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  1. I am hereby officially predicting the following. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Travis will in fact team up with Tom for a sequel to the Box Car Racer album. It will feel awkward at first, but the end result will be a positive for Tom and what he has left as a musician. It will be the best album Tom has been involved with since at least WDNTW, but most likely since Untitled. Travis will push him to release something worthwhile and genuinely good. Something authentic. The relative success of the effort will wake Tom up to his true potential and connect him with the roots of his past. Tom will rejoin blink, but as a four piece with Skiba to record the next blink album. Feldmann will remain involved, but to a lesser extent because there will be more creative sources involved to lesson his load as a co-writer. This is no guarantee, just a prediction. LI could be completely wrong. But now I'm on the record. Fingers crossed for something genuinely awesome to come. It feels like, to me, that the best may be yet to come. And that is coming from someone who loved California. /drunk Friday night post. Thoughts?
  2. hahaha you made it longer than I did.
  3. Yikes, you a little worked up there champ?
  4. I have tried to unban them each time Speedo does it. So I think the Clarke accounts should be free to flourish unless Speedo overreaches again.
  5. So I'll just take your word for it, as a mod here you have told 11 different people to kill themselves? But parody accounts are a no no?
  6. Terrifying!
  7. What other people have you told to kill themselves Speedo?
  8. Who else have you said it to?
  9. The bottom line is we should have rid ourselves of Mr. Banana Hammock early on when we knew he had sociopathic tendencies.
  10. PC millennials happened. Thanks Clarke.
  11. I refused to acknowledge Clarke for his first year here, I just assumed he was a sock account. It was a sad moment when I had to accept that someone like this actually exists.
  12. Exactly... There's no room for this PC nonsense on blink online. Anything goes here besides blatant spamming and clutter topics that are unanimously dumb.
  13. It all comes back to the pee pee tape Clarke got a hold of. He's been compromised.