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  1. You seemed to condemn "vigilante assassinations", as if there were lawful means available to dispose of a tyrant. He may not have been smart, but he was in the right.
  2. So how should an absolute monarch/tyrant be disposed of then?
  3. What's complicated about it and what kind of legal work would have to be done aside from simply scrapping laws criminalizing sex work?
  4. Case in point; he never should have been executed. Rather, it's a pity he didn't succeed in killing the king, who was an absolute monarch. A death penalty should be cold-blooded, efficient and quick. What kind of people do you think this man's torturers were?
  5. But this wasn't about what is right but about having consistent beliefs.
  6. I don't see any problem with that either. If you don't view fetuses as human beings then you'd have little trouble with abortion while you might still consider it unacceptable to sanction murder under any circumstance.
  7. I'm pro-choice but I fully understand not making that exception if you're pro-life. If you view the fetus as a human being, then using its origin as a justification for murder is a pretty weak argument. It's not like we consider it acceptable to murder adults who were conceived via rape.
  8. Well behaved or not, fans who'd actually pay money to botheir favorite band during a soundcheck are creepy. And it sounds pretty normal to me that someone might do something they're not particularly excited about for money. And if these things turn into mini shows then I can see how that might start feeling more like an obligation.
  9. I don't understand how a reasonable person could make an assumption like that. Having fans (of the worst kind) observe your every move during a soundcheck must be very uncomfortable. A soundcheck is supposed to be a soundcheck, not a private show for creepy fans.
  10. So when their shows were a mere 20 minutes longer, everything was fine and dandy, but now, because of the missing 20 minutes of Tom making an ass of himself, they suddenly hate performing? As was already pointed out, it's mostly the banter that has been "cut". Their setlists look just as long as before.
  11. The good thing then is that Tom is even more of a pussy to ever even try to force a situation like that.
  12. Dunno how representative this is, but even Sum 41 played only two songs from their new album at a recent Euro show: They sound great with Brownsound back though.
  13. Tom being a piece of shit makes it all too easy to root for him to fail in any endeavor he chooses to pursue. Good things should not happen to bad people.
  14. How much screen time Watts has in the series?
  15. There's nothing more to the story than Tom being a shithead, clinging on to his share of a band that no longer needs him and that he doesn't deserve.