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  1. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    is "blink" in the studio? mark posted a picture of him recording vocals the other day and now he posted a picture of his new studio guitar. plus, skiba is nowhere to be found. everything adds up
  2. The Cure

    i enjoy the last cure album. robert said he wanted to re-release it with all of the bsides as a double album but never delivered.
  3. The Cure

    no one actually knows if they stopped recording. they definitely didn't stop writing because they play new songs on tour. maybe robert doesn't think he has enough songs for a new album but still likes playing four hour long shows made up of songs from their massive discography. i'd rather have them do that than release a half assed album.
  4. The Cure

    are they too sexy and naughty for you?
  5. The Cure

    Sebastián is seriously ruining some Cure songs for me by describing them as "sexy" and "naughty."
  6. Welcome To Twin Peaks

    i rewatched FWWM last night. its even more interesting now after knowing what we do now. notice how the end crawl of the film and the end crawl of the return are very similar. FWWM ending on laura's face with cooper comforting her and the return ending with cooper's face as laura whispers into his ear. the return also made sense of how cooper could possibly be in the lodge while laura was still alive and warning her not to take the ring.
  7. Welcome To Twin Peaks

    i have mark frost's first twin peaks book and pre ordered the second one. i'll probably read both of them in a row. although, their relationship with this show has always been weird. they have two entirely different ideas of what twin peaks is. that's why lynch says he hasn't read the books and doesn't plan to. frost also didn't contribute any writing to FWWM, which the majority of the return was an extension of. it is pretty clear that people prefer lynch's take on twin peaks. so, it makes the books seem less interesting.
  8. Welcome To Twin Peaks

    even if he wanted to, which i dont think he does, it might be legitimately too difficult for him to continue the series. its was stupidly obvious that the deaths of actors interfered with the script he and frost had written for the return. i guarantee they wrote a lot of parts for michael ontkean and had to awkwardly replace his scenes with "harry's sick...i'm his brother frank" after he turned the part down. same thing with david bowie after he died. i bet lynch wanted to use the hell out of him. so many of the earlier episodes this season referenced his character. then it all led up to a flash back scene from FWWM and two "tea kettle" scenes. Albert also played a huge role in this season. now that actor is dead. it would be tough to write around that. i'm sure a few other older actors are at risk of dying within the next few years. i think lynch should have revived this like seven years ago.
  9. Welcome To Twin Peaks

    i really have no complaints about the new season whatsoever. thought it was flawless. i obviously want more but it's not gonna happen. fire walk with me will forever be my favorite out of the whole franchise, though. perfect film.
  10. Blink-lite

    i love the 2004 performances of old songs that they kinda tried to make sound like the cure. they were really on to something with that blink meets the cure sound. too bad they never actually rolled with it when they reunited. that cover of "another girl another planet" is the closest we'll ever get to it. obviously, it's not a cure song but it showed what they were capable of doing
  11. Welcome To Twin Peaks

    as much as i want you to be right, i disagree. lynch is a pain in the ass. prior to this, he hadn't made a film/show in ten years. also, many of his films have endings like this one. it took a really long time for them to make this season. from writing to post production, it took maybe four years or longer. i don't think he has it in him to do this all over again for another season. he's also stated that he's 100% done with making movies countless times.
  12. Welcome To Twin Peaks

    although, i totally accept it if it is. i applaud lynch for ending it in such a dark way. my interpretation: its not literally a "dream," but cooper is the one traveling through these separate worlds. after being trapped in the lodge, his mission was to reunite laura and sarah when he got out. the sad and dark reality of the situation is that laura will always be dead and he can not change that no matter which world he is in. they could totally continue if david lynch agrees to it and showtime is willing to shell out the 100 million dollars again for a show that doesn't necessarily bring in good ratings or emmys.
  13. Welcome To Twin Peaks

    there's gotta be a season 4. i refuse to believe that was the end
  14. WDNTW acoustic *OUT NOW*

    that's really what it sounds like. i've never heard someone put so little effort into a studio recording.
  15. WDNTW acoustic *OUT NOW*

    man, his voice is soooo unappealing now. terrible production on these as well. worst possible way to release an acoustic album.