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  1. its cool that they're playing metro, but the setlist is going to be the same lol. wouldn't really make it any more enjoyable. its not my favorite chicago venue, either.
  2. this is why blink plays the same set list. fucking idiots like this are going to the shows and the band is ashamed of their audience.
  3. i think every person i knew had their first two albums when they came out. they're both really good, but didn't age that well. everything they put out after that totally sucked. for a mainstream nu metal band, chester had some great lyrics.
  4. i think they'll realize how much money they wasted when those auctions end at prices thousands of dollars below what they initially paid
  5. i still recommend Park.
  6. shitty producer aside, i find it hilarious that travis was like "yo, you know who would be perfect for us? the guy from fucking GOLDFINGER" makes no sense whatsoever.
  7. you can be honest and still be a jealous douchebag
  8. such a douchey quote, honestly. and to say "in fact, we consider them bros" after discrediting their careers like
  9. are you serious? i'm not trying to pull an Oliver here, but Travis has like 150 cars and one of them is a pointless monster truck. his ripped up clothes probably cost thousands of dollars. his kids are stereotypical "rich kids of instagram" who would probably have bought tickets to the festival anyway. Mark obviously isn't as bad when it comes to showing off, but his multi million dollar home he has in LA isn't exactly low key. I'm sure he also has another one somewhere in England.
  10. “It’s classist and racist and then they decided to park a bunch of yachts with models to show off in front of those poor people, going down there with all your Ferraris and bulls— and yachts,” Skiba said. well, too bad he's in a band with two guys who are 100% for that kind of thing. if they all felt so strongly about not playing, they wouldn't have agreed to it.
  11. i thought both songs sucked, but the second one is way better because these are the kind of bands he works with the best (ones who can't write their own music). he can work magic in that scenario, but he has no business working with blink.
  12. they should open with Pathetic and end with Pathetic.
  13. also confirms that Tim Armstrong produced some of the pre-feldmann songs
  14. "we're more concerned about the audience catching their train/leaving the show than actually enjoying the show" - Mark
  15. okay, but pretty much all of those songs are terrible and nobody wants an entire album of that (again)