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  1. the first two paragraphs of this are the most cliche things i've ever read. couldn't make it through the rest of the article.
  2. honestly, what mark came up with wasn't too bad considering both of them were put in the shittiest most awkward situation ever (30 mins to write a song in front of an audience) and they don't even write music for the same genre. at least it sounds like mark and not feldmann.
  3. half of the album is bad, but the title track is the worst
  4. alkaline trio "didn't go anywhere." lol really? for a band that wasn't part of the MTV/TRL craze, they went about as far as you can go without it.
  5. he definitely has more money than people here speculated too. A house like that in LA costs well over a million. where's feldmann though? bet he's pissed that his family footage didn't make the cut
  6. a fake band totally writes their own shit.
  7. i feel like people are just bandwagon voting for boring. degenerate is definitely the dumbest song on the album. i honestly have no idea why they chose to re-record it when they could have went with Zulu or Wrecked Him
  8. paramore isn't channeling 80s new wave either...
  9. i really think this is the best they could ever do
  10. i'm clearly getting at the fact that it just sounds like something a typical pop star would put out. i get that you openly confessed your love for the record one page back and said you never liked this band before, but they've gone way downhill since Brand New Eyes and have desperately been trying to mimic other pop records since then in order to find relevancy. they're even more of a gimmick now then they were in the past (which i thought was impossible) with their costumes.
  11. doesn't sound like they wrote their new material at all, though. they've always been pretty manufactured with the help of huge producers, but if i want to listen to Katie Perry i'll listen to Katie Perry. i thought Brand New Eyes was their best work.
  12. found this band the other day and i feel like paramore could have easily gone in this direction
  13. Finn actually had very little to do with +44 because he was busy with AFI, Morrissey and Tiger Army. then again, you didn't even know that Mark was an established producer.
  14. pretty sure finn is credited as a co-producer directly on the back of the +44 CD. he came in at the end of the process and mixed it. he did produce BCR though
  15. He produced two MCS albums, a Matches album, a NFG album, the +44 album, and a few smaller bands