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  1. I don't really get the MH hate..not a bad tune at all
  2. Yeah it honestly wouldn't surprise me if Tom never heard MH or FTG until the album was out lol. I like MH quite a bit, Left Alone is just the better overall tune.
  3. I'm at 6-4, California right now. Sounds about right
  4. It's pretty common for bands that tour extensively to have legs of a tour in "smaller" venues (~8,000 capacity). Especially when these recent dates have all been in the south/midwest, places they don't usually play, without an opening act that is a huge draw.
  5. I've listened just enough to think to myself "ha, this band blows" and never think about them again!
  6. I don't remember songs or song titles from terrible, irrelevant bands
  7. I don't really like Linkin Park but i'd prefer them over bands like that
  8. Hopefully because it will be the final single. If they don't use Sober as a single it's a huge mistake imo.
  9. JFC. just listened to this for the first time.
  10. I remember being kind of bummed when I first got Tom's signature. He signed it "T."
  11. I'll consider it a single when the band acknowledges it as such by releasing a video or calling it "our new single" or something
  12. Well I don't see how a single can be "flopping hard" when it was JUST released and the band hasn't even acknowledged it yet.
  13. Seems a bit premature to melt down. They haven't even announced it as a single, released the video, or started playing it live yet.
  14. The Offspring has to be one of the worst, most irritating bands of all time.