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  1. I'm listening to one of the most underrated albums ever!
  2. No need to use such sexual words!
  3. There was once a commercial on TV (probably in 2000 or so) with an old man reading a huge encyclopedia and I felt like I had to buy it since he looked so old and sad, so if I didn't buy the encyclopedia he would be sadder. I didn't buy it though, I'm sure it was hella expensive.
  4. Today I read someone said "Jerk him off", maybe they were refering to Moby in that video where he is an old man.
  5. I'm reading Moby Dick! There's a whole lot about whales and nothing about either Moby or his dick.
  6. The podracing was cool! And JarJar is cool!
  7. Kind of a continuation of the Goon Show and All in the Family.
  8. yeah! i still remember the first time I saw it in 2006. I think it was the first time it aired as Bundy, probably like 15 years after it aired as the original title and I think it got bigger than it was the first time around and people just call it Bundy now.
  9. they put that on themselves!
  10. The Wonder Years not Saved by the Bell!
  11. We just call it "Bundy" in Norway! In the old days it was called (dt) "The Worst Years of Our lives", a parody of the Norwegian title of Saved by the Bell that was "The Best Years of Our lives", but I think the title was changed because SbtB didn't air anymore so the reference didn't work so they just changed it to "Bundy". But the subitltes still say "the worst years of our lives" , so it's confusing!
  12. Trump just said he won't let Michelle Obama into the army! he's getting worse and worse.
  13. I did forget about him afterwards though, His name isn't even familiar to me, but that old and sad face is unforgettable!
  14. But he looked so old and sad! Also I was 7!