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  1. Have you tried being a Streetlight Manifesto fan? Also been waiting since 2013, lol
  2. They been sayin new music soon for like how long now lol
  3. So theres still a chance, I'm really starting to think that guy who posted about the 1999.ODDS and his friend who works in the industry is spot on. Plus the previous emails about tomorrows date and such.
  4. Ya know being 33 and living in New York, 9:30pm is pretty late for me so Ill be up late watching the livestream myself.
  5. So if the album were to surprise drop tomorrow, would the Australian know this in a few hours or do they drop surprise albums simultaneously at the same time for the whole world to main that surprise?
  6. this post is to apologize to everyone coming to thread because its labeled as "hot" right now.
  7. yea, Nine was their bad album. This new one from everything I heard is shaping up to be what I want from them.
  8. I think blink needs to fire their managers and hire Rick back cause they’re severely mismanaged.
  9. We need a radio station to leak out some info
  10. While we’re at it, lets take guess for the surprise album drop release date. (For fun) April 14th is my guess.
  11. remember when Smash Mouth and Travis had beef like 2 years ago lol
  12. the Offspring's first album is their best album and if they were to do any anniversary tour on that, I would go see them.
  13. Blink182italia posted something that one of the customer service reps for their merch website says the album is expected to ship April 14. Could they be shadow dropping this album on us?
  14. Gonna go ahead and assume that Terrified is going to be about Aliens.
  15. Travis just posted he is getting surgery on his finger so it probably all depends on that i guess
  16. Well hopefully they give us a new song in to make up for the cancellation of the SA tour
  17. these clowns on reddit are reaching now by deciphering Mark disappearing tweets 🤦‍♂️
  18. If it was out you wouldn’t be able to post this as the servers for this website would have crashed.
  19. Came here to say the same thing but ill take this over the reddit users posting the "what skiba songs will they play" 500 times a day
  20. Is Oliver still even here or is he just a urban legend these days?
  21. The production on Edging is fine, you’re smoking crack otherwise
  22. So i guess the dipshit who posted the "2-21-23" cryptic posts 2 weeks ago on Reddit was in fact just another dipshit. 🙄 Its 12pm eastern now, so no news coming today and probably the rest of this week.
  23. I just want an album that has fast throwback fun songs and songs that more like Untitled, so Ill be happy with whatever they give me unless of course the album lacks from the classic TD riffs.
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