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  1. Finn actually had very little to do with +44 because he was busy with AFI, Morrissey and Tiger Army. then again, you didn't even know that Mark was an established producer.
  2. pretty sure finn is credited as a co-producer directly on the back of the +44 CD. he came in at the end of the process and mixed it. he did produce BCR though
  3. He produced two MCS albums, a Matches album, a NFG album, the +44 album, and a few smaller bands
  4. where have you been for the past 13 years?
  5. something about that journalist just sets mike off. "terrible list. let me show you how a list of blink albums should be arranged" lol
  6. needs more imagine dragons
  7. i like three songs on the deluxe. overall, i like 10 out of 27 songs. it sucks that they could have put together one decent album out of all these, but instead we're stuck with a lot of really awful songs. "last train home" is my favorite. that's what i've wanted from them this whole time. i bet feldmann thinks its the weakest track.
  8. the only song worth listening to. i want a whole album of this
  9. i've been active on here since i was like 13 years old (definitely not bragging. moreso wondering what i'm still doing here). 2006-2007 was easily the most exciting time on here imo. the anticipation of +44 and AVA material was nuts, the drama was incredible, and everything was hyped beyond belief. things leaked way ahead of time too.
  10. it was basically the same as it is now. the only difference was that the boards were still very much mark/travis vs. tom as opposed to +44/trio vs. feldmann
  11. 2009-2011 was definitely not a gold mine for fans. it was super frustrating and full of broken promises and complete lies.
  12. still blows my mind that he went from being a part of a band like Heavens to this lol.
  13. The Used is the epitome of maturity
  14. mind your own business how about that
  15. this band reaaaally should never had gotten back together in 2009 lol. they've added nothing to my life since the reunion besides disappointment.