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  1. Can someone link me please? Haven't had a chance to listen yet due to work!
  2. I think that's what it makes it so rad to me! Haha.
  3. Sorry man. Didn't mean for that to sound like an attack. Haha. Been at work for 14 hours and I'm feeling delirious. I don't mind tea occasionally, so I ain't gonna jib with that. Hahaha. More of a coffee drinker myself.
  4. Not even close! Don't even get me started on that! Hahaha.
  5. I did this too. Totally coincidental, but just watched all 3 again recently, then read about a fourth. Pretty stoked to be honest.
  6. Fuck, salty enough? I hardly come on here anymore. Not just "Showing up" when they won. Typical fuckin' pom when it comes to sports though. Can never take defeat. You only mention Smith? So the Aussie attack had nothing to do with the result either ay? Good one with the whole "shrimp on the barbie too" Original.
  7. Hahahaha! Poms still living on a high after the WC win. Aussies just dominant. Poms need some huge changes!
  8. Mitch.


    Anyone watching the world cup?
  9. This is so much better than new Blink. Sorry. And I'm the fucking biggest fan. Still can't take to Matt. Call yourselves another fucking name.
  10. That is by far, the WORST, Blink filmclip I have ever seen! What the fuck are they thinking?! God that was terrible.
  11. I first met Mark in 2007 and he was so fucking rad. So down to earth. Asked me to watch their set from side stage then hung out with me for half an hour after just chatting. I'd met Tom at their AVA show in Sydney in 2006 (?) and to me, Mark seemed so much cooler at the time. Seemed way more chill and easier to talk to. Seen them both again when they were with Blink in 2012 in Sydney and Tom was way more excitable then. He and Mark seemed to bounce off each other. Mark remembered me from the years before which was pretty cool, and they both seemed stoked to be there. To me Mark was so much cooler in person, and seemed way funnier. Over the last few years though, he's seemed like more of a douche in interviews though. It's weird...
  12. Personal opinion of course.... Promos; Punk. I can still go back and watch his old promos on YouTube. Love them. In the ring; Y2J Overall; Reigns. I kid! Fucking hate him. 'Taker. When he was in his prime. Awesome storytelling.
  13. What the fuck is with all the vocal effects on this song?! Not keen. Not keen at all!
  14. Mitch.


    I appreciate what you're saying, I just still don't think it's going to work. At least CP could still shoot somewhat. I think the only reason WB asked for a trade there, is so he could love it up with Harden. Still, can't see HOU winning anything either way. Which makes me happy considering I know average Dubs are going to be.
  15. Mitch.


    Dude, Russ is going to like the way they play? Harden running out the clock just to jack up a 3, or kick it to another shooter?! Both of them need the ball in their hands to be efficient. And it certainly isn't going to happen playing together. Things may seem like they work at first, but not when the big games come along and shit gets to crunch time. The HOU system is basically a polar opposite to what makes WB thrive. He's going to hate it.
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