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  1. Question now is... will Arsenal spend the money?
  2. Madrid definitely should have won that game. They dominated the whole game and looked great. Ozil was brilliant. Benzema was just pure shit in front of goal. Messi's goal was nothing brilliant and probably should have been saved to be honest. Villa's goal was amazing. Oh well, that's just the way the cookie crumbles.
  3. Yeah he hasn't meshed well yet, but I'm sure the talent must still be there. I agree with you though, he thrives alone up top.. I wonder what it'll take to get Modric at this point. I hear rumblings of a Drogba transfer, whether it's to Marseilles or not, which I think would help and that kind of money can easily bring in Modric and another striker if need be... like Lukaku, which Chelsea had placed a bid on. Should be interesting, though.
  4. Haha I liked it sober and then once college came around last year I started playing a couple of songs that I knew during parties while drunk and from there I grew to love it.
  5. I love Torres. As a Chelsea supporter, I'm still a fan of him and still think that he can make a real impact for us.
  6. I know I was. I remember watching that live still to this day. What a great moment.
  7. Nice thanks man! Sorry if i didn't search enough. (not sarcasm!)
  8. Watched this last night... fucking ridiculous. Especially since he had just come in like 7 or 8 minutes before that without warming up. All skill. Personally, I think he's the best in the world in front of Messi... disagree if you may, but Ronaldo's got my vote.
  9. Sorry if there was a topic on this before.. but I searched back a like 5 pages and couldn't find anything. Anyway, who's a fan of dubstep? I've been listening for almost a year now, but I'm always down to find new songs. A couple of my favorite songs right now: - Video is so sick. Just a general discussion and post up dubstep songs you like!
  10. Still upset Richards got traded... though I'm excited for the prospects we got in return to see what they can do.
  11. I just picked up Fifa 11 yesterday. Fucking fun as hell. Big improvements from Fifa 10. Very satisfied so far.
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