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  1. Yellowcard was my favorite band behind blink back in high school. Put on some of their tunes the other day on Spotify. I forgot how good they were. Wish I got a chance to see em live.
  2. NBA

    Especially since at 3, we are looking at either Josh Jackson or Jayson Tatum rather than Fultz, who could be good players, but not the best potential fit along Simmons and Embiid. They are getting a player who we feel could be a franchise level talent along with crossing off a need.
  3. NBA

    Celtics are in an extremely interesting situation. I believe they are going to try to trade their newly acquired assets to try to get Butler. Rumor has it they are going to pursue Hayward or Blake Griffin too. If they get any 2 of those 3, the East becomes a lot more interesting but I don't think it puts them anywhere closer to GSW. Some still think they should hold onto the assets and build towards a post-Lebron East. They are in a good spot. For my Sixers, I love this deal. Fultz will round out our core, we will get the young playing-making guard we have been needing to compliment Simmons and Embiid (please stay healthy), without having to give up both the Lakers and Kings pick. Simmons-Fultz-Covington-Saric-Embiid will be a nasty core.
  4. NBA

    Durant is the only guy in the league that can match up with LeBron on both sides of the ball. No way they beat the Cavs this year if Durant wasn't on the roster, especially with Thompson and Green going cold.
  5. The production was the first thing that stood out to me on my first listen. Been bumping it in my car the whole week. I love Don't Take The Money, All My Heroes, and Let's Get Married. I think his first album was a little better, but this album was still great.
  6. NBA

    I imagine they'll try to unload Shump, Smith, and Thompson, but I wonder who will be willing to take on those contracts..
  7. NBA

    Hats off to the Warriors for a great run. I think Durant joining them in the offseason was the weakest move in sports history, but I'll give credit where credit is due. Durant was one of my favorite players in the league before he signed with GS and no doubt, Golden State doesn't win the title without him. It's just this 1st title feels, so hollow, compared to the feeling when Lebron finally won his first one, or when the Celtics Big 3 won their first, or I imagine, when Jordan won his. Despite how predictable this whole season was, I enjoyed it. The emergence of the young players like Embiid, Jokic, The Greek Freak. Harden and Westbrook's crazy statistical seasons. I look forward to see how the Cavs revamp in the offseason, how teams like the Celtics, Raptors, and Wizards retool to try to take on the Cavs, and the draft.
  8. NBA

    The 76ers played at 50 win pace with a healthy Embiid. On top of getting Simmons back, the 3rd pick this year, Two 1st round picks in '18, and the Kings pick in '19, along with nice pieces such as Covington, Holmes, and a bunch of cap space...I'm not saying they are dead set, going to overtake the Warriors in a couple years, but for the Warriors haters out there, they definitely are a glimmer of hope. Obviously, they are more potential than a given thing at the moment, but they are setting up to look great in a few years and I definitely think they will peak once Lebron is older and will match up well with GSW. Cleveland is a few of their role players actually hitting their shots from this series actually being a series. It's unfortunate. We will see how they retool in the offseason to compete with Golden State next year. I'd love to see the Spurs somehow sign Chris Paul.
  9. NBA

    It'll depend on how they replace the role players around their Big 4. Iggy and West are a lot older. Curry is almost 30. I think a team like the 76ers, especially if Biid stays healthy, can overtake the Warriors in a couple years. It'll be a matter of time too before another collection of superstars will team up to try to overtake them too. It always happens. I also don't think the Cavs are too far behind the Warriors either, despite the 3-0 deficit. I don't think they need another "Superstar" to contend with them.
  10. NBA

    I think they have another year or two of dominance. Teams like Milwaukee, Philly, and Minnesota are on the rise. I'm also hoping NOP can do something to add to their Twin Towers. Not saying that the Bucks or 76ers are guarantees to dethrone Lebron in the East or Minnesota will overtake the Warriors, but they all should be legitimate contenders within the next few years if their young cores stay healthy and develop.
  11. NBA

    The Warriors are absolutely ridiculous. Shooters all over the floor. 3 guys who can take over the game at any moment. How can you compete.. especially when your top 2 players play great games, and you still lose. Korver and JR missing those 3s late really came back to bite.
  12. NBA

    Would love to see the Warriors go up 3-0 just for the Cavs to come back and we can get "Warriors blew a 3-0 lead" jokes for the next year. I mean, I doubt that happens, but boy would it be awesome.
  13. Anybody here ever heard of Bleachers? John Hughes-lite, indie synth pop. He's the drummer of fun. and as worked with notable pop artists such as Taylor Swift and Tegan and Sara. His first album was a pop masterpiece Imo, and his new album is also very good. Here's the lead single:
  14. I think DED, replaced with some more well thought out bridges, would of been a perfect step in direction for where I wanted blink-182 to continue to go. It is a great EP and one of my favorite blink releases. I think WIWY/Disaster were a great combination of Tom's U2 influences infused with the energy of blink. I think the title track sounds a lot like +44. Boxing Day is the worse song on the EP and was still a really good song. PLG is one of my all time favorite blink songs and I don't mind the rap. Would of loved a follow up record to the EP to see where they would of taken their sound next, but oh well.
  15. Woah buddy lol, never said Skiba's smooth tone is why I enjoy blink, I was just noting an observation. I totally agree with you that what made blink special was the unique contrast between Tom's more tenor voice and Mark's baritone range and I also agree a big reason why I am not the biggest fan of the Skiba-era is that sometimes on the first listen of songs I cannot tell if it is Mark or Matt singing certain parts.