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radioactive tomdog

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where the fuck does he get that shit?

where the fuck does anybody get the stuff that they have of blink on ebay man holy shit, they get stuff that wasnt even in stores and was given to like secret people.


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i bought that one 24.00 punds cheaper... in london 3 years ago

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its not that far away from australia :wink:

well i taiwan you can buy these cds for like 4 buicks or something... they are often fakes...

Thats not true these are original,yeah fakes you can buy cheap but an original CD costs in Taiwan also about 8-10$.I know it

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Guest lando45
How much do you think one of two pink 'Atticus Ali' jacket would go for?


And for the people saying this item is dumb' date=' it's not. I guess non-collectors can't really see the beauty in such an item. And I know the seller, he got it on eBay 8 months ago I think from a Taiwanese seller. It's not really [i']that rare, but it's still really rad. I'll probably bid.

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