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    Dark was Stockholm Syndrome and Obvious. Los Angeles and 6/8 are mid life crisis I have a wholesome family and a Labrador retriever dark.
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    Yeah I think that's all any of us "Cali Haters" want, I'm not expecting anything to blow me away or hit the heights of pre-breakup Blink at all. They've gotten way older and changed a lot and I'm actually totally fine with that. But what I hope and expect from my favorite band is to write music that represents who they are, and (SHOCKER) I haven't gotten that vibe from any of the Skiba era yet. Maybe in 2026 we'll get a California 10th Anniversary Box Set that includes the songs they wrote that Feldy scrapped haha, who knows if they were any good but I'll always be fascinated by what they came up with on their own before he convinced them to change course.
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    This is why I never really got into them. I listen to a few songs and I feel like I've heard most of it. It's my opinion that you can have 2, maybe 3 albums that sound pretty similar, but anymore than that just isn't great. You gotta push the boundaries and do something new more often than that to be a great musician/band.
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    Sum 41 definitely do that sound better haha. It's more them after all. I'm just fed up of blink trying to sound like other bands. I get they tried to sound kinda like the Cure and all that from 2003 and onwards, but I saw that as more of a natural influence than them trying to copy other bands. Think the only bands they should try sound like is updated versions of +44/Alkaline Trio with elements of what influences them. That's who they naturally are anyway. Mark always wrote +44 style songs before Feldman came in. Shows on the verses of Hey I'm Sorry too. Skiba is the same with Sekrets/Trio. That's just his natural sound.
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    Every Green Day song sounds about the same. They're very good, if not great at what they do and I liked them quite a bit but they recycle the same 3ish songs.
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    I remember when blink did metal.
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    I'd actually listen to those if they ever released it. I'm also curious to see what Feldmann threw out.
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    They did the same thing to Pete Carrel and Russell Wilson. While I STILL would have ran that ball and think it was a bad call, Beast Mode was 1/5 on goal line runs that season.. It wasn't as horrific as they made it, that's an easy throw Malcom Butler made a heroic play.
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    Yeah it's crazy how that got missed. I think just the emotion and given his body of work of "Doinks" it slipped by the initial reporting.
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    Yup, they played a song off their new album the other day and he didn't know the entire second verse. From /r/alkalinetrio: "If I went to a blink/trio show and Matt didn't get the words wrong I would be legally entitled to a refund"
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    i think it's more the songs feldmann wrote/recorded that matt has problems playing
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    For the record, it made me chuckle.
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    I've always found Nirvana shit. Don't like one song by them. Tried to listen to them before and just can't get why they're this legendary band.
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    Couple things to add: 1. 2018 Las Vegas VIP signed ticket. This only came with the highest tier VIP package for the Vegas Residency. Kinda sucks considering that package was $500+ IIRC, and it especially sucks when Trav signs the worst spot possible and uses his short sig (2nd pic) 2. Travis Barker signed Funko that was a part of a FSAS X-Mas package (Was halfway tempted, but then saw they were $75 and you're about to see why I am so glad I passed). If I paid $75+ shipping for this, I would be pretty bummed about the signature quality. This happens when either the surface is too slick for a sharpie (and you need a paint pen), or you just need to switch sharpies ASAP! Side Note: I'm not into Funkos but someone got me Mark/Trav for X-mas which was cool, still really weird they don't have a Matt or Tom? Last, another hilarious forgery to learn from. These are awful attempts, but the funny part is the forger saw examples of Trav's "short sig" and assumed it was Tom... so instead of forging Tom, they forged Trav twice LOL. This is the type of junk that people slang on eBay often. Just laughable:
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    Here are some photos from the holidays I didn't get a chance to upload until now: 12/17/18, Feldy post: 12/18/18, Daniel post: 12/21/18, Robert posts:
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    Oooof, I can't stand that song, comparing it to Sum 41 is more of a compliment than I would give it. For some reason it sounds more like those awful butt-rock bands like Breaking Benjamin or something.
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    It's beyond clear from that video, it it wasn't obvious already, that Matt's heart is in Alk and he's way more comfortable and real there. Not that this is any big revelation..but he gives no shits about blink. Probably pulling a Delonge to throw in some yodels/whoas, cash out, and fund whatever he cares about.
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    God I hope not. I like that song but it's still unoriginal as fuck. Just sounds like Sum 41 from the Screaming Bloody Murder album. That's not blinks sound. I hope they don't sound like the Used either if they go dark. Just want something original. No ripping off other bands or trying to force their old sound back.
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    Probably like a mix of enema and untitled
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    Changing the name of the band is the best suggestion I've heard from someone in blink's inner circle.
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    To be honest, it's been ages since I've heard those earlier albums. I just remember them all sounding very samey compared to what blink were. I've never ever found blink samey. Even California is completely different from everything they've ever done IMO outside of like 3-4 songs.
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    Disagree with this. Although Dave's act is getting old. "I am just a humble working class guy who gets to play areans and have Paul McCartney join me onstage occasionally. Isn't this cool guys?"
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    Or just a bunch of songs like 6/8
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