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  1. Well he must be taking a break from this place again
  2. It's not the most comforting thing in the world, but if my wife worked full time, half the money would go to day care anyway. And we only trust select people with our kids anyway. Would never drop them off at some rando cheap daycare.
  3. It's a two way street. If one person is staying at home taking care of your kids, you are also dependent on THEM. Not to mention, taking care of kids is harder than a lot of day jobs and is thankless work. Sucks you had a terrible girlfriend that used you for money. Doesn't mean you can waltz around making terrible generalizations about families and relationships.
  4. You said that single income parents have a relationship of servitude.
  5. You aint seen nothing yet.
  6. I am married with two kids, my wife stays at home, I work. If you have any questions about how it works in real life, let me know! This servitude stuff Oliver is pushing is pure garbage.
  7. You don't know shit about raising kids, or being married, or being a stay at home mom or dad, or parenting in general. Stop talking out of your ass.
  8. Yeah, the gold digger talking point is stupid as fuck. Better off ignoring it and continuing the conversation than following down another idiotic Oliver rabbit hole.
  9. We'll probably never know what actually went down, but there was clearly some kind of event that resulted in Tom living in a one room shih apahment, and Jen and their kids suddenly coming alive on social media. Face selfies and all. And lots of praise for Jen out of the daughter, no mention of Tom by any of them. I think the intel I brought to the table about the family recognizing and living with his mental illness was correct, but some sort of tipping point or agreement must have been reached for Tom to now be living alone, sleeping on a couch.
  10. Ghent

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    this is strangely enjoyable!
  11. If being in a hot tub with other men makes you an automatic Ethan, what does cuddling in bunk beds with other men make you?
  12. *yawn* Oliver arguing points that no one even made. *yawn* Oliver making something that has nothing to do with "the law" into an attack on Casey's knowledge of it broken record. boooring.
  13. I wasn't really trying to conclude anything, by the way. Just feel like it's strange to shrug off a question about your own kid, but in the same response passionately ramble about fake shit. Seemed to reveal some priorities, that's all. Could be wrong
  14. Not surprised he didn't go into detail, doesn't mean anything. But to shrug off that question and then turn it into a huge ramble about aliens and the governments of the world supporting TTS is very strange. Thought you were taking a break from this place Oliver?