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  1. You think Feldy should stop writing their songs?
  2. Feldy: jumping on bandwagons since 1992
  3. I just remembered something Before i knew how things worked and i downloaded a song with (1) after it i didnt know it was a duplicate and i thought it meant it was a number one hit. And was always surprised at how many number one hits blink had.
  4. i guess the guitars sound better than Blink, but the drums sound just as annoying as they do with blink. I guess I think Feldy's voice sounds a bit authentic than Mark's or Skiba's. That chorus is really bad though.
  5. Disaster and PLG: Great tracks in their own special ways When I was Young: Pretty good lyrics, sort of mediocre Fighting the Gravity: Pretty awful.
  6. "Disaster" is really underrated, love that song!
  7. Except some of the embarrassing lyrics I think i enjoy all of them except "Up All Night".
  8. It's all about looking good and ripped! Dying is just an unfortunate downside.
  9. This entire argument is based on Travis eating shitty food; Waffles with fried chicken!
  10. What about waffles with chicken? Vegan chicken?
  11. Don't a lot of juice heads also have man boobs? I like to see my man boobs as just as valuable as theirs!
  12. It's not that crazy
  13. I just meant the songs! And also added "at their lightest"