'm voting voyeur, I love the song but i'm gonna have to save my favourite song on the album, Apple Shampoo.
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