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  1. Blink Vegas Residency

    if they announce a pre-2000 show and its on a saturday, i'd be down to split a room with someone. nyc to vegas probably isn't an expensive flight for me.
  2. Blink Vegas Residency

    that's what i was thinking. like britney spears and mariah carey.
  3. Looking for - clear photo of Tom delonge jazzmaster

    kinda looks and sounds like a seymour duncan SH-4 JB. same one that deryck whibley from sum 41 uses. i doubt anyone actually knows for sure, though
  4. Welcome To Twin Peaks

    watch the credits closely!
  5. well, thats what i find interesting. most people say that but are totally cool with worshipping people like david bowie.
  6. yep. makes it hard to be a fan of anyone but i do consider myself someone who can separate the art from the artist in some situations. polanski has made some of the best films in history. i didn't know anything about the rape case when i discovered his work. so, its really hard for me to just throw his films in the trash. i think it would be unfair to do so anyway because films are the result of so many other people working together to make it happen. they shouldn't have to suffer as a result of it.
  7. many are under the impression that samantha geimer was one of countless middle school-aged groupies in hollywood during the 1970s. she was already having sex, doing drugs, and hanging around those types of people. it was unfortunately very common for celebrities to do drugs and sleep with them. it is possible that geimer and her mother took advantage of the situation afterwards and claimed it was non-consensual. geimer's careless attitude toward the situation is weird as well. i'm not saying "if she consented to it, its okay" by any means. i think its super fucked up that a grown man would ever sleep with an underaged girl. and yeah, i know that 13 year olds can not legally give consent. people that age shouldn't even be having sex, in my opinion. and if polanski did rape her, he should be locked up. but this stuff was sadly the norm back then. i'm surprised this article didn't get more attention. the world worships david bowie but he was doing the same shit. https://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/nation/i-lost-my-virginity-to-david-bowie
  8. obviously, everyone changes drastically over time but it's just funny how polar opposite mark is now compared to that interview. he put so much effort in to the writing and production of the +44 album. everything about that project was 100% mark. now, he's totally cool with phoning it in and plugging everything in to a kemper amp stacked with feldmann created guitar profiles. he criticized (rightfully) tom's writing on wdntw but now he pays some bleached asshole to write terrible music for him.
  9. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    i never said it was a secret that they spend lavishly or criticized matt for spending the money he just made. i find the fyre fest thing cringe worthy though. it was a festival catered to the worst kind of people. blink acted like they didn't really want anything to do with it. matt even talked crazy shit about the festival in an interview saying the same things but yet the band wanted a 150k yacht lol. makes them no different than the people who paid for admission.
  10. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    also, matt's blink paychecks must be pretty damn good because he's buying new cars, vintage cars, and motorcycles out the ass.
  11. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    it wouldn't cost $150k to get travis from Miami to the bahamas. i think blink is more high maintenance than people here think they are. if they were invited to play a luxury festival catered toward rich people who were renting out private beach villas (obviously, it was all a scam), i wouldn't rule out the idea of the band expecting that have a yacht to stay on to separate them from all of the other rich people. where else would they have stayed?
  12. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    http://www.brooklynvegan.com/fyre-festival-organizer-who-spent-150k-on-a-yacht-for-blink-182-pleads-guilty-to-wire-fraud/ everyone remembers this disaster but i found it interesting that 150k of Fyre Festival's budget was blown on a yacht for blink. i can only imagine such a thing was negotiated by the band in order to agree to play the festival.
  13. Sum 41 does this look infected tour

    said he hates it
  14. Looking to buy - Blink Shortbus w/letter of hope!

    good to know. i've always assumed they were all part of the same initial run and discogs.com (which is usually accurate with pressing info) suggests the same. but it wouldn't wouldn't be far fetched to think that they had all of them pressed at the same time and released on different dates. it costs way more money to press smaller quantities. a lot of labels order different variants up front and then claim they're separate pressings when they're in fact from the same initial order.