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  1. California (1 year later)

    California makes me think of many of the major cities like Los Angeles and San Diego. It has a very sober attitude and it leaves you with a feeling of despair and being left alone with a few catchy tunes, which is the only thing that matters. Unfortunately, it gets a bit stale and continues down the rabbit hole and leaves you with a bitter taste and I hate to be cynical, but I often get by bored to death by the end.
  2. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    I don't get the "support Obama in every way cause he's liberal" thing. Does anyone really support anything that Obama does?
  3. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Mainstream Pop Punk (with the exception of Blink) is some of the worst music that's ever tortured us. All American Rejects were good too, I guess. Actual Pop Punk is awesome though when it's good.
  4. Red Skies is better than any DED song!
  5. I've grown to love Disaster a lot. It sounds like an AvA song, except I like it. I've never been that much into Ava, but Disaster does the AvA sound so well. I never got how anyone could like Blink and not like Buddha and Flyswatter.
  6. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I like jumping around and occasionally bumping into people. The whole violent pit shit is annoying macho shit.
  7. Motherfucking four people voted 21 Days?
  8. Dogs Eating Dogs is the only acceptable answer here!
  9. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    That's a ridiculous quote.
  10. The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2016 (Meltdown Subsided)

    I actually think of Welcome to Paradise as a Dookie track even if I can't stand that version of the song.
  11. I'm singing in the rain

  12. The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2016 (Meltdown Subsided)

    That's not really the same thing.
  13. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    The only brocolli I like is the brocollo medallions made famous by IKEA:
  14. What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    I haven't heard Billy Talent in ten years. I'm listening to the Head on the Door by the Cure. So much cool stuff on here, but sometimes I'm sort of weirded out by it as well haha.