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  1. Mitch.


    Rugby, or rugby league? Is it the Aussie one?
  2. Just finished The Art Of Self Defense. Very average. 2/5 Had to finish it though. I hate not finishing a movie. Haha. Wouldn't recommend it however.
  3. Mitch.


    So. Everyone's thought on the season being back on soon? Personally, I think it's going to strange. Though I don't mind the Dubs getting an even longer offseason though! 😂
  4. He was one of the best characters in Seinfeld, hands down. Serenity now! RIP.
  5. If anyone is in to metal/hardcore, the new doco about Parkway Drive is fucking awesome!!! Viva The Underdogs. Insane.
  6. Larry was great, no doubt about it. But he was no Kobe, MJ or Lebron. Just my opinion anyway...
  7. MJ is the GOAT. Simple. Followed by Kobe, Wilt and Lebron. I am love TLD so much! So rad to see what happens behind closed doors, and I love how the show jumps from year to year. Great insight into the difference between eras.
  8. Morgan Freeman Denzel Washington Johnny Depp Ryan Reynolds Margot Robbie (Purely eye-candy factor) 🤙
  9. Hahaha. Yeah I know man. Just being a cunt back to him...
  10. Mitch.


    I'm so fucking bored! Thank Christ I'm still working!
  11. Plus, you need to learn to spell.... How the fuck am I "sweaty"? Or did you actually mean "sweety"?
  12. Mate, if you don't like feedback or criticisms, don't post shit. Simple.
  13. This is fucking terrible....
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