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  1. Mitch.


    Can't see it happening. He wants to get paid what he's worth and Dubs won't be able to go that deep into the luxury cap. I think he leaves. Though if he leaves, I think they make a bigger play for Cousins.
  2. Mitch.


    He'd have fucking NOTHING if he wasn't playing ISO the whole time though. Legit!
  3. Mitch.


    Yeah I did bro. Just wanted to be a cunt and clarify though...... 🤣
  4. Mitch.

    Rank the Best Metal bands of our time

    Fuck man. Definitely NOT epic! If only....
  5. Mitch.

    Rank the Best Metal bands of our time

    Ohhhh! Hahaha. Got ya! I'm so out of the loop here nowadays! Way to busy. Haha
  6. Mitch.

    Rank the Best Metal bands of our time

    Am I out of the loop on something? Haha
  7. Mitch.


    I was working, so was unable to watch it. Highlights looked fucking insane though! Some of the assists for were insane! Both ways. Loved seeing players mic'd up too.
  8. Mitch.


    I meant compared to previous years dude...
  9. Mitch.


    Was boring as fuckkkk!
  10. Mitch.


    Harden is just boring as fuck to watch! There was a game just the other day, where Rocks were up 15+ and he was STILL out there to make sure he got his 30. There was less than 60 seconds left in the game when he got there. That's why he will never win anything. He cares more about personal accomplishments than anything else. I don't see Rocks getting out of the first round. Especially when the refs don't call his flopping on every drive. Not to mention he's one of the most inefficient players going. I get so fucking frustrated watching him play.
  11. Mitch.


    He still has the fucking audasity to have a cry to ref too! And it's clearer than day that he used his off arm to push off! (Like he does on most plays too) I honestly can't remember the last player to get away with as much shit as he does, and still get showered in praise. It'a fucking ridiculous.
  12. Mitch.


    Harden got 30 though! That's all that matters....
  13. Mitch.

    The Wrestling Topic

    Was WAYYYYYYY too long!! They need to drop RAW back to 2 hours as well.
  14. Mitch.


    Lakers have sold out every game this season. But that's the Lebron effect. I'm not sure on the exact numbers, but I'm sure GSW have sold out every home game for 3-4 straight seasons too. They were still selling out before this championship run too. Most "Rockets fans" are just Spurs fans who jumped on to Houston when they started winning more games.
  15. Mitch.


    I notice this everytime I see their games. The place is NEVER full!