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  1. Hey everyone can someone help me decide on the right Boomer shirt I should get for Halloween Can't decide between these 2 AVA Shirt TTS Shirt Personally id prob be more comfortable in the AVA shirt but also the TTS looks more color accurate. So i figured Id let you guys decide for me
  2. That Leo Dehoe guy is the definition of the Mom Can We Have meme was a person
  3. I love the ending of the video, they start killing all the bunnies.
  4. The whole band look like the fuckin sunshine state of florida, so fuckin orange. Jesus christ, will somebody lock them up inside a house for a month. Damn.
  5. I expect you to have the hook up to someone in NZ and provide us all with the leak over here for us.
  6. I don't mind Tom's voice, he's just aged and obviously it would sound a thousand times better if ever got lessons for it but idk it feels authentic and raw to me. (even with the auto-tune)
  7. After multiple tries and fails managed to score 1 pit ticket for May 20th on Long Island for $400. I mistakenly bought the Platinum ticket, oh well after multiple "another fan beat you" i just hit purchased and worried about the price later lol now MSG is whole another ball park.
  8. I'm pretty sure WEARECOMING is the general blink presale tomorrow and should work at any of the venues
  9. I’m actually liking the song a lot, lyrically it gives me Reckless Abandon/Dysentery Gary vibes with a modern take. Besides I think the album we’re going to get it gonna be a dark one, considering with Mark’s cancer and all. we shall see
  10. Not true at all, sometimes streaming services will release the new songs once the artist releases it themselves, which could be the case for blink right now.
  11. If there is a new song tomorrow, what are the chances it will hit streaming platforms at 12am?
  12. These fucking idiots on reddit are literally thinking by Tom posting a couple old punk songs is some sort of clue.
  13. Lets hope that guy who leaked Bored To Death fucks up again today.
  14. Maybe its The Wonder Years and Turnstile opening for blink, and Turnstile alone is getting pretty big and have a massive appeal about them.
  15. i said pretty much the same thing in august
  16. 1. Feeling This 2. WWMA? 3. Aliens Exist 4. The Rock Show 5. All The Small Things (just get it out of the way) 6. Apple Shampoo 7. I miss you 8. Wishing Well 9. Down 10. Wasting Time 11. Rollercoaster 12. Every Time I look for you 13. Not Now 14. Pathetic 15. Reckless Abandon 16. Adams Song 17. First Date 18. Stay Together For The Kids 19. Asthenia 20. What Went Wrong ENCORE: 21. drum solo 22. m+m’s 23. Carousel 24. Dammit tried my best to make this realistic as possible
  17. Between the reddits and Facebook groups, this place is definitely the purgatory of blink fans
  18. Also I’d like to add, I’m glad these forums still exist. You guys might be the most level headed blink fans on the internet congrats. Lmao Ok I’ll go back to lurking the forums until some actual news comes out again.
  19. Damn, the kids on reddit are a delusional bunch. Totally self centered pieces of shit
  20. Honestly, that guy from Reddit who know's someone who knows someone who also knows someone who works at Kerrang should get jumped today.
  21. So yea Tom is following blink’s instagram again.
  22. Have you guys seen Funko’s before? It looks like every other Funko there is.
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