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  1. Woah buddy lol, never said Skiba's smooth tone is why I enjoy blink, I was just noting an observation. I totally agree with you that what made blink special was the unique contrast between Tom's more tenor voice and Mark's baritone range and I also agree a big reason why I am not the biggest fan of the Skiba-era is that sometimes on the first listen of songs I cannot tell if it is Mark or Matt singing certain parts.
  2. One thing Skiba does have on Tom is how smooth is voice can be at sometimes. I don't think Tom would sound as good on an acoustic track in the vein of Bored to Death acoustic like Skiba does. Him and Mark sound great on it.
  3. Song is for sure a grower, I dig it. Was actually singing it in my head at work today. Really dig the harmonies, especially in the outro.
  4. Without flow in mind and tried to get something from every blink album/EP barring Cali. Carousel Dammit Going Away To College What's My Age Again Adam's Song Roller Coaster Everytime I Look For You Feeling This I Miss You Violence Asthenia Always All of This The Adventure Sirens Chapter 13 There Is Cat Like Thief Ghost on the Dance Floor Disaster Pretty Little Girl
  5. I gotta disagree, the one thing the Cali era has one the post-reunion era is the bridges are actually...bridges, rather than just a repeat of the intro or the chorus without the lyrics. The bridges on Self Titled are fantastic though. - Mark's part in Feeling This - Eerie spoken word within the Violence bridge - Mark's yelling part in Stockholm Syndrome - The energetic guitars in Asthenia and Always - RUN RUN RUN HOLY LET ME OUT Damn, even the bridges on TOYPAJ are fantastic too. Anthem Pt 2, Online Songs, Give Me One Good Reason. Different strokes for different folks I suppose.
  6. I am trying to give this song more listens to see the hype in it, and I am still not seeing it...but, it is a pretty good song. I don't think Skiba sounds any better or worse than he does in other songs such as Misery or Left Alone. Really dig Mark's hook in the chorus though.
  7. Oh no I totally agree. I'm sure the accolade though itself is still something they are very proud of, especially since it was their first. And also agreed on the 2nd part. California isn't even up to NBHDs or DEDs for me.
  8. I'm sure it is in the novelty of it being fresh. I wonder how this record will age for them in their eyes. It got nominated for a Grammy so I am sure they will always be proud of it.
  9. Overall, the Deluxe is sort of meh for me. I personally think the peak of Disc 1, which for me happens to be the first two songs, are the whole peak of the California era. I don't even remember what some of the songs off the Deluxe sound like after a couple listens they were that forgettable to me. I don't try to compare Skiba-Feldman blink to Tom-blink, so it is hard to be dissatisfied with the product if your expectations are at rock bottom. The album has some good songs like Misery or Good Old Days, but nothing that made me go "Wow I want to listen to that again!" I really don't like that they reused the same riff between 5 or 6 songs on Discs 1 and 2. blink-182 will always have a special place in my heart and I will always check to see what the band is up to but they outgrew the "My Favorite Band" label a long time ago along with pop punk in general. I think songs like Cynical, Bored to Death, TOTTM really capture the Pre-Cali blink vibe despite Skiba in the band, and that is why I enjoy those songs. More tunes like those, and yes, I'd love to see a +44 meets AK3 experiment on the next record. OH and also, why do the jokes songs have the badass riffs?! If they used those riffs in actual full songs, I think they would be absolute gems.
  10. Nothing special but I really dig the "It's a long way back.." etc placement in the song. I haven't heard the Simple Plan song everyone was comparing it to but I think this song was better than quite a few Cali tracks.
  11. This song isn't bad. The synth intro is pretty neat. The dance feel, drum beat in the chorus is really cool as well. Lyrics are typical of modern day blink but I enjoy the melody.
  12. The bridge of Feeling This into the final choruses where they keep layering in vocal harmonies and other lines over top of it into the outro where it is just Mark and Tom singing. Feeling This is no doubt, the one song I would show someone first if they wanted the best representation of blink-182. The intro riff, Mark and Tom trade offs, the cowbell in the chorus which I think is super creative, Mark's bridge, and a chorus everybody wants to sing along to. It has it all. Among other personal favorites are: - The spoken word in the bridge of Violence. Really gives off a very eerie feeling to it. - The harmonies in GOTDF (The universe has left me without a place to go..etc) Really gives that song some extra life and it is a great song to start the record. - Mark's small vocal parts in Disaster. I always love how Mark used his lower register and his contributions on Disaster are perfect. - The pre-choruses of Pretty Little Girl. I really like the lyrics and how it builds into the chorus. Pretty Little Girl is one of my favorite blink songs.
  13. I couldn't get behind Parking Lot. Intro reminds me too much of an ADTR song and I can't get past the lyrics. I don't go to blink for lyrical masterpieces but it is so typical and generic to me. I actually dig Misery, especially Matt's vocal performance on it. I thought it was pretty meh until the The "I Don't Need Anyone" hook came in again and gave the song an extra push. But compared to pre-hiatus blink, and hell, compared to NBHDs or DED, it isn't up to par. 6/8 reminds me of From First to Last, Skrillex's old band. I also saw some people compare it to The Used and I hear that too. I like that the lyrics actually seem thought out, but still not my jam. Overall, my standards with the band are a lot lower than they used to be, but I'll take the few gems like Cynical or The Only Thing That Matters that we will get.
  14. Yeah I couldn't really make out what he said into the microphone except for "Standby Records". My buddy and I were so jealous haha.
  15. Hey guys! Been lurking around these boards around the time Tom left the 2nd time. I'm 21, so I didn't really get into blink until after they broke up the 1st time, but from about 7th grade to the end of high school, they were my obsession. Was a big "Tom guy", so I wouldn't say I'm the biggest fan of the Skiba version of blink, but nonetheless, it is still cool to follow the band and hear some new material. The Untitled record is my favorite. Outside of blink, I enjoy bands like The 1975, Bleachers, John Mayer, and Prince to name a few. I also am a musician. Looking forward to the discussions.