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  1. So this was just posted. They say debut. But then mention "as an official member". I think we all know there were x amount of shows where he filled in for Scott and then joined the band. So anyone here have any expertise? When and where was the actual first performance, and when was the first one where Travis had officially become a member?
  2. Adrian DX

    All The Small Things (Promo Boxer Pack)

    They were most likely given out to stores or Universal Music representatives to promote ATST. When I got mine back in '10-11 only 6 were known to exist in the collectors community (mine included). And the blink collectors are a dedicated bunch, ergo the insane prices. Hard to tell what they're worth these days though. Haven't seen one for sale in ages.
  3. Adrian DX

    So Tom wasn't exactly lying..

    Of course not
  4. Adrian DX

    So Tom wasn't exactly lying..

    Google Maps lol.. I think I found Tom's adress x)
  5. Adrian DX

    So Tom wasn't exactly lying..

    Might this be Tom's hat? As in this one?
  6. Adrian DX

    Firefly Festival Stream

    Was anyone able to grab the full show YT video before it got taken down? I didn't get home in time =/ (Yes I know the songs seperately are out there, but it would be nice to have it all in 1 consecutive recording).
  7. Adrian DX

    New Blink Single April 28th

    Yes. Click here The time was 7AM US time? Pacific?
  8. Adrian DX

    Have you ever met blink?

  9. I love stand-up. But I tend to get completely obsessed with just the few comedians I know and so I wanted to explore more stand-up comedians. So post your favorite comedian [or just a good one that hasn't already been posted] and maybe add a little clip or something. GO! My favorite; Jim Jefferies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1CpcdxTJxQ Also here's a photo of me and Jim from last weekend. I went to Oslo to see Fatboy Slim and when I walked out of the train station, I saw a poster showing that Jim Jefferies was in town. Best fucking luck ever. Not only that but Fatboy sucked and Jim made the whole trip worthwhile.
  10. Adrian DX

    What Blink songs do you listen to MOST on each album

    [According to my last.fm] Buddha: 21 Days Cheshire Cat: M+Ms Dude Ranch: Apple Shampoo Enema of the State: All The Small Things (really disappointed with this one =p Going Away is crawling up on it though) TOYPAJ: Reckless Abandon Untitled: Feeling This (But I really listen to Always a lot more) Neighborhoods: Even If She Falls (Snake Charmer & MH is just a couple listens under, but EISF IS the one I listen to the most) DED: Boxing Day (Prolly because it leased earlier than the rest of the songs. Don't really listen that much to DED) I found it weird how so many people didn't include Buddha =s
  11. Adrian DX


    Not true. Most go to see ATST and maybe WMAA & Miss You *gets horrible Nottingham 2012 flashbacks*
  12. Adrian DX

    When I Was Young (in the style of JOSIE)

    Liked it. The chorus is sick =)
  13. Adrian DX

    Dogs Eating Dogs Drum Cover

    Good job!
  14. Adrian DX

    Dogs Eating Dogs

    I can't make out if you're being sarcastic here, but why on earth would blink use such an uninspired name? Of course, we DO have an self-/untitled album, and a "Greatest Hits" album- the latter which I bet the guys themselves had very little to do with. They could might as well have called Neighborhoods for "The 2011 Album" =S I wouldn't be surprised if the EP shared names with one of the songs on it, but I'd be kinda baffled if they called it something as simple as "The Xmas EP".