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  1. I havent played blink in a long time so a bit rusty, which is why i made the chord progression mistake towards the end. I mostly play more metal so it was a change busting out my fender and mosfet pedals.
  2. I haven't played this song in ages, but thought id play the harder version. I tried to mix my guitar close to the speakers. It was first attempt and even made a mistake at one point. I cropped myself out because im fat and nobody needs to see that shit.
  3. For those complaining about Skiba's tone..did they not hear any of Toms performances post 2009? His overdrive was like a clean with someone spitting the signal
  4. that was fucking awful and nothing like toms style...its not toms style just because you have a epiphone td
  5. yeah there is they are called sekret machines.
  6. Since Neighbourhoods dropped ive taken this band and side projects and all of its members as it is rather than what i expect them to be.
  7. I dont mind either song tbh.
  8. Its very different the verses and chorus are very catchy. I miss guitars. Can definitely see why they would choose this as the lead single.
  9. so i added something somewhere if people know where to look?
  10. if someone could pm me a certain file
  11. That post must be old? As Ilan is the drummer and essentially 50% of the music now
  12. after a few listens i think people hit the nail on the head the chorus is strikingly similar to the bullets in the wind demos.
  13. I don't doubt that his voice isn't too different from DED..however I think for DED they probably had him do a different take or two to get rid of his accentuations on certain words.
  14. full quality version at http://www.91x.com/music/angels-airwaves-rebel-girl/
  15. have yet to hear a high quality version only the radio recorded so will reserve some judgement til then
  16. Can really tell that the dude just doesn't have his voice anymore. If this is what he sounds like cleaned up the tour is going to be a disaster. I miss the guys guitar riffs but I dont think he would have the ego to take a back seat and let someone else sing.
  17. or more likely the low bank account tingles
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