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Found 11 results

  1. I don't know if this has ever been discussed before but thought it would probably be super interesting for a thread! Obviously the way how Tom says "The voice inside my head" in the chorus has become iconic. But the way how Tom pronounces the word "Time" in the chorus always fascinated me and I knew why straight away from the first listen. Here's why : In the song "Muffled" by Ten Foot Pole on Rev (1994) , Scott Radinsky (lead singer) pronounces "Time" in a very distinct way similar to Tom: "Think of all the times you made me wait" "The times the wasted times" And in the song "Old Man" from the same record, he again pronounces the word "Time" exactly like in "Muffled" but this time during the chorus: "I know at first i seemed too busy But now i'll make the time" Did Tom get inspired or influenced by Scott Radinsky's voice for the song "I Miss You" ? Or is this a super total and random coincidence that I discovered haha What do you think ? 😃 I know that Ten Foot Pole toured a lot with Blink back in the day and there's footage evidence of Tom skateboarding with an old school Ten Foot Pole hoodie
  2. So as promised, I started to banter too much about Tom's Les Paul's in another thread, thus the creation of this one. As to my understanding, Gibson gave Tom a few Les Pauls, these were not used for the recording of Dude Ranch, but for their tours. These LP's were the successors of Tom's iconic Sticker Strat, they came into use during late 97 to 98 or early 99 when Tom acquired his own signature strats Tom actually put an invader in the bridge and he also removed both tone knobs and the neck volume knob of some LP's, this could very probably have led to the creation of his signature strat's that everyone knows. Sometime during Blink/Green Day's pop-punk disaster tour, Tom apparently gave 2 Les pauls to Chris Cote from Kut U Up. Feel free to post stuff about anything that contains or mentions his Les Pauls - I'll start by posting a picture of a happy Delonge playing his wine red Les Paul that had a big Billabong sticker and also what looks like some star sticker? I personally don't know so, if anyone knows what the sticker is, you can gladly say
  3. Last year I went on a gear safari and ended up with original runs of both the Tom and Mark signature Fenders, in surf green and daphne blue, respectively. Today the owner of my local guitar shop called and told me that Gibson Nashville has one brand new Tom Delonge Epiphone Left in their warehouse. I’ve been losing eBay wars and having marketplace people flake on me for so long I never thought I’d get one, let alone for the standard price, new from the manufacturer. Had to post here because I was just approved for this forum this morning, and then the phone rang. Fucking cosmic. Also, nobody but my best friend cares and I had to tell someone.
  4. I know that the one on the bottom is a VL 502 but what's the one on the top? I'm pretty sure he used it in the M+Ms video as well. I'm assuming it acts as his dirty channel- I see both cables going to one box.
  5. http://teecapsule.bigcartel.com/ Bootleg Blink-182 long sleeve shirts printed on black Comfort Colors tees. Quantity is limited to 24 pieces.
  6. It's not even an exaggerated parody anymore...
  7. Hey guys, i'm new here. Found out about this site from searching for stuff on the tom delonge signature strat. Figured this would be a good place to say im in the market to buy me one. Im looking for one of the following: Seafoam green, black, or white. no squire! just fender. ive been trying to get my hands on one of these babies for years now, but i never had money before and nowadays the ebay prices lateley are ridiculous it seems or the strats are fakes or dinged up real bad. let me know, or if you want just post pictures of yours cause i like to look at em! thanks
  8. Hello everyone, ive been trying to find a site other than E-bay to sell my SIGNED fender strat, not a reproduction, not a fake...a legit 100% signed by mark tom and travis guitar, I got it as a birthday present right before I met them at a best buy signing and its been sitting ever since, its barely been used to play, and has 1 VERY small dent you can barely see unless you look for it. Just wondering if anyone here would actually be interested in it? send me a message and i can send pics
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