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  1. Fucked up thing is my GF broke up with me 2 months ago, she gave me 2 tickets to Blink in Rotterdam right before she broke up with me. Didnt really want to go, also because i thought california was a bit of a let down. This got me excited again!
  2. i was about to give up on Blink, but fuck me this is some good shit
  3. i'm talking about them playing it safe sounding like 5sos and all
  4. anyone else notice how they released the poppy/easy to listen to songs first?
  5. The blonde got some strong handgame. Is that you?
  6. Check inbox
  7. New songs saved the album for me. Absolutely digging it. I know what to listen driving to work tommorrow
  8. +15 pages, no leak. What the fuck guys
  9. yeah i misread something i think.
  10. i give up. Good night guys
  11. im at work till 2am, might stay up until 03.30
  12. meh
  13. it's actually the guitar sound, loud bass and the low/high vocals combined that made me think of +44
  14. am i the only one that hears +44 in this song?
  15. Uploaded a second track