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  1. NBA

    Yeah idk why Mark Jackson wanted us to feel bad for him? He's a professional athlete, he should feel bad for us that we have to watch a guy shoot under 20% from the charity stripe.. anyway tough loss for Memphis, almost came back, but Spurs just could not miss from deep. Man they're efficient. Conley & Leonard are my two favorite players right now, just way too good. I don't see Memphis winning this series anymore, but hey anything can happen.
  2. NBA

    I can't handle these refs. Why would anyone want to play in Memphis if you can get slaughtered on a shot, trampled on loose balls, and have the foul called on you. I'm sick of it. If I wasn't a basketball junkie, I would never ever watch this pitiful league.
  3. NBA

    Was just going to say. So fucked up considering how 'quality' of doctors Kerr would have had. Scary shit.
  4. That's because no one copied Dude Ranch. Everyone tried to be like prime Blink. But yes, overplayed too.
  5. I actually agree that it sounds kind of odd when brand new young bands have that perfect studio production right off the bat and quality music videos. Idk if it's just because that's not what we're used to, but I've never liked that. The raw beginning is always what sets the roots of the band and uniqueness
  6. FUCK Left Alone
  7. My goodness this video is impressive! I wish I still smoked weed...
  8. I'm listening to this.. But not because I like it. People keep recommending this to me..It's not necessarily bad..But it seems pretty ordinary to me, too much going on, and way too highschool. Some are saying these guys are saving pop punk.... Good drummer though.
  9. A lot of the Dude Ranch charm is the honest production if it. However some of the songs I can agree could have worked. Mutt is basically what you'd get with Dude Ranch and good production.. Which is good, but I wouldn't trade Dude Ranch for anything. It's aging really well imo too..There's nothing else like it being made nowadays. With neighborhoods I agree it doesn't really work as well. +44 and Box Car had that Self Titled level production (almost) and most will agree was better then Neighborhoods.
  10. NBA

    There's a difference between voicing your opinion as another person and disrespecting the sport that pays you millions and that people pay to watch to NOT be shoved political opinions down your throat. Not to mention the manipulative power any athlete or famous person has and how much they abuse it.
  11. NBA

    Yes he can not go on a whiny rampage and dismiss the question.
  12. Emo is my favorite pre Untitled track
  13. Please don't do this to me MH.4.18.11
  14. NBA

    Idc keep it out of sports.