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  1. I agree but I don't really see in any of her photos that she's leeching off someone or that her lifestyle is lavish.
  2. How? To me it looks like your typical "liberal" California lifestyle.
  3. For a bit I thought you were retarded but you're actually right; the camera hand is her right hand.
  4. You probably shouldn't have said that.
  5. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    As a non-Star Wars fan who has still seen every Star Wars movie but this one I can tell the reason I'm not interested in seeing Solo is because the main guy seems like such a pussy. You can't have a movie called "Solo" and have the Solo himself be just some guy.
  6. I bet the vast majority of you pretend WYHSB appreciators have listened to the album maybe once in the past five years or so.
  7. Scott probably had 0% creative input in the band, so I find it hard to believe he fell out over some principles.
  8. You cannot be a sellout if you never had any principles to begin with. Tom & Mark always wanted to be big.
  9. Going through Tom's Instagram, there are quite a few older pictures (predating the most recent pictures with Jen) where he's not wearing the ring. Many of these have been taken in the bathrooms of airports & other institutions where it could simply be related to metal detectors or something.
  10. AVA General Discussion

    Yes, there's a picture of that thing in the dictionary under the definition for "super rad".
  11. Travis having blood clots in arms

    There is absolutely no question this is a direct consequence of his vegan diet.
  12. AVA General Discussion

    That doesn't make it right.
  13. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    Carol. Liked it; didn't initially much care for Blanchett's character (that fake accent & smoking) but she definitely grew on me. Neither too sentimental nor melodramatic.
  14. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Such a handsome man that Ronaldo