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  1. woah. helllll yeah. blink still isnt gonna happen tho
  2. woah im lost, they all talked? wheres the proof?
  3. I bought it at FYE for $5, there not hard to find around here. So I'll do it. pwned
  4. bonhams are the best macbeth's for sure
  5. eh i didnt really care to see paramore. just wanted to see AVA, Shwayze, Everytime I Die, and August Burns Red
  6. i was at the dallas one too. i was kinda upset with AVA's performance, seemed very rush, but i guess thats just how warped tour is. i was signed up for the meet and greet but didnt end up going cause i was too busy chillin on the lawn puffin some greeen.
  7. rules are for fucking pussies.
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