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  1. miramax was a professional organization owned by disney. didn’t stop them from doing ridiculous things like paying women off and making them sign non disclosure agreements when they were raped by harvey weinstein. i would call that foolishness but it was their way of hiding criminal information.
  2. i think you should probably look at it that way. “the government” is pretty broad. i work in the film industry. but i work in post production. a very specific area of post production. my friends who work on sets, in writers rooms, or at agencies have TOTALLY different experiences. the way things are handled couldn’t be more different. ego clashing and harvey weinstein bullshit are way less likely to happen where i work. it just wouldn’t fly. but at an agency, that shit happens every day and they get away with it.
  3. this. the video isn’t saying that the government wants tom to spread misinformation to the world. it says that there is a history of the government purposely feeding people like tom, who have gotten close to something confidential, total bullshit in order to lead him as far from the truth as possible until they back away from it entirely. the other guy they reference was picking up things from a military base and he believed it was about aliens. so, they rolled with it knowing it wasn’t true because then he’d never actually catch on to what he really heard. the downside is that guy totally lost his mind and thought aliens were out to get him or something. i also watched the joe rogan podcast. it was really embarrassing. tom sniffing every two minutes like a cokehead, jumping to different topics as soon as he realized he couldn’t explain scientific things he knew nothing about, showing fake ufo videos on youtube, etc. i’d say he has already lost his mind.
  4. yikes. doesn’t seem that far fetched, honestly.
  5. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    well, as long as the women gave consent (i’m assuming they did, otherwise he wouldn’t be so stupid to write a book about it), i suppose there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that. i bet he has burned enough bridges with desperate C-List celebs for them to accuse him of something fucked up, though.
  6. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    i didn’t read the book. what kind of things did he admit to?
  7. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    so, which blink member will be put on blast in the latest trend of sexual assault allegations?
  8. Brand New's Brand New Record

    i think its insane how some careers are completely ending over these accusations. like you said, if numerous people are saying it, its probably true. but it could be so easy to ruin someone at this point by anonymously calling in somewhere, making up a story, and collecting a check. i do think that some innocent people will lose their jobs at some point as a result of this trend. most of the people accused probably aren't innocent but it could happen especially considering how vengeful the entertainment industry is. aside from all of this, i'm able to "separate the art from the artist" in some circumstances if the art means enough to me. entire films or bands shouldn't be erased from history due to the actions of one person.
  9. Brand New's Brand New Record

    literally every girl who gives me shit for still liking roman polanski's films is being a hypocrite by still liking this band
  10. Celebrate life in honour of Chester Bennington

    even Mark/Matt sounded okay in comparison to these other people. jesus.
  11. Celebrate life in honour of Chester Bennington

    actually, i just watched a handful of these videos from the show and i think deryck did the best out of all the early 2000s washed up vocalists
  12. Celebrate life in honour of Chester Bennington

    the Sum 41 video is a little better but i think everyone's voice is shot these days
  13. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    this has reached sites like AV Club now. yikes. that’s usually when tom loses it because millions of people mock him in the comments of the articles on social media
  14. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    is "blink" in the studio? mark posted a picture of him recording vocals the other day and now he posted a picture of his new studio guitar. plus, skiba is nowhere to be found. everything adds up
  15. The Cure

    i enjoy the last cure album. robert said he wanted to re-release it with all of the bsides as a double album but never delivered.