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  1. It's an absolutely terrible song.
  2. Teenage Satellites is the best song on Cali.
  3. This is kind of a tough one. I think I like the music to TIH more than TS, but the lyrics are fucking awful. The themes of the songs seem to be similar to me, but lyrically Teenage Satellites works a lot better. I think I'll have to go with TS on this one. Second Cali vote till now!
  4. Yay generic riffs!
  5. Hank Williams Senior was great!
  6. Mandela effect!
  7. Both lines are making a contrast between "holding back" and "holding on". I don't think he is ripping himself off though, if anything, I think he might be aware of it and referencing his old lyric in a new context.
  8. They two are pretty equal, but I gotta go with Wishing Well.
  9. Has anyone noticed the similarity between "Apple Shampoo" and "Home Is Such a Lonely Place"? "I hold on tight, but not enough to hold you back" (or something) "I never wanted to hold you back I just wanted to hold on"
  10. So this song is basically about this dude that doesn't want to get married, but the night is so beatiful that he can't help but propose on that night cuz he knows that such a perfect night will never come again. And they will go on with it even if it's just a lie and it might just bring them down. Cliché and lame, I know, but I sort of like it. It was semi-inspired by La La Land. Found a Penny Verse 1 Found a penny in my wallet Put another flower in my hat One could say the sky was starlit or whatever you might call it when the night looks just like that The smell requires, the air proposes An engagement you've been waiting for It''s nothing like a boquet of roses It's much less, yet so much more And I don't mean to pry No need to make us cry It's only the fools that play it cool Sure I'm not one of the kings and you can take me for a lot of things but you wouldn't dare to take me for a fool And when it's sad and done you're either out running or you're on the run Verse 2 And though it's possible I can't pretend that the spark is fading with the night I sure don't want it to end but I don't know if I can defend putting darkness into someone else's light The day declines, the night's arriving Could it then be something that's unsaid? What a time to be alive in Full of envy of those who are dead And if it means something It might not be a dumb thing it might not be anything at all You understand you won't stand under a sky that's filled with bliss and wonders But how did it get to be so blissfully wondeful? And when it's all been said Can anyone blame the living for not wanting to be dead? Verse 3 And if the night ends with a kiss Will it just be another show? Can we just end up like this? Ignorant of our own bliss Unaware of all we do not know Maybe lying is more honest Cuz the truth hurts, and hurting's bad And if that's so I'm gonna promise that I'll lie just to not make you sad And no one carries more deceit And no one is more sweet than the moon when there's no one around Cuz if it works out for us There'll be no more doubt for us Just a chorus without words or sound
  11. I wrote this song and stuff.
  12. A lot of recent Blink song miss the mark, but I miss the tom
  13. Love the nanas in No Future.
  14. I think it's an excellent mature fingering song!
  15. Yeah, Tom said that in the 1994 documentary. I felt like he said that to be really cool, but I actually think it was pretty cool.