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  1. I got the idea to this song when I was emptying the dishwasher. And then I finished it afterwards. We Need to Talk Verse 1 We need to talk a little bit about the sunshine We need to talk a little bit about the rain We should have a little sip of muddles wine Just to make sure we're not really insane We need to talk a little bit about tomorrow Cuz if we don't, what's the point of living for today? We need to accept we'll always be in sorrow That is a part of us that will never go away Chorus Sometimes it's a good thing to let it all out Sometimes it's a good thing to get rid of all doubts Often we need to take a walk And sometimes we need to talk Verse 2 We need to talk a little bit about our pleasures We need to talk a little bit about the pain We should learn to cherish what we treasure and treasure what we cherish all the same We need to talk a little bit about the old days We need to talk a little bit about now So we know we're not just stuck in our old ways But that we're still in the process of learning how Verse 3 We need to talk a little bit about our morals We need to talk a little bit about how we treat the earth Instead of wasting time with all our quarrels Cuz it's limited how much time they're really worth We need to talk a little bit about our childhood We need to talk a little bit about how we choose Maybe others haven't done what I would and maybe I'd do the same if I were in their shoes
  2. Los Angeles is all I can think of. Is Just About Done an obvious one? I think Down and Dogs Eating Dogs are kind of boring songs, but I don't really actively dislike them.
  3. Depends on whether he was part of the songwriting or not or what one considers songwriters.
  4. When I was 10 or 11 "God Only Knows" was in an IKEA commercial and I remember loving that song so much and not knowing who it was, but I just thought it was the Beatles. When I was 12 "Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan was in an IKEA commercial as well, and I liked that one too.' I get my music taste from IKEA commercials.
  5. Did you discover MBH and White trash first?
  6. Imagine going to like a Jack and Jones shop and say you want "Jack and shit" pants! This sounds like something I would do! That being said, it might be weirder to go to a club and ask for "Jack and Shit", that's gotta be a nasty drink!
  7. 1 Green Day-Kerplunk (13) 2 Goldfinger-Hang ups (14) 3 The Descendents-Cool to Be You (14) 4 NOFX-Pump up the Valuum (14-15) 5 Jokke & Valentinerne-Et Hundeliv (15-16) 6 Screeching Weasel-My Brain Hurts (17) 7 The Beach Boys-All Summer Long (17) 8 Eddie Cochran-Memorial Album (18) 9 The Mr. T Experience-Revenge Is Sweet and So Are You (18) 10 Billy Bragg-Must I Paint You a Picture( The Essential) (19) No Blink or Beatles as I listened to them before I was a teenager.
  8. tbf most people dress like dumbasses at the Grammys!
  9. I would suggest wearing green feathers on the top of a bowlerhat, then he'd look good!
  10. Buddha: 21 Days, Reebok Commercial CS: Romeo and Rebecca, Cacophony DR: Untitled, I'm Sorry Enema: Going Away and Adam's Song TOYPAJ: Roller Coaster, SOALG ST: Ashtenia, I Miss You NBH: Even if She falls, After Midnight DED: PLG, Boxing Day CA: San Diego, Teenage Satellites
  11. This Addiction had some some OK songs, but I feel like every song is the same song on it. Agony and Crimson are both lovely. And I'll always adore Infirmary
  12. I remember when I had a job (which was like one time), everyone at work's favorite band was the Offspring and this was around the time when the Rise and Fall thing came out and I was like "I just bought their new album" and everyone was like "They have a new album?" and I was like "'s alright".
  13. I learned last year that they recorded the Gotta Get Away video before Self Esteem was even released. They had big plans.
  14. They sounded more professional without them!
  15. Without checking the facts I think COAP was released first and was the bigger hit in the US. Self-Esteem was the second single and was bigger in Europe. It's still huge in Norway, it was probably the first punk song that was nr 1 here.