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  1. Here's my band a few years ago:
  2. i actually have the same guitar as you, it was the same colour and everything. Here's what i've done with it: Couldn't find a decent picture, sry. Didn't break the guitar, was just a pose, having some fun.
  3. Hey guys, i haven't been around lately, just checked back a few times for news on blink. I was busy the previous months writing and recording an EP with my band, and i'm pretty excited for you guys to hear it. A bunch of you will probably say "he's using the blink forum to get he's EP noticed" - which is absolutely true. My bad! Click here for a preview! When our EP is released, i'll link the full songs. Leave me a comment on what you think if you want to. Cheers!
  4. Saw that Oasis dude on Pukkelpop about a week ago. Dude was actually really good
  5. i expected him to fall flat on his face... hard. And indeed, what happened today is a shame. What's interesting about this is whatever decision the jury made about the lost/won time because of the crash, there would always be discussion
  6. With the tour de france on the way, i'm curious if some people on here watch it. If you do, do you think Froome will make it? Or will the 3rd week be too much for him?
  7. yeah well i'm at work 14 hours a day 7 days in a row (i get a week of for every week i work, so i'm basicly home 2 weeks out of 4) so i get bored easily
  8. Well i'm at work too, i just don't have a lot of customers. I just have a few customers every day that spend a ton of money... When there's no one here i can do what i like. I just have to be in te building to make sure no one breaks or steals shit
  9. Very good album but i'm afraid it might not stick with me this time.
  10. i'll say it again, Skiba's a fuckin chameleon. Blends with mark and travis perfectly
  11. damn dude... you're missing out haha
  12. Look for torrents
  13. i LOVE what i hear so far... halfway through now
  14. wtf are you talking about?
  15. if you think neighborhoods sounded good you're probably tonedeaf