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  1. Shurt182

    California Deluxe Album

    Maybe just the "If you need me" part?
  2. Shurt182

    California Deluxe Album

    It would be really cool if the female vocal at the end of Bottom of the Ocean was Carol Heller
  3. Shurt182

    Rank em'

    1- Chapter XIII: 10 years ago this song would have been my number 11. But it is such a grower. The desperate lyrics of how a boy goes all out for a girl is a crazy story. I love how the live version starts with the bridge and they break into the intro from there. The guitars in the intro are so great, and I love how they change to the jumpy notes in the verses. Marks verses here drive me crazy. I think that they are the best verses he's written to date, and the chorus is very close as well. I think that the chorus part, "softly dreaming", may be where he sang his highest. That, or in No, It Isn't (the high part during the last chorus where Carol's part was on the demo). The song sounds like it is creating a 2 hour movie over 5 minutes. It drives me crazy how there is so much to think about in the verses and the chorus that its crammed into one song. I want to see this song played out in a movie or read it in a book, it's amazing. Travis kills it in the chorus's and the guitars are madly all over that it's beautiful. The breakdown in the bridge is a clear "fuck you", but it's sad as well that it won't feel any better. The acoustic guitar and acoustic bass at the very end of the song, and album, contrast the loneliness of the album. From a killer, hard rock, in your face opener like Lycanthrope to the lonely, distant feeling of the last minute of this song to close the album, it shows how much of a rollercoaster this album is. If you let it, it will take you on an incredible journey. 2- No, It Isn't: This song will be a memory in me forever. I remember checking the official (+44) website daily for updates or new song lyrics or a new picture. When this song appeared on the site, on Tom's birthday, I was floored. How could it not have been a shot at him. I loved the move. Every word Mark sing's sounds like a letter he is writing. Travis's drums are so calm and chill until that last chorus comes in. I like how they added the guitar solo in the finished version. I remember ordering a white shirt from their website and was so excited when I got one of the No, It Isn't demo CD's included. I put that into my iTunes and played the shit out of it. It was actually on repeat for days. Hearing Carol harmonize with Mark at the end is amazing. I remember seeing the short clip of them recording this song on Meet The Barker's and the air in the recording studio is so subdued, nothing like the Untitled sessions. Hearing how Mark sounded without Tom for the first time was great and it still gives me chills. This song still holds a bit of me that really wants another (+44) album, or just more new Blink stuff that will go in this direction. 3- Lycanthrope: This was the first song I heard from the band, aside from the No, It Isn't demo with Carol. This song blew me away. Mark's scream in this song is fantastic. It's nice to hear Craig on the chorus's too. Its so fun to hear Mark go for it and just write a hard song about everything being so fucked up. The lead guitars sound very Werwolf-y as well which is so cool. I remember getting a rip of the song from the 44Disasters forum and having it on repeat for weeks. Such a good opener for the album too. Just make sure when you play it that you're speakers aren't already turned all the way up. 4- Lillian: One of the most honest songs I think Mark has written. The song sounds so much like a plea to just take everything that a person can offer. It feels like he is giving up and is just willing to fall in line. I know he said it is about a lady from San Diego but the great part about music is that we can interpret it how we want and everybody can relate to it on different levels. The acoustic guitars in the verses are perfect and they keep the song on the brink of sad and desperate. This has a classic Mark bridge, which I love. I remember seeing a video of their first show and this song hung onto me for so long. Seeing Mark take center stage with his pink bass with the Finland flag sticker on it, I knew everything would be ok after the Blink breakup. I think this song is in 6/8 as well which is neat. 5- Baby Come On: Another staple song of what the band wanted to be. The guitar synth parts and the jumpy guitar sounds in the verses make this a very fun song. I love the songs where Mark writes about a girl because it tells such a great story. It's a very relatable song. Kaleidoscope reminded me of this song, but I'm very glad I didn't hear Tom on the chorus of Baby Come On because that would have been tragic. The acoustic version is great as well, and I love how that one is in a different key. It strips the song down but takes it to another level at the same time. 6- Little Death: I love the verses where Mark sings the low and high octaves. I remember another interview where he said during the recording for the album, he sang the highest and lowest he's ever sang on an album. I think the low octave on the verses is down there for him. This song is a great one to just stare into space with your headphones on. The heavy chorus compliments the softness of the verses that you can't help but get goosebumps when that chorus just punches you in the face. 7- When Your Heart Stops Beating: This song is one that encompasses the essence of the band. Synthy guitar sounds in the intro, heavy bass and drum with chugging rhythm guitars. The recipe for (+44). Mark sounds great in the verses and I love the breakdown in the bridge. I love the effects on the bass in the second verse as well. A very fun title track that they seem to love to play, especially when Travis goes so hard in the video shoot he breaks his arm. Either that or all of the drugs he was taking at the time. This is another reason why his book "Can I Say" is such a great read. 8- Make You Smile: Another road sign that may have paved the path for the first three piece incarnation of (+44). I loved hearing Mark and Carol sing together through the song and I think it would have been very cool to see them do it live. May have made a great single had they gone in the original direction. 9- 155: I would have liked to hear more of the electronic vibe that they started the band with and I feel that this song is a good indication of where it could have gone. I loved how Mark and Tom would do the call and answer parts in Blink songs, but this song made me happy that it was just Mark doing it on the chorus's here and that Tom would not be missed. 10- Weatherman: Loved Mark's interview where he compared this song to Adam's Song. The one where he wanted Adam's Song to wrap up on a happy note and not be too depressing, but with Weatherman he just wanted to write a flat out dark song. I think its clear that a lot of the songs written for the album came from the last days of Blink and that this song came from the core of that. I love how they kept Carol's part on the last chorus in the song. 11- Cliff Diving: A quick, fun, straightforward pop-punk song. It paints a nice summer picture and tells a cool story of a 3 month summer vacation love. I do find myself listening to this song the least though.
  4. Shurt182

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I think that was the Little Death demo, still sounds great. Marks voice is very good in those recordings too
  5. Shurt182

    California discussion

    Great summer songs. I hope the Skiba era continues, he's killing it all over the album, sounds great.
  6. Shurt182

    California Press, Articles, and Interviews

    I can see the setlist changing after the album is released
  7. Shurt182

    California Press, Articles, and Interviews

    New content will be "unlocked" daily at http://www.spotify-thedrop.com/#/drop/212 until the album is released
  8. Shurt182

    California CD & Vinyl bundles are up

    I also received an email back saying that if the signed drumhead was in your receipt email then you will be receiving it. "The drumheads were a limited option, and you were one of the lucky customers who snagged one. Congrats! So while you won't see your drumhead on your order status page, consider this email your confirmation that you will receive a signed drumhead." Weird they didn't say limited option on the page at the time of purchase, but sounds like if it's on your receipt your getting it
  9. Shurt182

    California CD & Vinyl bundles are up

    I have the same dilemma. My order number ended in 143. I emailed as well so I will be sure to share what they have to say.
  10. Shurt182


    California is the album title according to the kroq live stream
  11. Shurt182


    Matt sure puts emphasis on the "H" on the second verse. Its weird not hearing "The pictures in her yead"
  12. Shurt182


    Thats awesome, really cool to see them mix it up like that
  13. Shurt182


    Is Skiba doing the first chorus and second verse?