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  1. Mitch.


    He still has the fucking audasity to have a cry to ref too! And it's clearer than day that he used his off arm to push off! (Like he does on most plays too) I honestly can't remember the last player to get away with as much shit as he does, and still get showered in praise. It'a fucking ridiculous.
  2. Mitch.


    Harden got 30 though! That's all that matters....
  3. Mitch.

    The Wrestling Topic

    Was WAYYYYYYY too long!! They need to drop RAW back to 2 hours as well.
  4. Mitch.


    Lakers have sold out every game this season. But that's the Lebron effect. I'm not sure on the exact numbers, but I'm sure GSW have sold out every home game for 3-4 straight seasons too. They were still selling out before this championship run too. Most "Rockets fans" are just Spurs fans who jumped on to Houston when they started winning more games.
  5. Mitch.


    I notice this everytime I see their games. The place is NEVER full!
  6. Mitch.


    No thanks.
  7. Mitch.

    What TV show are you watching?

    Just re-watched Punisher season 1, and started season 2. Absolutely love the show! Really love how brutal it is.
  8. Mitch.


    The media just fixates on a topic and runs with it. Like they are currently doing with Harden. Fuck, they were lucky to beat the MAGIC today. On their home floor! Media is never gonna try put James in a bad light either. He’s the true “golden boy”.
  9. Mitch.

    The Wrestling Topic

    Needed to make Becky look stronger then. Not tap. Shifty finish would have been better.
  10. Mitch.


  11. Mitch.


    I don't know who the fuck he gets away with it? 80% of the time he uses his off arm to push off too. It's disgusting how much the media blows him too!
  12. Mitch.


    Harden is the most boring player to watch in the entire league! The only people who like watching his flopping, traveling and jacking up 3pa, are Rockets fans. He's inefficient as fuck, but the media loves him because of the numbers.... Can't stand the guy. Imagine if Curry, Durant, Giannis or Lebron took as many shots and lived at the line like Harden does. They'd average 60! The dude scored 60-odd shooting 5-20 from deep. It's ridiculous. Game is so ugly now!
  13. Mitch.

    American Football. NCAA/NFL

    That's kinda contradicting your point? Pats couldn't win in reg. time either. Yet a flip of a coin determines it? I just don't understand why in the reg. season games, both teams got a possesion, but not in OT? Both games had terrible calls that in-turn determined the outcomes. The one in the Saints game will go down as one of the worst no-calls ever. And roughing the passer call that went against KC was ridiculous. Didn't even make contact with the head. It was his shoulder. So glad I have to work this Superbowl. Because this is the least interested I have been in years now. Couldn't give a fuck about either team.
  14. Mitch.


    Fuck, Lakers can't catch a break at the moment!
  15. Mitch.

    Would you go see Blink 182 live?

    I'd see them purely just to watch Travis drum the whole time. Never been able to see them with him in the lineup as he won't fucking fly!