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  1. Mitch.


    Well that was defiantly a shock! But hey, I'll take it. What a fucking monster game from Pascall! Devon Booker was HUGEEE for the Suns tonight too. So damn efficient too. Been super impressed with his connection with Baynes at the moment. The big man is playing incredibly well in the place of Ayton at the moment.
  2. Mitch.


    Got another $220 yesterday. Was riding on the Clips on the last leg. Got me very nervous at one point!
  3. Mitch.


    Mate, when it comes to betting, you tip with your head, not with your heart...
  4. Mitch.


    I was actually cheering Charlotte today. Hahhaa... Had a multi bet going. Sixers saved me at the buzzer. $10 bet for a $180 return. Killed me wanting CHA to win though! Hahaha.
  5. Mitch.


    I hope Klay and Steph sit the whole season now. Get some rest. They’ve played 100+ games each the past 5 seasons. Come back 100% next year.
  6. Mitch.


    Thank fuck Dubs finally got a win too! Hahaha.
  7. Mitch.


    Harden just went fucking 21/22 from the free throw line. That's fucking disgusting!! And went 8/21 from the field and 3/14 from deep and still manages a fucking 40 point game. Fuck I hate that cunt so much!!
  8. Mitch.


    I'm just glad I'm at work and didn't have to sit through that abomination.
  9. Mitch.


  10. Mitch.


    Fuck, Trey with the dagger again! That kid is damn good. Good game by Russ today. Saved that game for the Rocks. Was massive. Harden was fucking shit. Those numbers were disgusting! Hahah.
  11. Mitch.


    I’m with you man. I hate how players can get out of contracts at ease. Happens here with rugby league. A player in the team I support signed a 3 year deal for 200k a season, but had an amazing season so he’s now worth around 450k+ so he’s asked for a release to go elsewhere. Contracts don’t mean shit these days and it’s a fucking joke!
  12. Mitch.


    Well that was sad. Gonna be a long season for me boys! Haha. Fuck, Trey Young balled out today! I really rate him. Loved seeing Rocks lose! Harden is such a fraud. Quite possibly the worst stat line I’ve seen. Once again saved by the FTA. Hope they don’t win a game all year! 😂
  13. Mitch.


    Got a bit unlucky there man! I thought your guys had it ay.
  14. Mitch.


    At work today, so I will only be able to check box-scores. Will be able to watch Dubs tomorrow though, so I'm all good with that. Haha. As for Curry, I am thinking 25+ There just isn't the threat of other shooters at the moment to allow defenders to sag off him, so double teams will be used a bit I am thinking.
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