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  1. Blink-lite

    I think you (and many others here) are just bitter that you're growing old and that blink is too so that they can no longer capture that sense of excitement you felt as a kid, and you're wrongfully blaming blink for that. Blink has merely become a convenient proxy especially now with Matt & Feldmann. The thing is, back in 2005 when they were playing fast (probably so that they wouldn't have to hang around each other that long) there were many here who were getting annoyed at them rushing through the songs and wishing they'd play the songs slower.
  2. Blink-lite

    And how do you see that on the video? The only difference is that they played the song much faster, and even that was only at a very particular time in the history of this band.
  3. Had forgotten allabout this awkwardness galore:
  4. Hah hah, once again Tom sure knows how to pick his sources. According to wikipedia: Regarding the propulsion of the studied vehicles, Lazar claims that the atomic element 115, at that time not discovered, served as the fuel, and that this was used to generate gravity waves. He made this claim in 1989, long before the element was actually synthesized in 2003, because he knew he could not be immediately refuted. Only about 100 atoms' worth of the element has been produced so far, and it decays basically instantly by emitting an alpha particle (a helium nucleus), thus making it completely useless as a fuel. Even someone with only fringe knowledge of physics would immediately recognize the man as a professional liar, but Tom probably believes everything he says. What a "genius".
  5. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    Having to define terrorism as "radical" is redundant, or has anyone ever heard of a moderate terrorist?
  6. Such energy & passion that's sorely lacking in blink now!
  7. TBA: Tom Announces Announcements (Coming Soon)

    AvA is bigger than any lineup.
  8. Blink 182 USA Tour 2017

    But he's the one who was content with just touring and had little interest in writing new material. Or do you really think he was pushing for more deep cuts to be included when the band basically never played those even during the pre-hiatus era?
  9. Live Stream of Lollapalooza show

    Must be quite a boost to self-confidence to be able to fool oneself into believing that you're a better guitarist than the current guitarist of blink 182.
  10. Star Wars vs LOTR vs TDK

    LotR. Generally speaking not a fan of fantasy at all but I like these three movies. You can just sit back and enjoy the long journey. Gollum is a great villain too. Star Wars is okay but a bit childish. Batman Begins is good but the rest are a clusterfuck, especially the last one.
  11. Live Stream of Lollapalooza show

    But the fact alone that Matt doesn't sound like a dying horse when he sings goes a long way to make the case that he's a considerable improvement over Tom. At least now I don't have to turn the video off the moment the singing begins.
  12. Matt. The songs themselves sound much better while Tom's antics were half-amusing, half-infuriating toward the end of that lineup.
  13. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    So you believe someone else should be made responsible to pay for your health care? I agree that there's a shit-ton of waste in the American medical industry. For example, I've heard American doctors actually get paid more if they prescribe more pills, which is a toxic incentive. But consumers also should be more alert; simply because an American doctor wants to prescribe more strong opioids doesn't mean the patient is freed from any responsibility. Similarly parents who treat their children's ADHD with pills are behaving irresponsibly, no matter what the doctor said. There are also functions that only doctors are allowed to perform in America while a nurse could perform similar functions here (at no risk to the patient). This too drives up costs when a job is monopolized to highly-paid professionals.
  14. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    For it to be a right, someone else would be under an obligation to provide it for you. You complain about having to pay an extra $400 on top of your insurance, but would you prefer a tax rate of more than 50% instead?
  15. While I agree with the article's points, it's kinda hypocritical to write like that about an "unprotected" group that's considered a fair or an easy target while the exact same thing could be written of religious people.