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  1. I'm completely fine with statues to honor the dead Clarke, as long as they aren't honoring Confederate soldiers in front of government buildings or city/public property.
  2. Actually Andrew Johnson doesn't deserve a statue. He was a POS. But at least he was president of this country and not a treasonous opponent.
  3. Wait. The whole statue thing was ignited by a white supremacist rally to save a statue. Followed by the President of the US tweeting today about how great the statues are. Who are the snowflakes obsessing over statues again? I'm fine with all of them getting statues, especially Indiana Jones. But I'm most curious why you spelled out Hussein but used middle initials for most of the rest.
  4. What if I drive there?
  5. Not sure what to do with it.... It's a Brady Bunch gif level troll at best, but those are for Jan.
  6. I have a list a mile long of monuments to dead people that I love. Mt. Rushmore is one of my favorite places.
  7. I'm sorry I confused you and didn't include the word "confederate" before the word "monuments," Clarke. I apologies.
  8. Just like Trump on Tuesday, this could be a new low for Clarke.
  9. Clarke after a day of abuse:
  10. Yeah, when he gets beat around on issues suddenly he breaks out into these awkward side shows. Like the day he kept calling me a bunch of comedians I'd never heard of. That was weird.
  11. Because dumb ole Ghent left out the word "confederate" in front of "statues" in a remark that came after 5 pages of discussion about "Confederate statues." It confused Clarke. So instead of debating, which he can't because he only supports the statues because he's racist, he's created this strange little side show about Babe Ruth.
  12. Because we were talking about Confederate monuments Clarke. Your fetal alcohol syndrome is really kicking in today.
  13. One of the statues they took down in Baltimore was of a Supreme Court justice who made the Dred Scott ruling. That statue belongs in the garbage. That is a racist monument.
  14. No. It shouldn't be offensive to see a Confederate monument in a civil war battlefield unless you're some kind of try-hard, sensitive pansy. But in front of a courthouse? Different story.