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  1. Tom left again, they’re waiting for Matt to get there.
  2. My old ass can’t take another minute, come lets play. Some of us gotta go to work in 7 hours lol
  3. I think Tom was touring during it, also if Tom did show up, it would take away the attention from Kourtney.
  4. Im considering going to bed early tomorrow and wake up an hour earlier than I normally do so i can watch it in the morning
  5. I think the Coachella setlist was the perfect happy medium of playing their biggest hits and the most familiar deepcuts to the casual and hardcore fans. Almost every "casual" fan I know knows at least Anthem Part 2, Aliens Exist, Dumpweeds as such. I just want them to play that same setlist this weekend with 2 more extra songs.
  6. This won’t air until about 12:20am on the east coast, debating wether I should stay up or go to bed like a responsible adult. Does anyone know how long Coachella keeps their livestream up for?
  7. But seriously today is the perfect opportunity to drop a new single to promote ppl to catch the livestream for Coachella on Sunday. like i said before, blink needs better management
  8. I think next week we start hearing news on the album and probably a new song, release will probably be June.
  9. I don’t think anything is wrong within the band dynamic, Travis has always been this way imo.
  10. Frankly, I'm fucking stoked. lowkey bum Ill have to wait until Monday to watch this.
  11. I haven’t changed my name since 2003/04 whenever I joined here
  12. if you're fucked up we're to blame (Anthem Pt 3)
  13. so Rancid just announced their new album is coming June 2nd, so I think its safe to say we might not have to wait until August for this album, could come out in June
  14. I seriously give Tom and Mark both an A+ in their performances, the best they both ever sounded since before the 09 reunion. I'm super pumped for May 20th now
  15. Ill accept the autotune if it makes Tom sound this good live
  16. Knowing that Kris Jenner was probably watching the live stream and having to hear Tom talk about a Dalai Lama kissing booth warms up my heart.
  18. Its pretty fuckin funny that blink is just sandwiched in between a bunch of DJ’s
  19. I got $10 on the orange one. If he chooses no beanie, then well we all win.
  20. Lets place bets on what color beanie Tom is going to wear tonight
  21. They should open with I Wanna Fuck A Dog In the Ass
  22. I seen them a few years ago and they said they wrote a new album thats coming out and yet nothing lol
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