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  1. Been a Niners fan for years. And fuck it's been rough! This season has been amazing though. Never thought they'd make the SB! Match up is going to be amazing. Best offense verse best defense. The Chiefs O-line is going to have to be on their game to stop Bosa, Ford and the other beasts at getting to Mahomes. This really has the potential to be one of the greatest SB's in years! Jimmy is definitely going to have to throw more this game though. I don't think the pure run game will work the same as it did against GB. Two of the best TE's in the game at the moment too. Fuck it's gonna be fun!
  2. Mitch.


    Wow. I love Christmas Day 'ball. (Well, Boxing Day here), but still my favorite day for NBA. This game should be a blinder too!
  3. Mitch.


    Come one man, I always talk about all games, well most, and definitely discuss other teams and games. I haven't watched nearly as many games as I'd like this season because of work. From games I've seen though, I've really enjoyed it so far. Most of you on here know I don't talk just Dubs.
  4. League is only 25 rounds now, and there are 16 teams.... Top 8 to the finals.
  5. Mitch.


    Anywayyyyy.... Back to the 'ball. What's everyone's thoughts on the season so far? Me, I'm actually a little surprised the AD/LBJ combo is working so well, so soon. Going to be interesting to see Kawaii and PG13 play together for the first time. Luka is actually ballin' the fuck out this year! He's going to be elite one day. Soon. Trey Young has stepped his game up too. I think Pascall can be one of the sneaky great gets of the draft. Harden still annoys the actual fuck outta me! Can not watch HOU games, AT ALL! Ja Morant is exceeding my expectations. Been a good season so far! (Not so much for me, but it is what it is. Hahha) What's everyone else thinking so far?
  6. Mitch.


    As most of you all know, I've been a massive Steph fan for years. Since I started this topic all those years ago. He is undoubtedly the greatest SHOOTER of all time. But he has to be because of his frame. He can't bully his way to the rim like LBJ, doesn't have the strength that Harden has to flop his way to the line, and doesn't have the pure natural, god-given, freaky talents of KD. He has however, made up for this with his insane range, incredible handles and fairly decent ability to finish at the rim. He's not the greatest defender, but tries hard, and gets his fair share of steals and deflections. Hiding him on defense is an obvious choice when you have Klay on the team when Klay is an elite defender in his position. Him being a product of the system is somewhat true. However, Steph IS the system.
  7. Mitch.


    Well that was defiantly a shock! But hey, I'll take it. What a fucking monster game from Pascall! Devon Booker was HUGEEE for the Suns tonight too. So damn efficient too. Been super impressed with his connection with Baynes at the moment. The big man is playing incredibly well in the place of Ayton at the moment.
  8. Mitch.


    Got another $220 yesterday. Was riding on the Clips on the last leg. Got me very nervous at one point!
  9. Mitch.


    Mate, when it comes to betting, you tip with your head, not with your heart...
  10. Mitch.


    I was actually cheering Charlotte today. Hahhaa... Had a multi bet going. Sixers saved me at the buzzer. $10 bet for a $180 return. Killed me wanting CHA to win though! Hahaha.
  11. Mitch.


    I hope Klay and Steph sit the whole season now. Get some rest. They’ve played 100+ games each the past 5 seasons. Come back 100% next year.
  12. Mitch.


    Thank fuck Dubs finally got a win too! Hahaha.
  13. Mitch.


    Harden just went fucking 21/22 from the free throw line. That's fucking disgusting!! And went 8/21 from the field and 3/14 from deep and still manages a fucking 40 point game. Fuck I hate that cunt so much!!
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