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  1. Sorry for not participating in this so far but I’ve been following along. BIOMY is no where near as bad as people make it out to be. Save Big Racoon crown Parking Lot as their worst song
  2. Interesting, never seen Mark with that bass before. He’s mentioned recording Dude Ranch on either Trombino’s or the studios “bubinga (wood) bass” could that be it?
  3. Enema got robbed. Should have come 1st place. Dude Ranch
  4. No particular order: enema of the state - blink-182 commit this to memory - motion city soundtrack tape deck heart - frank turner transgender dysphoria blues - against me! proper dose - the story so far does this look infected? - sum 41 a brief inquiry into online relationships - the 1975 american idiot - green day the black parade - my chemical romance nothing is true & everything is possible - enter shikari *forgot this album but it’s a must... say anything - say anything
  5. Boo voting out dream walker this early. Cheshire Cat.
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