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  1. is it rare for someone to be a star wars fan?
  2. FYE was the only place i could ever find anything after the death of sam goody/media play. I actually found my MTTS used there and then in the late 2000s they had new ones. the only difference i noticed was that the original one has a red bar code on the back and the other had a white one. i don't know if the white bar code version was a newer release or just imported.
  3. all i was saying is that 500k copies of a CD is a laughably large amount to be considered "limited" in comparison to a 2500 vinyl pressing. for the year 2000, i can see how that could sell out quickly when it was one of the only ways to hear it and the band was bigger than ever. i struggled to find a copy for myself for many years and i was searching for one in stores as far back as 2002. you shouldn't have been surprised about not finding one in 2008, though. CDs were dead by then and i'm sure most of blink's back catalog was no longer in print, just whatever was left in stock was still available to buy.
  4. yeah, that's basically what i just said
  5. MTTS was "limited" to at least 500,000 copies because it went gold in 2001. i think the limited hype sticker on the CD was more marketing than anything.
  6. my guess is they pressed 2500 on color and 2500 on black
  7. no offense but i hope they remove copies from orders that have more than one of a single variant so that other people can buy them. i'm sure some people bought two so that a friend could have one but the majority of them are just going to be flipped on discogs and ebay for 5x the price.
  8. should have set an alarm. totally missed it
  9. i feel like "coked out cheeto" has been used countless times on here
  10. i find it interesting that his voice has gotten higher-pitched as he's gotten older. it could just be the lack of alcohol or maybe he was intentionally singing lower for a decade. i honestly preferred when he sang lower during the chuck era
  11. i don't think anyone is arguing that feldmann lacks energy. that's why most people joke about him being coked out of his mind. but i also don't think he'd be able to do that every night on a four month long tour at his age. goldfinger mostly just plays festivals and one off shows.
  12. would love it if they ditched the yelawolf version of pretty little girl for this
  13. i have to imagine the whole situation now is super awkward and they are at a standstill until tom comes back. skiba is never going to quit and they are never going to attempt to bring in someone else.
  14. i still feel bad for him, aside from the fact that he makes 10x more money than he did before. he seemed super excited about joining the band and they spent a long time in the studio recording an album only to have it be scrapped by feldmann. since then, he's been reduced to an occasional lyricist and a touring musician for the band. skiba has always been one of my favorite songwriters. so, i'm super disappointed by the outcome of this. i hate knowing we'll never hear that original record.
  15. mark just posted a white copy of DED on vinyl on his instagram page. it wasn't a test press either so i would assume that'll go up for sale somewhere soon
  16. i feel like we have this exact same conversation in a sum 41 thread once per year. i think the production quality of UH is pretty great but most of those songs are just corny and dumb to me. "this is goodbye" and "no apologies" are my favorite songs from it and they didn't even make it on the actual record. i've been enjoying 13 Voices a lot more recently, though. the bad production and mixing holds that one back.
  17. i guess "low key traumatized" would be a better phrase to use? i certainly wouldn't use "gracious" to describe any of the interviews i've read. his most recent one was an email interview with a blink podcast and he skipped over nearly every question relating to the band. for those who believe he's received royalties for all sales of buddha, cheshire, and dude ranch; how do you know? i'd have to imagine he would have been pretty well off in the early 2000s if that were the case.
  18. i really like scott's work on dude ranch. with the limited info i have, he seems like somewhat of a difficult person who is still to this day bitter about what happened. however, he was barely an adult in 1998 (maybe 20 years old?). he gets a pass for being a moron. and i'm sure something happened where he never got paid for the millions of records sold that he worked on. most of those sales came post-enema. doesn't help that mark and tom practically erased him from all origin stories of the band as well.
  19. those aren't the videos tom showed him when he was on his podcast. he had him look up random stuff on youtube that was clearly fake. these military videos came out year or two after he did the podcast.
  20. oh man. i know i'm late to this but it's impossible to back tom on this one. no, none of us really know exactly what happened so everything is pure speculation; however, we're all adults and know how these relationships originate 99% of the time. so, it's not unreasonable to think it's a cold move. this was probably a friendship ruining decision. i doubt he talked to chris cote about it. he probably had rick devoe email him. the fact that chris cote was with this girl since he was a teenager is a really bad look especially because tom went out of his way to claim she didn't know him as musician, yet there she is waiting in line to buy dude ranch in 1997. either way, i'm excited for the album.
  21. blink is featured on the show in archival footage and in interviews because they worked with one of the LA artists that the show focuses on, estevan oriol. he did a lot of videos and photos for them during the untitled era. they aren't claiming to be from LA.
  22. it's growing on me a bit. the lyrics are a little too topical, in what seems like a forced way but all three of these new songs prove that tom is still a great songwriter imo
  23. i don't think this is an album track. sounds like he threw it together for charity a week ago
  24. i recently picked up an OG yellow lemmings for a pretty good price. i've had the OG black lemmings and tctcu for a super long time but never pulled the trigger on the color variants. i just need the blue tctcu but i think it's hard to track down considering all of the represses. most sellers don't show the name of the pressing plant etching to help narrow them down either. i can't help but to wonder if all of those late 2000s color variants are bootlegs. surely cargo music isn't still around and paying to press those?
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